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  1. Sounds like the Browns' management knows exactly what they're doing.
  2. The larger point: Most NFL players come from tough backgrounds. A lot of these guys have demons. When I say demons, it can be a huge range of things. Some can handle them and overcome, some can't. At the end of the day, NFL teams have shown that they will give uber talented players multiple chances. The Browns stood by Gordon for a long time, but with a new GM in place, he wants to put his stamp on it. Rightfully so. The cost of putting his stamp on it is getting rid of players like Gordon and even Corey Coleman. Either way, Dorsey better hope that 'his guys' are better than what he has gotten rid of. It sounds like Gordon will have another chance with another team. It's up to him what he does with that chance.
  3. Yeah, I agree with this. I'll do some mind reading of my own and assume Dorsey was waiting for the slightest 'slip up' before getting rid of him. Dorsey killed his own trade leverage tho by saying they were going to release him on Monday.
  4. After passing on Moss, Jerry has had a soft spot for troubled WRs. You may be onto something...
  5. Article lists Dallas, Arizona, and Jacksonville as possible destinations. From a fantasy perspective, Dallas is the best spot. However, going back to Texas may not be ideal unless the Cowboys have a solid, specific support system ready for him.
  6. For all we know, he could have gotten injured shooting a promotional video for Thursday Night Football. Who knows at this point. Monitor 'actions' and avoid the 'noise.
  7. I'm sorry for you had to go through that and hope all is well now. Equating different situations to Gordon's is a textbook definition of "confirmation bias". You see similar things and automatically assume that they're the same. No one has any idea what Josh is going through. Maybe he moved past his demons, maybe he hasn't. In situations like this, you look purely at 'actions'. Schefter says others teams are interested in trading for him. To me, that means others are confident in giving him a shot. Maybe he'll turn into an All-Pro that wel all want him to be---maybe he won't. But by calling him a 'junkie' at this stage just isn't productive because we just don't know.
  8. Sure, the "Browns" have stuck with Josh Gordon. However, they have new leadership in place that has prioritized "getting their guys" in place. "Getting their guys" has been proven by getting rid of players from the Sashi regime. To me, it seems like Dorsey was waiting for the first 'slip up' to justify getting rid of him. Clearly, other teams value Gordon's abilities. A change of scenery may be good for all.
  9. My friend, with all due respect, you are "mind reading" by calling him a junkie. Maybe he moved beyond his demons, maybe he hasn't. However, the Schefter tweets indicate team still believe in the player and wouldn't trade for a 'junkie'.
  10. Gotta wonder what the asking price is. 5th rounder? 6th rounder? 7th?
  11. Assuming Gordon's issue is ONLY a hamstring tweak, this is a boost for his fantasy value. Expect him to be more motivated, he'll likely have a better QB (Dallas? New England? Green Bay? Carolina?), and most importantly, a better support system. Let's hope he doesn't go to Washington state for obvious reasons....
  12. I mean, Browns gonna Brown, right? If anything, Gordon should be even MORE focused now.
  13. Adam Schefter‏Verified account @AdamSchefter 6m6 minutes ago More Josh Gordon hurt his hamstring at a promotional shoot, not at practice, per source.
  14. Haven't seen 'Demarious Thomas' on my waiver wire....
  15. Mary Kay Cabot ‏@MaryKayCabot 1m #browns wr josh Gordon still practicing with team.
  16. There are about 130+ pages in here where an 'all or nothing' verdict has been discussed regarding appeals. Also, Florio and others have reported that no settlement talks have occurred. It's either 0 or 16. If nothing is announced today, I bet the NFL is hoping Gordon's camp caves and looks for a settlement.
  17. this is the only way he plays imo.people with money can do lots of interesting things utilizing the American court system. If true, how is any player suspended, ever. How does any player ever serve a suspension when lawyers can just keep firing stuff at the league. What percentage of players make enough money (or will have the potential to make a lot of money) to support a family AND potentially rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney fees? 5%? 10%? Plus, what percent of this small sample size of players are actually in trouble where they need top legal protection? Maybe 1%? It's a unique case where top earning players can afford to fight the league.
  18. I'm not certain that Manziel was much faster than the competition in college either: 4.68 ain't fast. He didn't ever look like a burner at A&M; he looked like a guy who could improvise and who would often go off script and bail out of the pocket. This throws the defense off as much (or more) as it does his WR's.You're right...speed had little to do with it...it was his quickness, change of direction, and ability to feel and react a half-step before the defender.I think that will still help at this level, but he has to learn to use it to find a window to throw...like Wilson. Manziel was able to look like a better athlete in college for 2 reasons. The first was his amazing oline. The second was the lack of technique and discipline college player play with compared to the NFL. The team that played him most like NFL teams will was LSU and they terrorized him. They had great athletes, for college, and preached gap and eye discipline to keep Manziel in the pocket and in front of them. NFL teams will do the same because he is still making all the same mistakes as he did then.His quickness and ability to change direction is unique though for a QB. He has to learn to use it the right way.His quickness and change of direction were unique for college. I don't expect that to be the case in the NFL. He must win within the pocket or he will not win in the NFL. He is not a Cam, Luck, RG3 or Vick level athlete.He's not at the Wilson, Kaepernick or Luck level of athlete either.To be fair, very few thought Wilson or Kaepernick were capable of all they have accomplished so early in their careers. Both were the 6th QB off the board in their respective drafts.I'd go so far as to say nobody thought Wilson would accomplish what he has up to this point. Yet there he is, rewriting the record books and leading his team to a championship.Manziel is the opposite. He wasn't as good as Wilson in college either, but the hype for him coming out was much greater than for Wilson, Kaepernick and even RGIII. Yet he had glaring questions surrounding his play calling, arm strength and whether his game would translate in the NFL. Early results aren't promising, though it may be unfair to judge him at this early date. But it's perfectly fair to correctly asses his ability in relation to his peers. He just doesn't measure up. Arguably one of the most baseless posts I've seen in awhile.
  19. Bill Polian on ESPN's 'NFL Insiders' regarding Josh Gordon's appeal/'problems': 'This is a serious personal problem for him. It does not belong in the Browns' locker room and he doesn't belong on the field.'
  20. Flash Gordon ‏@JOSH_GORDONXII 11m Only place I can find peace... Good practice today #dawgs http://
  21. Mary Kay Cabot ‏@MaryKayCabot 1h #browns wr josh Gordon is out here practicing, still awaiting word on his suspension
  22. Mary Kay Cabot @MaryKayCabot · 59m #browns depth chart for St. Louis. Hoyer still No. 1, justin Gilbert replaces skrine (thumb surgery) at RCB Gordon and Miles Austin listed as starting WRs, again.
  23. Can't win big if you don't take chances, imo. I've been drafting Gordon like crazy in the double digit rounds. If it doesn't work out, so be it, but the upside, relative to the cost, is massive.
  24. Gordon was only out there for two plays once the Browns got into the red zone. Both were designed pass plays and Gordon made his only reception on his last snap. The offense stunk and Pettine really wanted a TD, so he put his best player in there to help the team. Suspension or no suspension, the Browns offense looked horrible and all players need to set-up next week. It will be Cleveland first 'home game' of the JFF era.
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