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  1. Ya I'm aware keyboard is generally better. Just feeling my age (49) and reaching for what's comfortable. I should prolly take on the challenge for the brain!
  2. Built a PC recently. Haven't had a working desktop for years and enjoying some gaming there. Keyboard/mouse is a lot more difficult than I remember so I'm probably in line for an xbox style controller. Any recs? Enjoying Bloodstained: RotN. Great metroidvania game. Buddy wants me into PUBG and im not there yet. Controls, mang. Was intrigued recently by Darkest Dungeon. Good to see it get love here and will probably pick it up. Very disappointed that Sony is holding on dearly to Bloodborne. Anyone try it on PS Now?
  3. I have a serious crush on Stella Parks. These brownies are some of the best I've ever had and easily the best I've ever made. I'll try the lemon bars, thanks. Other food inspiration are Binging with Babish, Adam Ragusea, Matty Mathewson, Munchies, and still some Chef John and Tasty.
  4. How the President conducts himself has no influence on what I want here. -- @Joe Bryant
  5. The client holds the AC privilege, not the attorney. There are exceptions to the AC privilege for criming and frauding. The communications between attorney and client have to meet specific requirements to qualify for the AC privilege (eg, have to be seeking legal advice). It's difficult to stretch the AC privilege to communications between the attorney and third parties. It runs into problems with waiver. There's a *bunch* of fact patterns for which the privilege can be waived by the privilege holder and attorney. Trump and Rudy's volubility makes this a very real risk. All my experience is based on how actual courts deal with this topic legally. I can't rely on the Senate to do the same. [leiavoice]Help us, John Roberts. You're our only hope![/leiavoice]
  6. I'm pretty liberal and I can assure you that I have missed nothing and my reservoir of tears is undiminished since I placed this poster on my ignore list. The mind boggles at the benefits you might encounter turning off this feature of the FBG PSF user experience. I humbly suggest you give it a try. You can always turn it on again.
  7. In surprise breakthrough, scientists create quantum states in everyday electronics This seems like a really really big deal. Who here might could opine intelligently on this? @Dedfin? @Mr. Pickles? Apologies in advance for not knowing the applied physicists off the top of my head.
  8. Would you start or bump a food waste thread, please? I'd be interested in learning more. But I also have some suspicions about your sources. Bias!* * in the manner of "Science!"
  9. My go to is 1/2 tsp kosher salt per pound and estimate 48 tsp per cup. For last year's 24 lb bird I made 1/4 cup salt, 2T brown sugar 1T fresh cracked black pepper (large grind) 1T garlic granules I did a small test bird about 4 weeks ago. Chopped the bird into parts, used the carcass and wings for stock, and dry brined the rest. Didn't use all the rub I made, but also let it sit48 hours and it was too much. Also didn't rinse, just rubbed with butter and cooked. It wasn't so much the salt as the texture. But I chocked it up to a small bird and lived with it. the carcass made awesome stock, however.
  10. Human Rights Foundation sees things differently, Ren. I would have guessed you'd be more closely aligned to this. Bolivia: Government Must Exercise Maximum Restraint in the Use of Force, and Call for Elections Immediately
  11. I've been on a bad sugar kick the past month. Wait, two. No, three. This is a good wakeup call. Again. Thanks.
  12. It depends on how bad your back is. But I have a compressed vertebra, a herniated disc, and a hip replacement and I can use this. Yellow Kettlebell Spend half your budget on good instruction and then buy one for home. Youtube Pavel Tsatsouline for some ideas.
  13. Help a buddy add a few arrows to his quiver?
  14. When you stop threatening to slap other posters, I'll stop reporting it.
  15. Here's a Nov. 10 recap I posted in the Elections thread (also on page 1) Alvaro Piaggio @Piaggio_g In light of all the terrible misinformation going around on Twitter about what's going in Bolivia, here is a summary of what has gone down in the past few weeks 1/x Morales sought a fourth term, defying his own constitution and a referendum. He ran anyway, approved by his stacked Supreme Court. Election day was plagued with irregularities and he magically won by just enough to avoid a runoff. 2/x Civil society organized everywhere and the country had massive protests and civil disobedience for nearly 20 days. Evo called on his version of "colectivos" to defend his government. 3/x During that time, more evidence of fraud came to light, 3 people died at the hands of pro-government goons and at least 60 were injured. OAS finally issued a preliminary report confirming there had basically been massive fraud. 4/x The night before, police had decided to retreat to their headquarters in every major city and basically join the protestors in their demands. Morales then proceeded to say he would re-do the election with brand new electoral authorities, but no mention of his resignation 5/x or even saying he would not run. More government groups kept attacking protesters, this time with firearms. Many Ministers and MOP began quitting. The military came out and said they would not repress the police "mutiny" nor repress protestors, 6/x but gave orders to defend those who were being attacked by what was basically pro-government paramilitaries. Shortly thereafter the military asked Morales to step down, and he did. 7/x Now the National Assembly needs to convene on Monday to accept all the resignations, set up a transition government and call elections in 90 days. 8/x So to clarify three very important points: 1) The government committed fraud 2) Morales' supporters are responsible for the vast majority of the violence (even now, they are burning down and looting parts of La Paz) 3) This is not a military coup. 9/x The military was not even a part of the opposition and simply joined the calls for the resignation of Morales after serious violence was taking place. So no, don't expect a "far-right military government" to take over now. 10/x [im omitting tweets with links to OAS paper and several spanish language articles, please have a look if you like] Evo certainly gave a lot of hope to people when he became president. But his authoritarian tendencies have been clear for a while. It also didn't help he was surrounded by ideologues who had no concern for democracy, especially his VP, Garcia Linera. 14/x This is far from over though, as they even hinted they'd be back in their resignation press conference. Their goons certainly haven't even left La Paz, as you can see. [link omitted] 15/15
  16. I'm hoping it has some longer term impacts on the Senate as well. It takes significant political capital to vote No in the face of this evidence and Trump's past three years. It's fair to say that Democratic candidates won't be able to effectively exploit that spend, based on history, but I'm a dreamer.
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