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  1. I don’t watch any of them. As far as I can tell, every person who pays attention to a 24 hours news channel is miserable.
  2. Im not a conservative so I can’t speak for them. What do you specifically have as your conservative ideals?
  3. What is it with you guys never answering a question? I thought conservatives cared about things, then that all went out the window. So what do conservatives care about?
  4. I don’t disagree. Trump was a grifter dumpster fire. Biden is slightly less so.
  5. What do conservatives care about? Is it debt? Is it welfare? Is it being Godly? Is it making money in their 401k? I honestly don’t really know. Obviously people are individuals. But as a group, they seem to care only about Trumps feelings.
  6. You have to at this point. If one party is trying to do a good job and the other is only going for power, TVs do goodies get bowled over every single time. The Republicans showed with the Merrick Garland snub that they were willing to throw out all norms and traditions to gain power. It worked too. For the Democrats to pull punches after that would mean their certain annihilation.
  7. Remember when Trump used to just get hammered by Fox? Me neither.
  8. They are both garbage run by scammers. Its like one big grift.
  9. They might but it doesn’t mean they’d vote for Two Scoops.
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