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  1. I really like these two. Been a big fan of Martyrmade fore a long time. This made me so effin angry. .
  2. and Cav's player scores off him. Brilliant move by Cav.
  3. it’s so cute how excited you guys get the first week with all that hope Take it from the Wild fan, He know bout these things,
  4. I want Cavalier free hockey money. In. And don't try paying me in in that Cav Crypto Crap.
  5. Shaka Sign with head bob timing like im listening to Mary Janes Last Dance.
  6. Wow. I've been thinking about taking a long weekend and working US41 for snook and peacock. Just need to do some more research to find the best time of year.
  7. Apparently it was skating ability that kept him off the team. I'm not sure where he fits in Sea. Are they doing covid taxi squads again?
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