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  1. The travel rules for unvaccinated people are challenging. Maybe that's the explanation.
  2. Why did the manager leave Sawamura in so long. He was struggling to throw strikes.
  3. >>I believe this covers it. Ertz will not be playing Sunday, per the 2020 CBA, pg 204. If the Cardinals played Monday, maybe? But they don't and he won't... NFLPA would never allow it. One player does it, others could be asked to. The union is there to protect players. Apparently, there is a 1 game per week rule, but I am yet to find it.<< https://twitter.com/TheFantasyFive/status/1449033325650321408?t=qqfPa5TGAHiveynuMkUTXg&s=19
  4. Maxx was averaging 5-60 in the 3 games before the injury. Ertz could be a good RZ target.
  5. This next stretch of games vs some bad teams will determine Tua's future. JAX, ATL, BUF, HOU, BAL, NYJ, CAR, NYG, NYJ. Tua needs to have several good games to be considered the QB of the future.
  6. Can he get fantasy points for 2 teams in a week?
  7. It seemed that way based on some throws. But Brady threw for 297 yards on 80% completion rate.
  8. 99 total yards through 3 quarters. It's bad play calling and Hurts.
  9. Leftwich could be another Gase. I could call plays for this TB offense.
  10. A good throw to the outside would've been a Smith reception.
  11. Sirianni didn't call plays like this in IND. What gives?
  12. 3 bad throws by Brady. Is this the beginning of the end?
  13. What has Byron Leftwich done to deserve being a head coach besides coaching multiple HOF players in TB?
  14. Hardman is unavailable in many leagues. Is Robinson the best of the rest?
  15. This or the Colts vs HOU for this week. The IND defense vs Lamar was an outlier, and they have some good matchups in the next 5: HOU, SF, TEN, NYJ, JAC.
  16. On the 2nd series, the Colts had a 2nd and 5 on the BAL 14 and then Wentz fumbled. It was Hines and Taylor on the 2nd series. On the 3rd series it was Mack (3-11) and Taylor (2-1). I question using Hines on first downs in the 2nd series. He should be a 3rd down back, where he has excelled. Yes, Taylor is special but Mack had a good game.
  17. Try an accelerated nursing program. Travel nurses are making good money and you get to travel. Or work in a hospital for a year or so and apply to a PA or APRN program. My 3 sisters are nurses and they find it satisfying. Plus, you can move anywhere and find a job.
  18. Mack was 5-47 on the ground and caught 1 for 7. Not bad. The offense scored 25 and could've been 32 if not for the missed kicks. The loss is on the defense.
  19. Lamar Jackson can beat teams by land or by air. He had help from his oline, receivers, Calais. The metrics haven't been lying, Lamar is a very good passer.
  20. A reminder about Chris Simms QB ranking for the 2018 draft: Lamar Jackson Josh Allen Baker Mayfield Sam Darnold Josh Rosen
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