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  1. Adding flank to this good list of suggestions. Cooks whole, slices up nicely, can find them bigger than skirt (another delicious choice), takes a marinade well. Did a lot of oil, soy sauce, lime juice, lime zest, garlic, cilantro, sugar this summer and it always delivered. Some might call this a carne asada marinade but nobody needs to know.
  2. Enter the Gungeon Slay the Spire Two fun rogue likes with high replay value. Former is an isometric twin stick shooter with (S)NES asthetic, latter is a deck builder like Hearthstone. Really enjoying both.
  3. I nominate "GB WR1". Shannon Sharpe Robert Brooks Antonio Freeman Bill Schroeder Donald Driver Javon Walker Greg Jennings Jordy Nelson Randall Cobb James Jones Davante Adams
  4. Anything that percolates conflict and compromise to the surface. There should be some reasonable and nuanced rules for defining a presidential candidate by his conflicts and mechanisms for clearing enough of those conflicts that allow accomplished persons of sufficient character to serve in prominent public roles. Along those lines, I'd like to see more teeth added to FARA. I have the sense that not enough prosecutions have happened here but maybe there are more shoes to drop (*cough* *Jared* *cough*). Agree that something with allocation of EC votes needs to change.
  5. The filibuster is counter-something, but I'm not sure "majoritarianism" is it when applied to a senate that isn't distributed evenly across the population. Counter-nationalism, maybe?
  6. I hope you continue to spread this powerful message. Thank you.
  7. Thanks for the tag! I'm looking forward to skimming the ground rules and demonstrating my ignorance.
  8. I made these Green Chile Chicken Thigh tacos and they came out fantastic. Rick's not my favorite presenter, he's so prodigious on youtube that it's a bit overwhelming, and his ingredients are sometimes hard to find. But the flavors in his recipes are right in my sweet spot and well worth exploring. I'm going to start roasting peppers more often, whether as an ingredient for meals or for a salsa verde to keep on hand as a condiment. I think my grocery stores usually have poblanos as a base pepper and I can often augment with cubanelles and tomatillos from spring to fall. This t
  9. Was excited by it at first but I've fizzled a little, banging my head against a couple of spots. Will probably pick it back up soon.
  10. Metro Boston here and my daughter is getting a "Bridge to Hybrid" back to public high school plan. All remote through Thanksgiving. *Possible* expansion to hybrid (2 days in-person, three days remote) then but only if "available data and reopening metrics" indicate it's safe and feasible. Return to full time in-person "when safe to do so."
  11. Made pork belly burnt ends and they were a big hit. Took notes on GrillinFools and HowToBBQRight and both were money. Used "Renowned Mr. Brown" rub from VirtualWebberBullet and my buddy's dad's NC style sauce recipe wherever sauce was called for, mostly in the glaze, I think. Also subbed in apricot jam for apple jelly in the glaze because I couldn't find the latter in store. about 2.5 hours in some cherry smoke at about 275, into a foiled pan with brown sugar, honey, and butter (this is the most key ingredient in the whole process, imo) for another 1.5 hours. I cooked day before the party
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