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  1. Exactly. It does some good and is easy political loot to get. Win win for all involved. Especially those in need.
  2. I am a liberal and I kind of agree with this. Although they came very close to catching Pence apparently. And I believe violence would have been committed on him had that happened.
  3. I don't think being an athlete makes a person any more or less stupid than the average person. They have a bigger platform but I don't think occupation should qualify or disqualify an opinion.
  4. I was just talking with my dad about reparations. He's a staunch Democrat and is totally against them because we are French Canadian and none of our ancestors ever owned slaves (at least not on this side of the pond I guess). I just said "well do you want to buy votes or don't you?" He's like "yeah I didn't really think about it like that." I said "never believe that the stated purpose of something is the actual purpose, especially in politics."
  5. The answer is it's already too late. Arm yourself because it's only going to get worse as resources continue to disappear.
  6. Shocking I'm sure. But he's earned the benefit of the doubt right? I mean he was elected President by the most patriotist people.
  7. I hope he just retires in about two years ushering in Kamala Harris as President. Especially if the economy takes a #### early on. Then she can "save" it and use it as a cudgel for her second term.
  8. For all practical purposes it eliminated a long held tradition. Now no justice will ever be approved unless the Senate and POTUS are of the same party. Maybe coup isn't the right word.
  9. This question is kind of odd. How the heck are we supposed to know how much voter fraud there was? Are you asking us to side up on this before the evidence is presented? This is like asking who won the Super Bowl this year before the evidence is there. Are we supposed to answer this using feelings or facts? My answer would be "I voted for Biden and I'm willing to follow any evidence because I want to make sure we have secure elections." Facts dictate my opinions, not the other way around. I don't have a staff investigating this stuff. How would I know? I am going to just trus
  10. Agreed. This poisoning of the wells needs stop as soon as possible. It's like Jesus Christ what country is he working for here?
  11. To be honest, after 4 years of being called a criminal by the CIC, I do not care what the right wants at all. We've crossed the rubicon. I kind of want them to hate being spoon fed the other side after how they've acted. I will enjoy their conservative tears, they are always the saltiest. I love watching big tough guy in camo whine like babies. Now isn't the time for the Democrats to "heal the nation" it's time to counterpunch. Schadenfreude may not be a very healthy emotion, but I have plenty of it. Once you perform a coup of the supreme court, anything and everything is on the tabl
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