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  1. What are the taxes and insurance on the house? In Miami the taxes are about 2% of the appraised value (by the county).
  2. If prices are going up so fast, is it better to wait a little longer to sell, if possible?
  3. Publix and Traders Joe say masks are optional for vaccinated people. I only saw one person without a mask st Publix, an older cashier clerk, in a South Beach Publix. Some people haven't gotten the message yet, some aren't vaccinated and some are still very cautious, which could make some sense for those living with at-risk unvaccinated people.
  4. Gainwell could make an immediate impact as a 3rd down back. He catches like a WR, back shoulder, 7 route, and on flat routes gets upfield without slowing down. He gained 10 pounds during the 2020 opt-out season, and still ran in the 4.4s at pro-day. He was a high school quarterback, with only 1 full season at RB in college. With the extra weight, he might get better at breaking tackles, which was one of his supposed weaknesses. The experts say he decent at pass protection. I wish Miami had drafted him for his big play ability.
  5. I think last year was one of the only years Brady was the highest drafted QB on the roster. Brady was drafted #199, Ryan Griffin drafted #201. Lol. Bortles has been super erratic, mostly bad, but has mixed in enough good games to stay in the NFL. Who else is out there?
  6. Miami sacrificed future draft capital, going all in on competing in 2021. They gave up their 2022 first and 3rd to get Waddle and Eichenberg. I would've preferred Sewell and let the playmakers fall to them in the 2nd and 3rd. Then, in 2022, having 2 1sts and 2 3rds, would allow us to pick Tua's replacement if he doesn't work out. We'll know this year if Tua's ceiling of a cross between Brees and Tarkenton (he can scramble) is realistic. Still, gotta give Grier and Flores credit for the Tunsil trade and the trade down with SF, netting us 4 1sts and a third. Remember that almost all
  7. Some comments below from Mario Cristobal about Jevon Holland. Mario also called the Dolphins repeatedly about Justin Herbert in 2020 (“I killed myself with Justin. I mean I couldn’t stop calling them”) and Penei Seweel ("And with Penei, I’m like, ‘Guys, this guy’s generational. He’s better than all of them"). I guess that is coach speech. Mario is a great recruiter - would've been a tremendous choice for UM head coach. https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/armando-salguero/article251365413.html >>“That’s a phenomenal pick,” Cristobal said. “That’s a first-ro
  8. The list should be adjusted for number of carries and receptions. Henry had almost 400 while Davis was around 225.
  9. Marshall could've been a replacement for Parker in 2022 and beyond. Marshall's injury history, going back to high school, made him fall. But he looked great at his pro day. He might be what Dolphin fans were expecting out of Parker all these years. I think Waddle is better this year as a primary slot receiver getting elite separation.
  10. Plus, he was a stud with Burrow, and Jefferson as the alpha WR. And a stud without Burrow or Jefferson.
  11. He had some flashes (Arizona game) but also hesitancy to throw to covered receivers, like Fitzpatrick did. Tua also had a high rate of drops on catchable deep balls. I'm also hopeful. I wish Miami had let the draft come to them and not trade away next year's #1 for Waddle, and the Waddle pick also led to trading away next years 3rd. It would've been sweet to have 2 or more firsts 4 years in a row. They wanted Waddle so there would be no excuses for Tua in 2021.
  12. The biggest concern for Williams and Carter is adjusted college competition. Many of the ACC defenses were bad, which could lead to over-rating. Williams broken tackle rate is amazing.
  13. The college highlights for Jones are more impressive than those for Cater. More explosive big plays for one, even if the 40 times are the same. Jones looks faster on his college highlights. Jones fell to the 5th because of size concerns, same as for Carter, and injury concerns, missing most of his 2015 season with a foot injury. Freeman might be a better comp.
  14. That's preaching to the choir for us Dolphin fans, who will be closely following the Lions after we pass on Sewell and trade up for a *potentially* very good slot WR. Not only that, passing on Sewell forced Grier to use a 2022 pick to finally get a decent OT, Eichenberg. Cost for Waddle: 2 firsts and a 3rd.
  15. Carter and Gainwell look similar on video. Carter is a good receiver, but Gainwell looks nearly elite as a receiver, catching back shoulder, and in traffic like a WR. He also looks a little more explosive than Carter. Lots of bad defenses in the ACC, including the U. What do I know, Gainwell went 5.6, and Carter 4.2. I'm surprised Miami didn't try to draft Gainwell.
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