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  1. It’s not uncommon for it to be gone for weeks at a time here in NKY/Cincinnati area, but it does eventually get replenished.
  2. Best guess wins a nice greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray.
  3. I disagree to an extent. I can visually divide something in half over and over to get 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and be pretty accurate. I can’t do that in tenths. This maybe even works better for dividing liquid volume.
  4. The stupid girl in the blue Jeep that visits across the street not only somehow takes about 3 spots worth of space on a street with limited parking on a good day, but she and her more stupid dad think my son and I shoveled the spot right in front of my sidewalk specially for them.
  5. I read that bio @Pip's Invitationposted. I was only familiar with Schultz during the Reagan years (to be fair I was like 10 years old), but man he was a busy dude.
  6. Surprised that stint as a Nazi POW camp guard didn’t derail him.
  7. One of the liquor stores near me will put out a couple of “Easter egg” bottles to give average Joes like me the chance to get some harder to find bottles at MSRP. I was just nosing around today and overheard the clerk basically lead a guy to a bottle of Weller Special Reserve which I would have jumped all over because I love pretty much all the Buffalo Trace stuff. Needless to say I was disappointed, but I wandered down one of the wine aisles and found a bottle of Henry McKenna 10 year bottled in bond for $39.That’s about the top of the range for what I will usually pay. (yes.
  8. Re: #4> How are you going to turn the overhead lights on/off when the internet goes out, possibly for quite some time in a rural area, without wall switches? Or, how will guests unfamiliar with the home automation navigate in the dark?
  9. I think that illustration isn’t that bad a take on how Trump is perceived to have treated the “office” of the Presidency, if not the actual Oval Office. And, you could also interpret that drawing as Biden having “occupied” the Oval Office in the same manner the Capitol was occupied just a couple weeks ago. So, for me at least, that falls outside the realm of clickbait, which I agree there is all too much of out there.
  10. I managed it by using google to search for footballguys and Beatles. Most definitely did not use the built in search function.
  11. I sincerely was not trying to “correct” you or show anyone up. The Tuesday Weld thing was something I had never heard an inkling of before and seemed like it would almost qualify as an urban legend. I openly stated that I briefly looked for more info and only found the link that also said she was the head of the Illuminati, which I admit, I find dubious. I then asked for what other knowledge you had about this because I was genuinely interested in the story and I recognize you have researched the music and culture of the time period more than I ever will. The rest was just joking aro
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