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  1. Yeah, I'm terrified of starting him. Been considering Allen Robinson at home vs GB instead.
  2. How about a radio host? https://twitter.com/cdotharrison/status/1073257879359102976
  3. Don't know how to check that stat. But this was posted a few days ago. https://twitter.com/NextGenStats/status/1071908603823419392
  4. Well, that was quick. John DeFilippo fired
  5. This all day. It was maddening. Running Murray straight into a stacked box on 4th and 1. Rolling out for a deep pass to no-one on 4th and 1. Passing on 1st and goal from the 1 with no one in the box.
  6. Saquon Barkley rushed for 141 yards and 1 TD when facing 8+ defenders in the box (8 carries) in Week 14 against the Redskins. This is the most rush yards when facing 8+ defenders since #NextGenStats began tracking defenders in the box in 2016.
  7. Fair point. Mahomes looks downfield a lot more than Smith did.
  8. 70% is the same average Hunt had this season. Also, I signing West is good for Ware. The Chiefs dumped West after playing behind Hunt (while Ware was hurt) all last season. When Ware and West were both playing in 2016, West played behind Ware. Why would the Chiefs signs West off the street to suddenly take an increased role from Ware, when he couldn't do this in 2016, and was cut in favor of Ware after 2017?
  9. Vikings abandoned the run like no other team all season
  10. Just let Zeke go for Evans in a 12 team PPR. Stacked at RB, but my WR core was abysmal. Ready to board this train.
  11. Wish I read this thread after trading for Evans
  12. Howard also can't catch, and the Bears have NO other weapons on offense. I don't see SF selling out to stop Miller with Hopkins running wild.
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