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  1. I’m done cutting them any slack. If they are watching the game it is clearly on the back of his jersey.
  2. I’m really starting to get pissed at the announcers who still refer to him as Siebatchieu. like, actually renew my passport and go to Europe and get arrested pissed.
  3. I think they look like the lovechild of a Chiquita bananas, an 80’s jazzercise girl, and Hellman’s Mayo threesome. Pretty sure the LED’s on my tv are melting.
  4. What stage is after citronella? DEET? edit: (deet, deet, deet….)
  5. Sign me up for a “I’m here until you list my absolute favorite (and it isn’t close) song and then I’m gonna rant and stomp my feet and quit, but secretly keep reading” slot. Pretty sure that’s a required role in the songs thread handbook.
  6. For me it’s because there’s already both an NBC sports network and a CBS sports network channel and this content should be on one of those.
  7. PREDICT: Pulisic hat trick. US 4-0 WHY DO I KNOW THIS??: Because I’m not paying more to watch it.
  8. <<insert jinx-reversing generic negative post here>> Offense needs to wake up, pronto.
  9. I certainly don’t have any answers, but I don’t see what getting it in the news is going to do. It won’t shame the kids into stopping and could probably just make them feel “famous” and encourage more kids to act that way. The police aren’t going to do much more than they already are. Even if they get some of them sent to juvie, they aren’t going to be in there more than a weekend for this kind of stuff. And I certainly would think twice about confrontation. Cop friend of mine says the number of guns they are taking from 13-14 year olds is insane.
  10. Man, Farmer missed a golden opportunity there to ask if the Cardinals wanted to check HIS homerun bat too.
  11. We had an issue a couple years ago where two kindergarteners had the same exact name and the wrong one got put on the bus. Failsafes did their job, driver figured out something was up, and the kid was brought back to school, eventually. A lot of phone/radio calls took place before they confirmed that yes, a mistake was made, but driver will follow protocol and return the hold to school is complete. I would advise staying calm and being forgiving. First days are a mess. You’ve got kids in buildings that may be new to them, drivers who don’t know the faces to the names of the kids on their routes yet, new teachers, rosters that may have been updated at last minute, parents who change their minds and want to pick up kids from their first day, etc. It’s the biggest ####show you can imagine. Let them tell you how mortified they are (and every school admin I’ve ever known would be highly upset and already addressing the breakdowns with the staff), tell them how disappointed you are, let them tell you how they are going to make sure that doesn’t happen again, and move on. Some of them may be terrible at curriculum, but losing a kid or giving one to somebody not authorized to pick them up is like their #1 priority. Worst part of the incident to me (well, aside from putting a non-rider on the bus to begin with) is the admin seems to have panicked a bit and passed on speculation and bad info to the Fred family instead of waiting until they got in touch with the driver directly. No idea where that “dropped off and walking down the street “ stuff came from, but it didn’t help the situation at all. Glad everybody is safe.
  12. You don’t think we are good enough for 1nd?
  13. That’s a breeze for a professional driver.
  14. My dad has been playing the “what animal is tearing up the carpet on my porch?” game this week. Finally figured out it’s a feral cat (neighbor down the street apparently feeds them), so he got a trap, intending to catch it and drive it somewhere else and release it. Trap works beautifully….on skunks.
  15. That’s not quite how that went down. The governor made a mask mandate, got sued by parents from a Catholic school, and the state Supreme Court saw in their favor and stripped that and pretty much all of his ability to issue Covid related mandates. Any further actions are up to the Republican dominated state legislature, which will likely be zero. The state board of education, in the interim, voted to require masks for all public schools. That falls outside the realm of the court case against the governor, so they are required for us, but optional for private schools which have no oversight from the state board of Ed.
  16. Still no definitive diagnosis. Doctors still leaning towards her body reacting to Covid antibodies. Unsure if her body is attacking the antibodies or the antibodies are attacking other systems. My dad says her fever did break but her “numbers”are still high. Dads a retired band director. I should probably get info from my stepmother, the ultrasound tech instead of through him. Anyway he says they are treating by administering blood from donors with antibodies and that could take a couple days to hopefully work. So, moderate improvement but still not in great shape.
  17. My 8 year old niece (no known underlying conditions) is in the hospital with what they are saying are complications from having COVID. Her parents (both vaccinated) had it in July. Main symptoms are a high fever and nausea. Not sure if she’s having any breathing trouble or if she is going in to better monitor the fever which has persisted for several days. She tested negative for mono and COVID, but a later test showed she has antibodies so they think she got it around the same time as her parents but was asymptomatic at the time. Do I think they 100% know this is because of Covid? Nope, but I’m not buying this as a coincidental thing either. I don’t think we really have any idea what it can or will do to kids and I hope they get can get the vaccine figured out for younger ones soon.
  18. I survived (and mostly enjoyed) Woodstock 99. Won free tickets with some friends from Q102 in Cincinnati, complete with a charter bus ride and a small tent. Since I hadn’t spent a nickel at that point, I was fortunate to be able to afford to eat/drink on site, as stupid as the water prices were. Bus left right before the Chili Peppers set, so we missed the stuff that went on there but witnessed about everything else negative. Fortunately, we were at the tail end of our twenties and had a better radar for recognizing bad stuff coming and putting some distance between us and it. (Notable failure was being wayyyy too close to the stage when Limp Bizkit followed Alanis Morrisette (I think it was her) and instantly found ourselves on the wrong side of the mosh pits. That took some work to get clear of, but we emerged in the beer garden area so that worked out….
  19. I was thinking about how long it took Votto to get to 2000nd then your post prompted me to look a little at both their stats. Votto’s season walk numbers stand out (HR’s too of course) but I don’t know if Pete’s lower walk rate/higher hit totals is a product of aggressiveness or pitchers not pitching around him at all because more than likely if they didn’t get him out it was just going to be single. Dunno if I’m making sense there or not, but I was surprised Joey{s never gotten 200.
  20. I half expected Theresa to make an umbrella instead of a broom and fly out.
  21. I do want to temper my earlier comments about nepotism with the glaring truth that neither my dad with me, nor me with my son, had any inclination to devote the huge swaths of time and mounds of BS asked of youth sports coaches. And I bet the only thing worse than a parent roasting you for not giving little Billy carries at RB is your wife ripping you for not giving carries to your own flesh and blood, lol. But, as a kid, I was all too aware the pecking order wasn’t always based on merit or fairness.
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