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  1. 1 hour ago, Ron Swanson said:

    Beef Tenderloin

    Rib (Prime Rib)


    Tri Tip

    Adding flank to this good list of suggestions.  Cooks whole, slices up nicely, can find them bigger than skirt (another delicious choice), takes a marinade well.  Did a lot of  oil, soy sauce, lime juice, lime zest, garlic, cilantro, sugar this summer and it always delivered.  Some might call this a carne asada marinade but nobody needs to know.  

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  2. Anything that percolates conflict and compromise to the surface. 

    There should be some reasonable and nuanced rules for defining a presidential candidate by his conflicts and mechanisms for clearing enough of those conflicts that allow accomplished persons of sufficient character to serve in prominent public roles.  

    Along those lines, I'd like to see more teeth added to FARA.  I have the sense that not enough prosecutions have happened here but maybe there are more shoes to drop (*cough* *Jared* *cough*).  

    Agree that something with allocation of EC votes needs to change.  

  3. On 11/7/2020 at 8:45 AM, IvanKaramazov said:

    Get rid of the filibuster.  I'm not a majoritarian -- I'm all in favor of limited government, so I generally favor things that make it harder for majorities to govern.  But we already have a bunch of those things already -- bicameralism, the presidential veto, enumerated powers, the bill of rights, federalism, judicial review (overlaps with the last few items), etc.  On the margin, the legislative filibuster is taking counter-majoritarianism a little too far. 

    I put this one out there as low-hanging fruit.  It doesn't require a constitutional amendment, legislation, regulatory rule-making, or cooperation from any other branch of government or any agency or any court.  All it takes is 51 senators deciding to do it.

    The filibuster is counter-something, but I'm not sure "majoritarianism" is it when applied to a senate that isn't distributed evenly across the population.  Counter-nationalism, maybe?


  4. I made these Green Chile Chicken Thigh tacos and they came out fantastic.  Rick's not my favorite presenter, he's so prodigious on youtube that it's a bit overwhelming, and his ingredients are sometimes hard to find.   But the flavors in his recipes are right in my sweet spot and well worth exploring.  

    I'm going to start roasting peppers more often, whether as an ingredient for meals or for a salsa verde to keep on hand as a condiment.  I think my grocery stores usually have poblanos as a base pepper and I can often augment with cubanelles and tomatillos from spring to fall. 

    This time was about six small poblanos, two cubanelles, and a serrano.  Lit an overloaded chimney of charcoal, roasted the peppers until black all over, let them steam themselves in a bowl covered by a plate, and then peeled and de-seeded.  I used to peel under running water but Kenji said "don't do that," so I stopped.  I did keep some serrano seeds for heat.  A rough chop and then into a food processor with a small head's worth of garlic cloves and some olive oil.  Blend into a paste and spread over top of seasoned thighs (s&p) and cubed potatos.  I used a disposable foil tray rather than a "hobo pack" in the video because I had one and, honestly, that's just asking for ruined clothes or, worse, a grease burn.  Removed grate and tray directly on the remaining coals for about 20 min.  heat/char flour tortillas directly on a gas burner.  I used to steam tortillas in the microwave but probably won't go back if flame is available. 

    I built my tacos with some simple guac (avocado, lime, salt pepper), chopped thigh, a few potato cubes, and a little more lime and the pepper/juices from cooking.  No cheese necessary (but it couldn't be bad, right?).  These were so f'ing delicious.  I gorged.  

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  5. Metro Boston here and my daughter is getting a "Bridge to Hybrid" back to public high school plan.  All remote through Thanksgiving.  *Possible* expansion to hybrid (2 days in-person, three days remote) then but only if "available data and reopening metrics" indicate it's safe and feasible.  Return to full time in-person "when safe to do so."

  6. Made pork belly burnt ends and they were a big hit.  Took notes on GrillinFools and HowToBBQRight and both were money.  Used "Renowned Mr. Brown" rub from VirtualWebberBullet and my buddy's dad's NC style sauce recipe wherever sauce was called for, mostly in the glaze, I think.  Also subbed in apricot jam for apple jelly in the glaze because I couldn't find the latter in store.  about 2.5 hours in some cherry smoke at about 275, into a foiled pan with brown sugar, honey, and butter (this is the most key ingredient in the whole process, imo) for another 1.5 hours.  I cooked day before the party so I let the ends cool a bit and put them in clean trays with maybe 2-3 tablespoons of the braising liquid and put them in the fridge overnight.  At the party, trays went onto a propane grill to reheat and then glaze.  So good.  

