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  1. How many COVID deaths that would be prevented by simply wearing a mask for 2 more months, or until the curve flattens, are in the future?
  2. With the Dolphin's 3rd pick of the NFL draft, the the entire Alabama receiving core picks: Mac Jones!!! https://mobile.twitter.com/AndySlater/status/1367212798644748288
  3. First round picks are very valuable with that extra year of control. Can Miami convert 2 first round picks into 3?
  4. The combination of masks and ~50% vaccination rate has reduced flu hospitalizations by 98%. We're not quite there yet with the COVID-19 vaccine. Masks have definitely reduced COVID deaths, but it's hard to quantity since there are so many confounds. More evidence - how many have died in densely populated cities in Asia.
  5. Is that after adjusting for age?. About 20% of Floridians are seniors (only Maine is higher) compared to about 13% of Texans (only Alaska and Utah are lower) per 2018 census estimates.
  6. Here's another projection from South Beach, which is hopping right now due to Spring Break and people up north fleeing the cold and the lockdowns. There are so many possibilities in the draft this year - maybe more than any in recent history. Many of my thoughts are influenced by Herald writer Barry Jackson, a great beat writer who uses lots of analytics and has many Dolphin connections. LB Kyle Van Noy was just released to create cap space. He was good last year, and a major reason the defense improved. He was A replacement needs to be found - maybe the LB from ND with pick 18. This wou
  7. Opening up may be correct, because there are some economic (and mental health) benefits to offset the added cases and deaths. But what is the benefit of eliminating the mask mandate? It may contribute to some deaths, maybe one, maybe dozens or even thousands. We'll never know, so there is little political risk. I suspect that opening up the economy in Florida and South Florida in particular may have contributed to cases and deaths - the only evidence is curves on ActCovidNow which were taller in July& August than almost any regions and seem to be declining more slowly now than in other s
  8. 2024 is looking better for Biden, Harris or anyone not named Hillary. Trump's face looks refreshed, but his spiel is the same.
  9. My favorite from Bee Nguyen: Georgia lawmaker scrutinizes Trump campaign list of allegedly illegal voters https://www.snopes.com/collections/trumps-election-fraud-claims/ https://apnews.com/article/election-2020-ap-fact-check-joe-biden-donald-trump-technology-49a24edd6d10888dbad61689c24b05a5 https://www.newsobserver.com/news/politics-government/article248246980.html https://www.bbc.com/news/55561877
  10. If I were a betting person, I'd put some money on Rick Scott, if Trump decides not to run. He's not eloquent, people make fun of the way he looks, but he knows how appeal to the GOP base and moderates. In the Senate run, he strategically reached out multiple times to Peurto Ricans, and his appeal to seniors on taxes with great advertising was a success. He also just said at national TV that Biden is the president. Unequivocally. His message is simple, jobs - let's get to work. Most voters don't care about Medicare fraud that happened over 20 years ago.
  11. The list of Republicans who agree with this is long. The list of Republicans who agree and have a spine is much smaller.
  12. Trying to eliminate Sunday voting is outright racist. >>The “Souls to the Polls” movement began in Florida during the 1990s. The concept was to organize caravans after church service on the Sunday prior to Election Day to transport Black congregants to early voting locations. By the early 2000s, the NAACP, Black denominations and other organizations had transformed “Souls to the Polls” into a national movement.<< https://theconversation.com/the-black-church-has-been-getting-souls-to-the-polls-for-more-than-60-years-145996
  13. Great characterization of Fitzpatrick. He'll be a nice 1 to 2 year consolation prize for a team that doesn't draft a QB, or drafts a QB that needs more time. Fitzpatrick has 2 of the most memorable wins in recent history. The comeback miracle win over Chucky in 2020 and the defeat of Brady and Belichick in the last game of 2019, which made the KC path to the super bowl easier.
  14. Tua has said several times that the hip wasn't a factor in his performance. The reasons for concern include Fitzpatrick (who is underrated) doing much better with the same talent. I hope he gets better, and the upside comp would be Brees. He doesn't have great athleticism or arm strength, so he needs to nail it on accuracy, decision making and mobility within the pocket. He does seem to be accurate. The $10 million dollar question is whether Fields or Lance will turn into another Allen (drafted 7th) or Mahomes (drafted 10th) or Jackson (drafted 32nd). It's not easy to predict - most people w
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