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  1. This is your list and it is based on your taste in music. I listen to a ton of music from the 80s but most of it would not be to your liking judging from your lists.
  2. I do like In the Dark. You could have said that this is your list and your opinion is the only one that matters. It’s still a great thread. Love the work.
  3. The Stroke is one of the worst songs to ever hit the radio waves. Somehow it ranks higher than Who’s Crying Now and Unchained in this list. Criminal.
  4. The Raiders had three strikes on a WR1 last draft in the first 3 rounds. Why not waste another pick seems to be Gruden’s motto. I do like to see teams drafting QB and WR before pick 17 in the mocks. A starting player for the D will fall to the Raiders.
  5. You are not alone. Many of us can focus for a few months and lose weight. The problems are diet fatigue and taking our foot off of the gas when we feel like we have hit our goal. Fatigue sets in so we decide to take a break from dieting for just a little while which turns into a long while. When we take our foot off of the gas, we let the bad habits return over time. Portions go back to being too large and we return to eating sweets. Alcohol is a big cause of derailed diets. The booze is not only a bunch of empty calories but also leads to many bad food choices.
  6. @Stompin' Tom Connorswas the smart one to get away from annoying posters like me. If he comes back, I won’t be going any where though. That will teach him to try to get away.
  7. I don’t think I will be missed. All I do is whine and complain about the Raiders. Anyone can pick up the slack.
  8. A good D player will slip into the 17 spot. I don’t care what position it is since he Raiders need an upgrade at every position on D. This isn’t rocket science. You let the draft come to you and don’t reach for a position like Gruden has made a habit of doing.
  9. If Gruden drafts any player other than Chase or D at 17, I am leaving the thread until Gruden is gone or the Raiders play in the AFC championships.
  10. 1-25. 201.4 3-1. 197.2 Down almost 1 pound from last week. Will take it. Goal is 195 by 4-1. It’s all about my decisions at the table since I have always enjoyed working out. Who knew that eating healthy would be so difficult on an almost daily basis? We are all relatively smart people here so why don’t we make the right food choices more often? Obviously, green beans, peppers, apples, and grilled chicken and fish are what I should be eating. Why do I consider Snickers bars, cheeseburgers, French fries, and potato chips every day? Why are we wired this way?
  11. This draft is so simple. Go with the BPA for D. Over and over. Gruden and Mayock need to throw away their draft grades and go with the media consensus picks since they can’t draft.
  12. Agreed. Escape is full of songs that many people would have ranked much higher. This is probably a top 20 song of the year for me.
  13. The riff in Unchained is one of my favorites by Eddie and the song is one of my favorites by any artist. Obviously, Tim has different taste in music than some of us. He is also much more ambitious than most of us and takes on these lists and creates wonderful threads.
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