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  1. Had some Heaven’s Door Cask Strength last night. Would definitely drink it again. Drank it neat, and had a nice long finish on the tongue for me. Was surprised I didn’t have to add ice or a little water because the higher proof stuff (looking at you Knob Creek) usually is too hot for me.
  2. Well, A. That’s more than Mataritta showed for FC Cincinnati all year. B. That should about do it for the Steffen Era.
  3. Weah will learn you gotta put that ball in Zardes’ spleen, not at his feet.
  4. Honestly, I’ve already put Senzel in the Devin Mesoraco bucket and consider that basically a lost roster spot. Don”t know if Winker would’ve been enough to keep the whole offense from going into that swoon but it sure would’ve nice to have him. With that run the Cardinals put on, it may have been moot anyway.
  5. *flourishes supporter scarf* It’s an homage to his love of soccer. Jorginho, Ronaldhino(sp?), etc. There’s about a brazillion soccer dudes with that appellation on their names.
  6. I don’t care for it either, but as others have pointed out, it’s a way to simplify the game. He’s only focusing on the answer not Who, What , Where to start off. He also never gives a person’s first name unless he has to.
  7. The good stuff you said about your dad comes through in the way you handle yourself here. I think SWC SR. did a fine job. So sorry for your loss.
  8. I’m done cutting them any slack. If they are watching the game it is clearly on the back of his jersey.
  9. I’m really starting to get pissed at the announcers who still refer to him as Siebatchieu. like, actually renew my passport and go to Europe and get arrested pissed.
  10. I think they look like the lovechild of a Chiquita bananas, an 80’s jazzercise girl, and Hellman’s Mayo threesome. Pretty sure the LED’s on my tv are melting.
  11. What stage is after citronella? DEET? edit: (deet, deet, deet….)
  12. Sign me up for a “I’m here until you list my absolute favorite (and it isn’t close) song and then I’m gonna rant and stomp my feet and quit, but secretly keep reading” slot. Pretty sure that’s a required role in the songs thread handbook.
  13. For me it’s because there’s already both an NBC sports network and a CBS sports network channel and this content should be on one of those.
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