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  1. Rasheem Green or Jacob Tuioti-M…. (The OLB listed as a DE) if you only have one spot available as a DE2?
  2. 10 teamer, half ppr, start 1rb, 2wr, 2 flex team a trades Corey Davis ream b trades 2022 2nd round rookie pick team a has wr depth, team b just lost Jeudy
  3. Thanks. Didn’t mean to derail thread of my own making, and haven’t done nearly as much reading in these threads as I did pre covid. Carry on with topic at hand if you wish.
  4. Awareness was likely the wrong word to use. Anyway, here’s the paper I was referring to that was being discussed - the topic of “leaky vaccines” (vaccines that allow breakthrough cases).
  5. Sorta, maybe. Yes, they “self insure”by simply paying claims out of the premiums that they collect, but they may still have “stop loss” insurance that would kick if for the “million dollar baby” claim or anything after the individual hits a certain level. So sure delta is self insuring, but they have a backstop most likely. regardless, delta is able to do this because they AREN’T an insurance carrier, they are a self insured employer. If they just had United insure their employees and didn’t self insure, they (United) couldn’t do this. The overall health insurance premiums being charged didn’t change here, simply the allocation of how much of that premium each party pays.
  6. Smoking and drinking can affect others (10k drunk driving deaths a year), though the numbers don’t fully compare. Your lifestyle choices could also be placed on your family members, as your choices of diet and lifestyle choices are spread into them. And further could be spread to society at large when obesity (as an example) is normalized. when you see so many other fat people around you don’t care so much about being overweight yourself. I used to be a pseudo running coach for a local running club (as well as one for “Team in training”). I feel my involvement inspired others to join and participate and get healthier themselves. One girl lost over 90 pounds because of it. I currently do a lot of mountain biking with a local club, and feel much of the same about it. Lots of our members are healthier now because of it. My child was infected from a vaccinated teacher, so while it may lower risks they are still there. There may also be scientific evidence that vaccines that don’t prevent illness but rather suppress it could itself lead to variants. Joe Rogan had a bit about that in its podcast. The virus may realize it must mutate in a person with certain antibodies. Just really pointing those things out to stir up conversation/debate.
  7. Interesting to me that so many people would be ok with carriers charging more to an unvaxxed person - which would go directly against the ACA as it’s currently written. The delta airlines thing was a decision from a private company with their self insured deal, it didn’t come from a health insurance company. So if we’re ok charging people more due to a lifestyle choice (getting vaxxed or not), what other lifestyle choice should we be ok with charging more for?
  8. Not really money saving, just risk adjustment. It apparently costs more to insure an unvaxxed person than a vaxxed person - the numbers you shared show this. So to offset that increased cost, they would charge more to the person with the increased risk. That’s how insurance worked pre ACA. Costs more to insure a woman, so they’d be priced a bit higher. Costs more to insure an obese person, so they’d get charged more. So on and so on.
  9. Can’t do that either. No caps/limits for treatments.
  10. Insurance would have to start charging more for everyone, though, as they can’t pick and choose who to charge more to.
  11. I do it all the time, with life insurance. If you total a civic you might get $20k from insurance. If you total a Porsche you might get $200k. If you’re totaled (you die), how much would you like your beneficiaries to get? It’s the same idea - you get to determine how much is at risk.
  12. No, they can’t do that - due to the ACA. Self funded (or self insured) groups don’t have to be ACA compliant, though, and can set their own rules. That’s what Delta is doing - that’s a decision of a private company, not of the insurance carrier.
  13. Generally, insurance premiums is based on risk. Get into accidents or get tickets and your auto insurance rate goes up. It also costs more to insure a Porsche than a civic, as the amount at risk is higher. That used to be the way health insurance worked as well, if you have higher risk factors (obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol, or in my personal case - a plate and screws in my wrist from a sports injury) you were charged more than someone without those conditions (just as I was). The ACA did away with that. So technically it’s not so much “health insurance” anymore, it’s health care financing.
  14. No, being vaxxed or not for whatever you listed (or covid) is a pre-existing condition. Carriers can no longer charge different rates based on a pre-ex, other than tobacco use.
  15. Which is exactly what charging an obese person more than a non obese person does. No matter if the base rate is $200 a month and they give you 25% off for getting vaxxed (or having a good BMI) - or if the base rate is $150 and you’re charged 33% more if you aren’t vaxxed (or have a bad BMI). That’s exactly how it worked pre-ACA (in theory of course).
  16. Ok, makes plenty of sense and I agree. Also, generalizing a bit myself, the unvaxxed tend to be right wing folks who are already against the ACA (Obamacare), so I agree that doing so would lead to more uninsured in the individual market for sure.
  17. You work for a very large company? Generally they get to make up their own rules, and don’t have to comply with ACA. You ok with a 15% discount (or 15% surcharge) depending on vax status. What you’re talking about (as I assume you work for a company that is “self insured”) is a private company setting these pricing rules, not the insurance carrier
  18. So you’re in favor of undoing the ACA. Not arguing that.
  19. Which is the exact same thing. Really this is just asking if you’re ok with sin taxes in general, or more specifically this one in particular.
  20. These are generally $ put into your HSA. Is that what you’re referring to? That’s what my employer does - so much for this or for that, with a cap per year (I can still hit cap without going to doctor or dentist). What I’m asking is strait extra premium, like the 40% tobacco surcharge carriers are currently allowed.
  21. Would you agree the same could be said of eating right, exercising, and otherwise taking care of yourself (when discussing health insurance premiums)? Would you be ok taking away those pre existing condition protections that the ACA provided?
  22. I’ve read this a few times over and still unsure what you’re trying to say.
  23. I’ve seen and heard this idea being discussed recently, thought I’d throw it out for discussion. Should health insurance carriers be allowed to charge a higher premium to an unvaxxed person than they would a vaxxed person? Keep in mind, being vaxxed or not is a pre-existing condition- and currently the only thing the ACA allows to be a factor in premiums are age and tobacco use. If you allow vaxxed vs unvaxxed, how about obese vs not obese (and so on)?
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