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  1. Well you said she was correct, and she's making hundreds of thousands of dollars off of people who think like you peddling a conspiracy theory, so my reasonable conclusion is that you believe there is a conspiracy.
  2. You should read the article, it's informative. I read yours, and it doesn't appear to say a whole lot supporting some big conspiracy.
  3. According to the article, she was absolutely wrong. And I've not seen a single reputable source siding with her. If you have some, I'd love to see them.
  4. Shot #2 yesterday afternoon (Pfizer). Got a bit achy 4-5 hours post-shot, arm just a touch sore. Slept fine, woke up feeling probably 98% normal. For me, both shots seemed to have similar effects as flu vaccinations (which is fantastic).
  5. I agree most people will never put in the time necessary to collect enough perspectives to truly enable themselves to come up with an educated, nuanced opinion on most major stories. This will be unpopular, but I am still a firm believer that Twitter is the best and maybe only way an individual can truly avoid the narratives so often spun from different news outlets from across the political spectrum. I think anyone who is honest with himself should try to follow as many people and news outlets as possible on Twitter. I follow people I know will absolutely enrage me or make me roll my eye
  7. Yes, that's the statement. I can't help but see it as simply using this tragedy to further their agenda. They're simply labeling this is more police violence against the African American community. There is plenty of that to go around without pretending it's present when it isn't. I suppose more details could surface which might make me rethink whether this is in fact police violence against the African American community, but with what's currently known I don't understand how the White House (or anyone else) could see it that way.
  8. I can't help but read the statement as seizing on a tragedy to keep the fires stoked to further an agenda. It's gross.
  9. I voted for Biden. But my God, the White House statement is abhorrent. For the first time, I actually believe the Biden administration actively wants to contribute to the division in this country. *The statement about Ma'Khia Bryant
  10. Coors Lite is the thinking man's beer. No shame sir. I only wish they sold it in the stubbies like they sell Coors Banquet.
  11. I do this exact thing with my phone case and I love it. It has crossed my mind however that if I lose my phone and I'm anywhere but at home, I'll be really, really screwed.
  12. The addiction to this sport has not waned at all, and I'm still thrilled to go out every time. Played 3 full rounds on long courses both Friday and yesterday and it was a blast. Make you feel like a kid again trying to sneak in those last few holes before it gets too dark to see. Such a phenomenal way to get exercise as well. Down 30 pounds since I started (walked 9 miles Friday and 11 Saturday, as an example). I've never been into working out/exercising much, I tend to get bored pretty quickly. What a blessing it is to finally find something to do which is pure fun and great exercis
  13. Stay with it. I've found most people get to a fairly competent level pretty quickly. I'd say between myself and my core group I play with we were all meaningfully better than when we began after going out only 4-5 times. Then we all plateaued and the improvement was much more gradual. I generally can throw lighter discs farther, but of course the wind dictates which disc I'll pull from the bag. It's a constant judgement call which really is risk/reward. Wind direction matters too of course. If it's a headwind or cross wind, heavier weights and more overstable discs usually perform better.
  14. I hear you. That's often times true of many people. Skepticism is also healthy and warranted in this environment. Particularly since forecasts, developments, treatments are constantly shifting. I generally agree with scientific consensus regarding Covid. However, it is precisely because of the slippery slope effect I think it's incumbent on people to stay as well-informed as possible. Schools are again the perfect example of why--the early skeptics of school closures were more correct than what the consensus from experts were telling us. I'm a believer that we've done more macro har
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