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  1. Not just any 2 1st round picks. We gave up a 1.12 AND currently a 1.03. For a good slot WR, per Chris Simm's evaluation. He'll never be an alpha like Steve Smith or Tyreek. And NYG currently gets Miami's 3.02 in 2022 for the trade-up to get Liam Eichenbeg. Liam might become good, I bet there were other good options. Grier must go.
  2. Some questions about the SF backfield are being answered. If only Mitchell can stay healthy.
  3. It's always about the next draft with Grier. But he doesn't get it right with his early picks. Staying at 12, with 2 extra1st round picks in both 2022 & 2023 would've been acceptable if we had ended up with difference makers like Parsons and Toney. Waddle is a good slot WR, nothing more so far, and Phillips is a project & tweener DE/LB. The 2020 1st rounder Austin Jackson had a key penalty today and 2020 1st rounder Noah Igbinoghene was inactive. Again. And 2020 1st rounder Tua threw 2 ugly picks. It's always about potential with these high selections.
  4. A reminder that preseason is overrated and that context matters. And I believe in Chris Simms, although it was an obvious choice. Simms also had Waddle 4th behind Smith and D Brown, calling him a true slot receiver with concerns about his size and ability to win on the outside and straight line speed. That's what I see. >>Ja’Marr Chase to me is just a slam dunk…He just has everything. First off, he has the ability to be an elite slot receiver. He’s not the most technique, well-schooled route runner yet, but it’s our old thing: let’s not over evaluate the guy that we’ve seen can do every movement on the planet with his hips and his feet…He could be the best slot in football, but he also could be the best outside weapon in football and just run by you with pure speed…This is the best receiver with the ball in his hands. That’s where he’s special. One, he can separate route running. Two, he plays way bigger than 6’1, 200 lbs. That’s the one thing I like about him, DeVonta Smith, and Dyami Brown. They’re 6-foot, 6’1, all of that, but man, when the ball’s in the air, it’s not 50-50. It’s kind of like 70-30 when the ball is in the air with these guys…As far as going over the middle and being fearless, he’s the most fearless of all of them…I’m really excited about Ja’Marr Chase. He is an awesome receiver, a weapon. He can do everything you want on the offensive side of the ball. You can do it all with him.”<< https://www.google.com/amp/s/nbcsportsgrouppressbox.com/2021/03/23/lsu-wr-jamarr-chase-is-no-1-prospect-on-chris-simms-2021-nfl-draft-wide-receiver-rankings-available-now-on-chris-simms-unbuttoned-podcast/amp/
  5. And Miami had good coverage on him on many plays. Hes unstoppable if Ryan has just a little time.
  6. >>Rosenhaus said on WSVN he expects Grier and Flores to get another full season (2022) regardless of how team plays rest of 2021.... From my reporting: Grier associate said Grier has no concern about his job security (inexplicably).<< A 2 or 3 win season with no major injuries, except Parker who's always injured, is on Grier. We should split with the Jets and it's 50-50 to beat the Texans with Tyrod back. Philly will have our 1.03-1.04 and NYG our 3.04 in 2022. https://twitter.com/flasportsbuzz/status/1452374879689396226?t=GoK16TschgK2V89fBth5rw&s=19
  7. I think Tua can grow but he needs better weapons. Ryan has Pitts and Ridley who could both be pro-bowlers this year. Pitts for sure. Davis and Patterson are better than our RBs by far. Waddle is Ted Gin - your words. Gesicki is our only real receiving weapon. Isaiah Ford is a NE reject. Hollins a Philly reject. In comparison to the 2 recent drafts, Tua's far behind Burrow, Herbert and even Lawrence IMO. They all have much better weapons except maybe Lawrence. Tua is doing as well or better than the others, I think Mac Jones with a great OC is a special case. Tua's upside is limited by his reluctance to throw deep, or the coaching staff's lack of confidence. Putting Tua in last year after Fitzpatrick was doing great and giving up draft capital to get Waddle and Eichenberg tells me someone on the team was all in on Tua. But they miscalculated in the trade-up to get Ted Ginn.
  8. Yes. Pitts or Chase was Grier's target by moving up to 6 and giving up our 1.03 in 2022. Huge miscalculation.
  9. Comeback vs the Falcon defense doesn't count. He also has thrown 2 bad INTs.
  10. >>Well folks, looks like the Tua era is over.<< I agree with Omar. https://twitter.com/OmarKelly/status/1452355467599097861?t=NC7u59tBGvj3jj2BJBKGXA&s=19
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