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  1. Without Rodgers, GB probably finishes third in their division.
  2. I could have written the article. It seems to be right on the money. Hoping this is the year that the draft picks and FA signings hit so that this story has a better ending a year from now. Unfortunately, even if LV has improved, is it enough to overtake KC or stay in front of the improving and talented Chargers?
  3. Agreed. The health is the question. Worse case, the young CBs have a great player to learn from.
  4. Leatherman still feels like a reach at 17 but we do have Miller as proof that Gruden/Mayock/Cable can choose tackles. If they had Leatherman ranked as the best OT available then I am trusting their judgement. Chad will be happy not to have to listen to my whining about the draft class for 12 months. It was easy to get over that potential reach when Moehrig was snagged on day 2. It is way too early to determine that it was a successful draft but at least it wasn’t a disaster like last year. I like all the swings taken on players that should help the D. God knows that D needs he
  5. I think an MVP QB leaving the team when there is nothing behind him will be devastating. You must think GB is pretty talented and that Rodgers is pretty overrated.
  6. Rodgers is gone. GB will realize their mistake after a few games with Love at QB. This is going to be entertaining.
  7. Miami had a ton of draft picks that could have been dealt for Rodgers. Having enough draft and player capital to return to GB is another piece of the puzzle.
  8. This. I hope GB fans eventually realize how poor of a decision the Love pick was if they haven’t already.
  9. I think Rodgers has a legit beef with GB. I hope he finds a way out
  10. If those of us that were US citizens, don’t have more of a right to live here than those that were not, does that mean we should start voting people off our island? This has turned into a really stupid discussion. The number one factor in citizenship is precisely location of birth. Im all for many people that don’t appreciate or agree with the rule of law of the nation to leave. Please go.
  11. If you can have 6 out 7 days be successful, you will lose weight. 5 out of 7 works as long as those two bad days are not completely off the chart. I find I don’t lose weight if I only win 4 days in a week.
  12. That is why I lean towards Rodgers side in this battle. It. Is one thing for GB to take a player on D over a player on O if they feel that player is the BPA and will improve the team most. That should be explained easily by the GM brass to Rodgers and then proceed to promise him to be patient and help for the O is coming. Of course, you then follow through and do what it takes to get those weapons. GB set this whole fiasco in motion by not just ignoring WR and TE. They ignored the improvement of the team on the field while drafting the next QB first. Rodgers is in his prime an
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