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  7. Another guy here who's very happy with his Xbox One as a streaming platform.  But I wouldn't buy the ~$400 bundles I see in a 5 min search as next gen arrives this fall, I think. 

    If you're already in the Apple ecosystem, AppleTV is the clear way to go.  If you're not, AppleTV may still be best but look at an AndroidTV device like Nvidia Shield for about the same price.  

  8. 13 hours ago, fred_1_15301 said:

    The only issue is that I've been having left shoulder pain for about 3 weeks.  It's hindering my ability to do a lot of pushups but overall it's manageable.  Something I'll need to get checked out.

    My fitness guru has us narrow our hand position, more elbows in, and welcome some engagement and support between lats and triceps at the bottom.  I cant do as many pushups that way but he says they are more friendly for shoulder joints.  Give that a try?

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  9. 19 hours ago, SFBayDuck said:

    First pulled pork on the Traeger this weekend, turned out great.  Five pound pork butt from Butcher Box, so good quality.  Just sprinkled all over with some rub, 225 for 3 hours then put it in a foil pan and it went for another 4 or 5 hours until it hit 190.  Wrapped in foil for an hour and put it in a cooler (I had to leave to go run an errand as it was done quicker than I thought), de-fatted the drippings from the pan, shredded it, and then added the drippings back in. 

    The family has different preferences for sauce so I made a Carolina style vinegar/ketchup/brown sugar/spices sauce, put out some Sweet Baby Rays, and let people decide on their own how they wanted to put theirs together.  Also made a vinegar-based slaw with cabbage, carrots, jalapeno, cilantro, chilli flakes and cayenne.  It would have been nice to have a creamy slaw, it was like vinegar on top of vinegar with the Carolina sauce, but my daughter is allergic to eggs so I can't use mayo - might look for an alternative like yogurt or something next time.

    Even after an hour in foil the meat was still hot enough that it was hard to shred by hand - anybody have a recommendation for some thin gloves with just a little insulation that works well for that kind of thing?  I have some thick rubber gloves for taking things off the grill, but they're too thick for something like shredding pork.

    It's not coleslaw and it's not creamy but lime juice and olive oil make a decent cabbage conidment that might be enough of a change from white/cider vinegar.  

    Regardless, I'm just about always coating the shredded cabbage with salt and sugar for about ten minutes then rinsing and drying before building the slaw.  Picked up the technique from serious eats and I like the effect on taste and texture of the cabbage.  

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  10. Maybe too lowbrow for this thread but I am love love loving making cold brew at home.  Aiming for 500g of coffee to 2L water but have fallen to 340g per bag of supermarket preground french roast and use a little less water.  Combine in a pitcher, making sure grounds are completely wet, and let sit in a darkish counter corner for 18-24 hours.  I thoroughly rinse a couple paper towels (paper filters run a little small for this job imo), line my fine mesh strainer, and pour through into a second pitcher that goes into the fridge.  A little pre-taste will tell you what direction to take it when making a drink.  Mostly diluting with some water and ice and drinking black.  Product is very tasty and low bitterness.  I'm sure the quality would go up if I bought better whole beans but grinding that much is a big ask for my cuisinart grinder.  

  11. 9 hours ago, rail said:

    Looking for a meat recommendation to smoke this weekend. Will be using my in-laws smaller Traeger. Need to smoke something that is not pork due to the Jews in the family. Feeding 8 adults, 7 kids.

    Anything, beef-wise, you'd recommend besides brisket or beef ribs? Cost is an issue - don't want to blow over $100 just on meat alone. Although, as I type that, I may sound like a cheapskate when I'm considering 15 people.

    Chuck Roast Burnt Ends

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  12. On 7/3/2020 at 1:11 PM, Dan Lambskin said:

    Also I noticed the meat store had some pork shoulders, (I know butt and shoulder get used interchangeably but this was the shoulder aka picnic ham).  Had a nice thick skin on it, anyone ever make one of these?  What’s the best way?  Thinking maybe some carnitas style tacos but open to other suggestions 

    Done these a couple times this spring because they were handy and they turned out well.  I took off all the skin and whatever fat on the exterior didn't look great.  Then treated it just like a shoulder.  Rub, smoke to about 160, spraying when I feel like it, wrap with just a bit of liquid, low oven until 205, rest in the cooler, pull.  Different bones but tastes about the same.  

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