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  1. Sourcing a small laser MFP with a fax for the site-based health center at one of our schools recently was harder than it should have been. Almost all the reasonably priced or sized options were discontinued or out of stock. Don’t know if they finally are going extinct or if there was a run on them by the work from home crowd due to COVID.
  2. I can’t think of a hint that wouldn’t definitely give it away.
  3. #3 has 3 words in the title and one of the leads has 3 names
  4. Watched the first episode of Jupiter.s Legacy last night. I enjoyed Invincible, but so far I agree.: CGI caved-in faces >>>>> animated caved-in faces. Shadow and Bone made me put the ipad down and not surf while watching. Nevers hasn’t done that so much for me yet, but maybe it will grow on me some more. Fighty Faux Anne Hathaway just isn’t doing it for me, don’t know why.
  5. Genre Face-off: Loudermilk >>>>>>>>Frank of Ireland (threw in the towel after 2nd episode) Shadow and Bone >> The Nevers (will probably go the distance, but it’s a losing cause).
  6. Miley makes me smiley. (MLB reviewing tape to look for somebody to suspend.)
  7. Although 7 games of no Garrett (last outing or two notwithstanding) might be doing the Reds a favor.
  8. How does Garrett get 7 games for that and Baez nothing for jumping the rail? MLB discipline is ridiculous.
  9. ..and Sargent missed one he should’ve made it looks like, which would have put Werder Bremen ahead of RBL (Adams did not play) in their loss in the other Pokémon semi.
  10. Gio has 2 goals so far in 5-0 halftime thrashing Dortmund is administering in the Pokémon semifinals.
  11. My 19 year old son had Covid in November. Lost his sense of smell for a bit but no other major symptoms. He got Moderna #1 recently and he looked like death the next day, but was fine the second day. He’s got a week or two before he gets the second dose.
  12. Enjoying watching Infinity Train with my daughter on HBO.
  13. Fair point. The mustache is probably worth 2-3 more guys on its own.
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