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  1. I’m eating my share of crow too. I will eat it every week if it tastes this great.
  2. I have underestimated this team but it’s not my fault after the last twenty years of futility. Having a real defense sure makes a difference but much of the credit goes to Carr. He is playing like a top 5 QB. As a Waller owner, it is great to see Ruggs making noise too. Forcing it to Waller was not going to work all season. Congrats Raider fans! Enjoy every win.
  3. On my bench as well but that’s ok. Good to see that he has the potential to be a starting WR for FF as the season progresses.
  4. I figured you were out to get a reaction. I wasn’t touching that narrative and stuck to a discussion on the song. The guitar riff is cool in Ohio and the brief lyrics are strong. Too bad Neil didn’t spend another ten minutes on the song and really make it special.
  5. There is a chance Jacobs is out for more than one game and his role is reduced for weeks due to the injuries. We don’t know how bad he is injured at this point. We will learn more next week.
  6. I think Neil wrote Ohio in ten minutes or something. I love Neil. I like the song but it feels incomplete. It could have used another verse or a real bridge. I remember when I decided I was going to learn it. That too took ten minutes. Maybe I just expect more out of Neil.
  7. Agree with this. Cooks and Williams would be my choices. I’m not as down on Jones though.
  8. Expect 5 or 6 dump offs. At least. Raiders will be in catch up mode all game.
  9. This was a tough game for the Raiders before the injuries. Steelers win this one handily.
  10. I despise most politicians from both parties. The part that bothers me about AOC is that she is a huge hypocrite. She acts like she is on team peasant while she is working feverishly to gain more power and wealth so that she can gain more power and wealth. This quest for power and wealth has to be obvious to even her biggest fans after she attends such an extravagant Galla wearing a designer gown and carrying a designer handbag. AOC isn’t even trying to hide anything now. She knows the suckers have been hooked.
  11. Afghanistan will pop in and out of the news when Americans are tortured and/or killed.
  12. Carr is a good QB but is not great. He misses plenty of open WRs every game. No QB is going to see it all but Carr seems to miss more than a great QB should.
  13. I’m sure we are not the only ones that under valued Shepherd. That happens to some players often.
  14. After drafting Golladay last year, there was no way I was taking him this year. That wasn’t due to talent. I don’t trust his ability to stay healthy. Owners should be patient. If Golladay stays healthy, he will get more targets. Not sure he ever becomes the WR1 for the Giants though. Shepherd is playing at an extremely high level and may receive more targets most games.
  15. I should have picked up Shepherd before the game. Congrats to those of you that have him on your rosters. He’s a WR3 easily.
  16. He’s a decent QB and pretty good for FF. That Giants o line is painful to watch.
  17. It should be obvious that AOC is after money and fame to everyone at this point She doesn’t care about the peasants. Those peasants will defend her no matter what she does as she laughs all the way to the bank.
  18. I know this backfield is a mess but I added T Williams to my roster anyway. Murray is going to receive plenty of work but hopefully Williams gets 50% of the carries.
  19. 99% chance he knows what happened to her. 90% chance he killed her.
  20. I wish I knew the answer to these questions.
  21. Odds are that Waller doesn’t see 19 targets in another game this season. Carr will have to target WRs. Maybe Edwards is that guy. I would guess it is him over Ruggs.
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