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  1. I have a dynasty rookie draft tonight - where would you slot this guy currently on your draft board?
  2. Is now the time to buy on this guy in keeper/dynasty or is now the time to sell while you still can? As good as he looks while on the field, he seems like an injury waiting to happen.
  3. 22 catches on 25 targets + more snaps = offense fixer! Will it happen?
  4. Didn't the Bears really struggle defending the pass over the middle last year (slot WR's and TE's)?
  5. The 6'3" 216 were his combine measurements. It makes sense that is how they would list him. They likely updated his measurements with how he showed up to camp as part of finalizing the roster. It's normal for players to cut weight pre-combine in an attempt to run a quicker 40. If he started camp at 229, he's likely below that now, and more importantly, he's been impressing at whatever weight he's at.http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/alshon-jeffery?id=2533039 If a guy with previous weight/dedication issues has indeed put on 13 pounds since the combine, I think there's some potential for concern with this situation. Of course, the fact that he's apparently grown an inch during the same span also makes you wonder!
  6. Please don't be the next Big Mike Williams: Brad Biggs ‏@BradBiggs Not sure what to make of this. #Bears list WR Alshon Jeffery on official Web site at 6-4, 229. All summer he's been 6-3, 216.
  7. YPC this preseason: vs. Tennessee: 2.4 YPC vs. Denver: 3.4 YPC vs. KC: 6.6 YPC vs. Oakland: 3.5 YPC KC gave up 29 points/game this preseason (3rd worst in the NFL, just a fraction off the worst) I just don't see it...yet.
  8. I think the only thing we can say about this battle that can't be debated is that Wilson deserves a shot with the 1's. Go from there.
  9. Not watching the game but the current box score on Pead reads: 6 carries for -5 yards 2 rec for -3 yards Not a good start for a supposed 1st round dynasty pick!
  10. In that case, I think Leon Washington still sees enough snaps that Turbin wouldn't be the workhorse that most believe. Washington looked good - better than Turbin - from what little we law last night. Plus, he has the veteran experience and trust of the staff.
  11. Saw him in action last night for the first time: 10 carries for 24 yards and 3 catches for 9 yards. Seems like a natural catcher - a guy that could potentially be a 3 down guy with no problems though he seems to lack the elusiveness/speed of the typical 3rd down back. Looks the part - out of the Thomas Jones mold. As impressively built as anyone you will see. No real homerun ability in the limited action I saw. Didn't seem to run with the reckless abandon you would think of someone blessed with a perfect RB build. I didn't see a beast mode that I was hoping for. Several negative yard carries. Looking forward to seeing more.
  12. Lots of chatter on a Browns message board that Jim Brown will be in NYC to make the Browns pick at #4...separate from all of the other legends that will make picks in the 2nd round. Smells like we could have a special made for tv moment with the great Jim Brown selecting Trent Richardson. Get your ready! How typical Browns would it be to set up this perfect moment, though, only to have someone leapfrog them by trading with the Vikes?
  13. The one guy you didn't really mention that has the ability to destroy Jordy Nelson's dynasty value is Randall Cobb. It's still early, but Cobb might be the most talented WR the Packers have. When Driver retires or becomes ineffective, Cobb will be a monster in the slot and the 3 most talented pass catchers will likely be some combination of Jennings, Finley (if re-signed) and Cobb. I think Nelson has a nice re-draft year, but I'm just not a dynasty believer at all. Perhaps I'm in the minority.
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