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  1. Q School Dropout is in. Glad I remembered this league. Thanks for setting it up!
  2. I should have grabbed Barnidge when I had the chance.
  3. Time to bring in Sanchez! As much as that hurts to say, Bradford is a failed experiment. He's failed at almost every level of Kelly's offense. He has not been able to throw an accurate deep ball, he's neglected to pass the ball outside and his pocket presence is just exhausting. How long can the offensive line fend off the defense as Bradford sits back for so long looking for an open receiver in the middle of the field?
  4. Never mind... I think I figured out the drop week part. Still not sure of how often I can change players/lineup. I'm guessing weekly (in between tournaments)? Another thing to keep in mind is you can only start a golfer 10 times
  5. I'm in. Thanks for setting this up. Although I love the game, this makes watching it that much more interesting.
  6. Trades: Cutler, Cousins Free Agents: Sanchez, Hoyer or Locker
  7. Boy he would be a pretty risky play. Not only is he playing against a good defense, he only had 4 carries last game. Not sure how you can start him going strictly by coach speak?
  8. Does anybody know what time this hearing is taking place today?
  9. If Donnell or Rivera were available in my league, I would start them over Rudolph at least for this week.
  10. I think you're forgetting a couple of things. Namely, the time of the year and freakishly cold weather about to be unleashed upon us. Bomb cyclones and polar vortexs are going to make the running game a little more than an afterthought pretty soon. I'm not forgetting at all. I think you are forgetting about what team we are talking about... Let's take the Broncos weeks 13-16 last year for example: Week 13: Manning through 35 passes for 403 yards; In that game Monte Ball ran the ball 13 times Week 14: Manning through the ball 59 times; I'll give you this one two RBS had a TD but Moreno/Ball had 14/15 carries each Week 15: Manning threw the ball 41 times for 289 yards. Knowshon had 8 carries Week 16: Manning threw 51 passes for 400 yards. Knowshon had 11 carries Running the ball is not a priority. Sure in a PPR format, the Denver RBs do carry more value, but it's tough to pinpoint who will get Peyton's love each week.
  11. This says it all! Ball did absolutely NOTHING to warrant getting his job back. I have to imagine they look at game film from Sunday and realiE Anderson is the best RB on their roster There are more factors at play here, i.e. who is the better blocker? I think both Ball and Anderson will see action. For fantasy though, Anderson would be my bet because he puts up points on fewer touches. Exactly! This is the primary role of the RB in Denver's system. Once they get their passing game going, they will then sprinkle in the rushes. However, it's just an afterthought until clock management mode comes into play.
  12. Fantasy wise, I think Cutler throws for 300 yards and at least 2TDS in catch-up ball. As much grief as Trestman takes from the media and fans, the guys knows his stuff. I envision Cutler will come on the rest of the season much like the cases of New England and the Steelers when everybody got down on them.
  13. The play calling was horrendous for the Bengals. Why force the pass when you could have run the ball down their throats? Actually, that is exactly what the Browns did to them.
  14. Have there been any reports on what he has been doing the past 8 weeks? Has he been working out? Is he going to be ready to play if reinstated?
  15. Not much to it other than submitting a foursome line-up each week prior to Thursday/Friday tee times. Do it!
  16. Thanks for starting this again this year. It starts this week so hopefully more people open this thread.
  17. Tell me about it. Started search for a 15-year refinance rate three weeks ago and didn't committ. Now I'm
  18. Too late to treat the lawns to get rid of dandelions and crab grass?
  19. I was wondering how he does this. Dude has already won 2 of the weeks. If I ever find out, I will let you know.
  20. Does anybody know if when using Pandora, you can just plug in the artists you want to hear and not a genre of the artist? Also, is there anything out there that is better than Pandora and free?
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