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  1. Adding flank to this good list of suggestions. Cooks whole, slices up nicely, can find them bigger than skirt (another delicious choice), takes a marinade well. Did a lot of oil, soy sauce, lime juice, lime zest, garlic, cilantro, sugar this summer and it always delivered. Some might call this a carne asada marinade but nobody needs to know.
  2. My fitness guru has us narrow our hand position, more elbows in, and welcome some engagement and support between lats and triceps at the bottom. I cant do as many pushups that way but he says they are more friendly for shoulder joints. Give that a try?
  3. I've been a silent admirer of this thread, too. I'm down about 15 pounds since early-mid December attributing most of that to skipping breakfast, more vegetables (e.g. whole foods hot bar for lunch), less alcohol, and some moderate exercise. Kettlebell swings and a ####ty recumbent, mostly. Just got back from a goal trip to Moab, UT where we mountain biked for four days. It. was. epic. Here are some photos. If you click the spinny icon top right, you should be able to view them as a "photo sphere" which is pretty cool, if I do say so myself. I have another 10-15 lbs to go, eas
  4. What page does the MAF stuff start? Any recs on hr monitors? Buying for my daughter (15) and one for me.
  5. I found this tweet thread to be clear. Anyone claiming coup want to tell me where it's wrong? @ren hoek?
  6. We ended our last session with you expressing some concern. Please, go on...

  7. I am a little concerned about your personal photo/avatar. :unsure:

  8. Biding your time, I see.


  10. I miss CAP.


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