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  1. Bought a dirt cheap picnic ham. Cheaper than shoulder, if you can believe it. carved off all teh skin, rubbed it, and smoked it like shoulder. came out great! roasted up some veggies and then made pulled pork and roasted brussell sprouts quesadillas. soooooo good. GM, a griddle is probably better if you're cooking more than one because you want the burger crust to go with the burger and that requires a thin spatula held flat. Hard(er) to get flat in a skillet.
  2. Six max can be tough because you're forced to play in wider range spots more frequently. The biggest returns are on developing a solid pf strat. You should be able to find a vanilla hand chart on 2p2 and some principles for 3betting. Get those down *on paper* and refer to them frequently as you practice. Once you're playing not too nitty and getting into some interesting spots, you can focus more on flop play. google around for "PLO from scratch" if you're willing to dive into a math based approach.
  3. It works. Double layer of heavy foil and use a sheet pan, imo. Its a big hot mess of rendered fat if the foil breaks. I set the oven to 275 and cook the pork to temp, however long it takes. No shame in bumping the oven to 325 or 350 if you're running behind schedule for Sunday Dinner.
  4. America's Test Kitchen Reviews Dutch Ovens Spoiler: Le Cruset is the best (I have one, get it if budget allows) but Cuisinart Chef's Classic is best value. glllll peas
  5. Each tub once per week seems like a big improvement to me but your mileage may vary.
  6. For those interested in developing a self-sustaining skill while stuck at home, for several months this idea has been on my mind to try this gardening hack in the spring: wicking tubs. There are variations on this design that seem to scale to whatever setting and space you have through the size of the container. But I'm going to try 1-2 of these and see how it goes. Maybe gardening needs its own thread here?
  7. I've been a silent admirer of this thread, too. I'm down about 15 pounds since early-mid December attributing most of that to skipping breakfast, more vegetables (e.g. whole foods hot bar for lunch), less alcohol, and some moderate exercise. Kettlebell swings and a ####ty recumbent, mostly. Just got back from a goal trip to Moab, UT where we mountain biked for four days. It. was. epic. Here are some photos. If you click the spinny icon top right, you should be able to view them as a "photo sphere" which is pretty cool, if I do say so myself. I have another 10-15 lbs to go, easily, and plan on doing a lot more mountain biking. The road is fine but trails are more fun. Thank you all for sharing and answering questions.
  8. Judging from this weekend's Costco trip, we're far from panic levels in my neck of the woods (MA). But you guys got me for a 50lb bag of rice, some extra canned food, a case of vitamin water, and some Robitussin. I could stay at home a couple weeks if I had to. Slap it high?
  9. What page does the MAF stuff start? Any recs on hr monitors? Buying for my daughter (15) and one for me.
  10. If you're comparing six deck physical to one deck computer sure it could feel different. You could see the As up to six times in the same hand. But that's because they're literally different games, not because the alg is rigged.
  11. Have you read Taleb's "Fooled By Randomness"? If not I think it's highly worthwhile treatment of the subject. Im confident that Nevada law requires that machines simulating physical gambling implements like cards or dice be programmed to perform like them. Can't speak to whether casinos try to circumvent the law and regulatory machine that provides oversight. It's possible that the pseudo random nature of these machines don't perform exactly like the physical implements but, to the extent that's possible, it would be undetectable by a person playing the machine. It would take computerized statistical tools and sample sizes spanning human lifetimes.
  12. Here, do something truly self sustaining with your prepping paranoia. Wicking tub
  13. His post is gone. I quoted it in thread reported it at the time (like you ask). My post is also gone. My guess is this was in 2017. I think he was suspended for it (not that it didn't stop him from continuing to post under an alias). I can't check on that, but you can. I can show you what this person has to say about that punishment. Could be regret, I guess. And if you still don't believe me, ask @squistion. He was the one threatened.
  14. You didn't suggest @squistion needed to be slapped, you said you would slap him. You may have suggested others needed to be slapped, but I never saw that. Thanks for admitting that your violent posting tendencies go further than I thought. @Joe Bryant Why is this person still allowed to post here?
  15. Is that when you threatened to slap someone in the face?
  16. Why does he want to be a lawyer? If he wants to be a judge or professor then top 6 is obviously worth striving for. If he wants to practice, there are lots of options depending on what, where, etc. The LSAT is very time intense. The prep will be helpful just for pacing alone. Did mine while working full time, it was modestly helpful until I realized I needed to pick and choose strategies and saw more improvement closer to and on test day. I really enjoyed law school but I worked 4 years after undergrad and was *ready* for intense study and wanted to redeem my "lackluster" undergrad performance. Law school's not the place to suffer burnout as you get left behind quickly. A fast start and first year grades are important. Maybe your son's travel experiences mitigate that risk, maybe he's very driven. But ask him to double check his motives.
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