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  1. Mac will end up being the best QB of this class. Yes, better than Trevor.
  2. Anarchy, how do you see the backfield touches working out for the regular season?
  3. I would drop either of those two for Edmonds now but I get your point.
  4. I beat the Kamara/Gallup owner. James Robinson/Cook/Colts D neutralized them.
  5. Picked him up in both leagues before the season started. Took Mixon in round one and thought he’d be what Robinson is. Fantasy is nutty sometimes.
  6. They will never win a SB with the way they manage the salary cap.
  7. If you can't start him as a flex at least you must be loaded.
  8. Nice. Get him for free now before he becomes a priority waiver/FAAB claim. His week one snap count is very promising.
  9. Was staring 0-2 in the face but won both because my opponents Saquon and AJ Brown had bad games. Won by .7 and 2.5
  10. Really excited about his opportunity but I think he's an RB2 with Hines splitting a lot of the work with RB1 upside. Will outperform his ADP for sure.
  11. Might be the first time ever I start 0-2 in my money leagues. Golladay's injury really screwed me.
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