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  1. Yes thank you for staying this. The biggest Patriots have really shown that their patriotism is false. They all think themselves on par with the heroes of D Day when in fact they can’t even bring themselves to get one little shot for the betterment of mankind. Truly the most selfish of the selfish. Me me me. Entitled to their little fantasies. Everyone else can do the heavy lifting for me!
  2. Ok. Well we had a game show host as President so as a nation we can do better on a lot of fronts. We are doomed.
  3. It’s weird huh? I guess I’d rather not pour the money into coal and Suadi Arabian pockets.
  4. Did you think he was in there with a lab coat every day? Do you think he’s working shifts in the ER?
  5. Does the government require vaccines for the millions who get disability or unemployment, farm subsidies, or other forms of social welfare? Those would be a better place to start than private businesses.
  6. Is COVID the new normal at this point? I was talking with my dad who is very careful regarding COVID. He seems to think “we will put all of this behind us.” I disagree and think it’s here forever like Anthrax or Rotovirus.
  7. I’ve always thought this as well. I think he retires in another year.
  8. You may be right. It’s funny though. The Democrats we’re doing to get massacred last time and the time before that too. All I heard was about the “red tsunami” and then they lost the house. Then the Senate, and then the POTUS. So forgive me if I don’t believe your narrative of “the blue side is desperate here, they need a honeypot.”
  9. You might want to try a different approach if you are getting it every few months.
  10. Yes your hypotheticals and straw men are really entertaining. Your false equivalency habit is a bit much. But you do make up the best imaginary scenarios though. You usually start with “If Trump….”
  11. But I was told NYT was fake news for 4 straight years. Who should we believe?
  12. Again it’s awful. I think Biden is awful and has blood all over his hands. The buck stops with him. Would it matter if it was an honest intelligence error and not a cooked up story about weapons of mass destruction? Not to that guy it wouldn’t. He’s dead.
  13. Poor Trump. Always so unfairly persecuted. I love your made up hypotheticals though. Pretend is fun.
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