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  1. Im 100% sure this team was never going to the SB under Gruden. This season was going to end like last few with losses piling up. Gruden put together a great O but was horrible at evaluating talent. His leadership was questionable and we may learn it was horrible. Davis may choose another idiot as HC but at least there is a chance that he finds a smart, effective leader of men. I’m excited for the future of the Raiders and don’t miss Gruden at all.
  2. My uncomfortable starting of the Denver D goes to possibly dropping Denver D for a D that is possibly better but not really.
  3. Great post. Keenum is equal to a banged up Baker so the Baker news doesn’t mean anything to me when considering the Denver D.
  4. This thread has made a major turnaround since a visited a few pages ago. Good for all of you that are improving your health! You only get one ride on this crazy merry go round. Make it as enjoyable as possible and last as long as you can. It’s only fair that I give updates too. I am back from a week long horse show where I lost a few pounds even though I couldn’t work out. Lots of walking and physical work at horse shows. Like Otis, I’m back working out in the basement. Working out in the basement can get boring but it is convenient.
  5. 24-13 sounds pretty good but I think that both teams will try to rely on the running game all game. Teddy B is banged up and Cleveland is relying on Keenan and a bunch of second -stringers since they are down a bunch of players on O.
  6. Great list. Matt Ryan may break into the list next week. He has some nice matchups over the next few weeks.
  7. If Chubb and Hunt are out, I think Denver could be Ok if you can’t grab NE or one of the better plays on paper. Baker is banged up and isn’t elite even when healthy.
  8. I like this take. If the Stones don’t want to create controversy, they simply quit playing it live and play other songs. Banning music that was made decades ago is just stupid.
  9. I didnt get to watch the game but Ruggs and the Raiders impressed. I didnt think the team focus enough on the game to win but obviously that was wrong. Moving on from Gruden could be a big positive in the long-term. Who knew it had a chance to be a positive in the short-term too?
  10. The NFL is going to have to do more than get rid of a coach in order to get a team to sell. Getting rid of Gruden actually helps the Raiders. It gets Davis get out of a horrible HC contract and the Raiders could have some good drafts and be a good football team in 2-3 years. If the NFL wants to replace a current owner with a minority group, it seems the WFT should have been the target. Maybe that was the plan but it didnt work out.
  11. Same boat. Pretty sure this boat is sinking too but it is best not to think about so early in the season.
  12. Agreed. This is going to hurt the season. Difficult to win for at least another 3 weeks when rolling out scrubs in place of CMC.
  13. It was supposed to be a minor pull and Carolina was probably hoping for the best. I can see why they took that chance. Lets hope this is the week that he heals up fully.
  14. While it is disappointing, I am glad that he is not trying to play injured. I have no chance of winning this year if CMC is gone for the entire season. I can take a few losses early in the season and then go on a winning streak into the playoffs with a healthy CMC.
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