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  1. This is a kid though. Right? I mean #### Cuomo too but Gaetz is accused of humping a kid. Doesn’t that matter to you? It does to me. I have a 17 year old daughter. It matters a lot to me.
  2. I doubt you have access to Northam. But if you do, tell him I said hi back.
  3. What is he like 60-61% approval? Way higher than Trump ever sniffled.
  4. Not great no matter. It always blows my mind that Democrats cancelled Franken for a few pictures while the Republicans overlooked Trump’s boasts of sexual assault. Shows you the respective moral compasses of each party at least.
  5. I didn’t say the FBI didn’t leak info. Read what I said.
  6. I’m pretty sure headlines don’t dictate how the FBI investigates.
  7. I’ll get over it. To be honest this place isn’t even very fun anymore.
  8. Who is this “someone?” Who is the cabal? You sound like Raymond Reddington.
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