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  1. Gotta follow along. Wife and I went to CR 12 years ago and frequently talk about returning. It’s a beautiful country with tons to do and see.
  2. Love this song and loved it when the album was released. I don’t care it’s cheesy. It was fun. We all need more fun.
  3. Nobody said it would be easy. You should try some fad diets. Give Otis a real run for his money
  4. Forgot to post on Monday. 2-24. 198.0. At least I dropped a little weight and didn’t stay stuck on 198.4 for the third week. Slow and steady. Slow and steady.
  5. Glad he is alive to watch his kids grow up. Tiger lives a full life. Seems like he is always in the news for something.
  6. This list got not so good too soon. Shouldn’t the songs be improving as we head towards number 1?
  7. Saw Yngwie open up for Maiden on the Powerslave tour. Yngwie and his blistering sweep picking speed was impressive for about 15 minutes and then the chants for Maiden began. Opening for Maiden had to be rough. I still have that ticket stub somewhere signed by 4 of the Maiden members. Bruce couldn’t be bothered.
  8. The liberal media will continue to make sure their team wins. Cuomo’s situation will be covered up, ignored by most media outlets, and be forgotten in a couple of weeks. That is how this country operates. If you are a D, you love it. If you are a R, you hate it. In the end, everyone loses because this country is no longer about We, the People.
  9. This is a really great song from an outstanding album. Has a 70s sound with just enough of Schon’s lovely guitar playing and sound to make it sound fresh.
  10. Turtled or froze and fell off like an icicle from the roof? A ten pound pee pee is impressive by the way.
  11. Welcome back Otis. You can do this. Quitting booze for 8 weeks will be the ticket to a successful 8 week plan. Most of us make poor decisions after a few drinks.
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