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  1. I just heard on radio the Falcon beat writer making a strong case for Sewell over Pitts. It's a position of need, the running game was very bad in 2020, and Ryan has been sacked too much. He might play guard in yr1, then go to LT in yr2.
  2. DeSantis got vaccinated. But it was behind closed doors and revealed almost inadvertently. I don't get why it's political for some Republicans. Look at McConnell and the Oklahoma governor who have been trying to reduce vaccine hesitancy. More governors publicly vaccinated, but Florida’s kept mum
  3. Can the cruise industry ignore the DeSantis executive of no vaccine passport? If I were in the mood to sail, I would want all passengers and crew to have a vaccine passport.
  4. DeSantis said the State of Florida has sued the Federal government and the CDC over the cruiseline no sail order. >>He said that cruise lines are resuming sailings from international ports such as the Bahamas and Bermuda, which puts Florida’s $9 billion economic engine in a continued state of jeopardy. “The industry doesn’t need a bureaucratic overseer to ensure the safety of its customers,” he said.<< https://www.local10.com/news/local/2021/04/08/gov-ron-desantis-holds-news-conference-at-portmiami/
  5. In Florida, changes were not necessary according to bipartisan and npa county heads of county election boards. Even the FL GOP legislature said the 2020 election was a fair election "excellent, excellent” and conducted with “very high credibility.” It's a political move by the legislature to have more control over the local election boards. This is the rationale by the FL GOP to exert more control over the county-level election supervisors: "Baxley said he didn’t have evidence of fraud or other problems with the drop boxes, but said that doesn’t mean there aren’t any issues. “The challeng
  6. Maybe this: >>Drop boxes used by 1.5 million Florida voters last year to turn in their ballots, would be eliminated. They proved popular last year as Election Day drew closer and an unusual series of Postal Service bottlenecks made many voters wary of using the mail to return their ballots. Even election officials warned the mail could no longer be counted on the way it used to be.<< https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sun-sentinel.com/news/politics/fl-ne-florida-senate-republicans-restrict-mail-voting-20210310-7fg7ny2udjestlk323qadop2vi-story.html%3foutputType=amp
  7. In Florida, voting laws are also changing against the advice of both Republican and Democrat supervisors of elections, and the acknowledgement that 2020 was conducted with very high credibility. The justification: >>make elections even more secure by installing more “guard rails on the highway to make sure no one runs off.” “The challenge is that you don’t know what you don’t know,” << Sounds convincing. Republican plan to make it harder to vote by mail in Florida seen as ‘massive voter suppression’ Miami-Dade Elections Supervisor trashes GOP’s propose
  8. By the eye test, Teddy had a lot more good plays at QB than Darnold last year. He had two 1,000 WRs. He showed moxie as a runner. His running game wasn't good, the top 2 RBs averaged 3.8 and 3.9 ypc, just a little better than the Jets top 2 RBs who averaged 3.5 and 3.6. His QBR was 17th of 33, just below Ryan and Stafford, and just ahead of Rivers and Cousins. Guess who was 33rd? They say he couldn't make the big play when the game was in the line. Good luck in expecting Darnold to have game winning drives. Maybe Joe Brady is overrated as an offensive genius - It's easy to look good when your
  9. Coaches and GMs make bad decisions all the time. Miami got Rosen for a late 2nd round pick, so not as much as Carolina giving up a likely better 2nd rounder in 2022 and a 4th. Darnold is better than Rosen, although unlikely to be better than Teddy. What film did the Miami coaches see that sold them on a late 2nd for Rosen. It took me only a couple of exhibition games to know Rosen wasn't the answer. It took the Miami heat writers a few scrimmages. How many flashes of greatness or even averageness has Darnold shown in 3 years.
  10. Maybe. But the success rate of highly drafted WRs isn't good. Two hits, Evans and Cooper, in the last decade. 4 misses. The rest in between. 2017: Corey Davis (fifth, Titans), Mike Williams (seventh, Chargers) and John Ross (ninth, Bengals) 2015: Amari Cooper (fourth, Raiders) and Kevin White (seventh, Bears) 2014: Sammy Watkins (fourth, Bills) and Mike Evans (seventh, Buccaneers) 2013: Tavon Austin (eighth, Rams) 2012: Justin Blackmon (fifth, Jaguars) https://www.google.com/amp/s/arizonasports.com/story/2295499/the-5-last-nfl-drafts-wide-receivers-selected-top-10
  11. Good stuff. From decades ago, Steve Young became a HOFer after struggling in the USFL and TB. I doubt if Darnold makes all-pro.
  12. The only players worth trading up for at #4 would be Fields if he falls, Sewell and Surtain. We won't know for sure about Fields until draft day.
  13. There's a skill in getting open and going to the right spot in a zone. Being on the same page with a QB. Is Pitts elite in more than just physical metrics?
  14. Here it is: https://www.flgov.com/wp-content/uploads/orders/2021/EO_21-81.pdf This EO may be compatible with the South Beach Food & Wine Festival requirement of an either/or: proof of vaccine or COVID negative test. A private university in Ft. Lauderdale, Nova Southeastern, issued statement last week requiring students and staff to have proof of vaccination, but now is saying they will comply laws. The EO: >>WHEREAS, many Floridians have not yet had the opportunity to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination, some have infection-acquired immunity, and others may be unable to
  15. Atlanta has one less trading partner for pick #4. And Denver might have a choice of either Lance or Jones at #9. NE could take the QB left behind at #15.
  16. No, and I could be misundedtanding it. I'll check later when I have more time. The South Beach Food and Wine Festival was attended by over 60,000 people over 5 days, pre-COVID. Its usually in February, but was delayed to May and will have half the events and attendance this year.
  17. The South Beach Food and Wine Festival is requiring either a negative COVID test or proof of vaccination. Its easier and less painful just to get the vaccine, instead of getting multiple COVID tests for such events. Their attorneys say the policy will withstand the DeSantis executive ban on a vacvine passport, since there's option B. https://www.miamiherald.com/miami-com/restaurants/article250440916.html
  18. We're guaranteed to get one of Pitts, Chase or Smith at #6. And we get the SF #3 pick in 2022, and #1 in 2023. And a swap of 2022 first round picks with SF. I would've been happy with any of those at #3.
  19. Forget Sewell for sure. If 4 QBs are taken before 12, one of Waddle or Slater should be there. If 5 QBs are taken, Parsons night also be there at 12.
  20. On the highlight film, Smith seems to get more separation than Chase. PFF has Smith at historic separation metrics. Smith, if he falls to Philly, is also a likely future star with the current no contact after 5 yard rules. Miami could take Smith if Pitts and Chase go #4, #5.
  21. The initial voting law proposal would've stopped Sunday voting. That was definitely racist and was removed from the bill. Will it still be illegal to give voters in long lines a bottle of water?
  22. Unless Tua improves alot and Flores can work magic again with the defense, the Dolphin 2022 first rounder could easily be top 10. They overperformed in 2020 and the teams in the Division improved through free agency and the draft. The Dolphins should've given up the 49ers first round pick, or stayed put. #NotYetSoldOnTua
  23. Ditto for Tua, who may be more mobile than Jones. Will Jones become risk adverse, like Tua, when his receivers aren't SEC open?
  24. Smith (or Waddle) being there at 12 may also depend on a team below not trading up. I'm thinking of the Cardinals wanting an upgrade over Kirk. Unlikely, since there is also Bateman, and the Moores in the 2nd round.
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