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  1. Don't listen to the Webber Snobs, I'm a cheapo Lowes Char----- kind of guy. Not really that devoted to covering and cleaning it. I can 6/7 years of heavy use out of them,
  2. How will you call the butler to refresh your scotch if you abandon the intercom?
  3. Thanks Biggie, Lots of talk about those that paid their loans, but there are a lot of working people that never went to college because they couldn't afford it. It's just not right to make them pay for someone else's luxury. Of Course, renters got screwed in the housing crisis, so this will probably happen also,
  4. My wife is a naturalized US citizen. Her two adult children cannot even get a tourist visa into the US. So yeah, I have a pretty big problem with any kind of amnesty for illegals.
  5. He's no Michael Brown, but he's still doing a helluva job.
  6. Ouch. Repeat offender? Seemed pretty soft, and a touch true,
  7. Some feuds are so personal that they in fact do get taken to the grave. It happens with family and friends all the time.
  8. Surprised he hasn't bought and fired the entire staff
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