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  1. Hey - I'm in for SSL.  Haven't been on the forums and been on vacation.

  2. Let the process continue... fix was in against Angie, as she is easily the most marketable and will sail into a career. Kree and Candice need the biggest pushes (and Kree needs the biggest push). Candice has a great voice, but Kree is much more of a niche artist.
  3. Not really looking forward to the finale now. Kree should have been 3rd. Angie/Candice finale would have been best. All 3 should do well post-AI.
  4. When will you have or do you have this years Footballguys Futures - A Keeper League Guide ready?

  5. Just a heads up you have redraft RB ranking submitted yesterday 8/10 that have Leshoure ranked 36.

  6. LHUCKS is the George Costanza of fantasy football.
  7. Where's the point here???Vick (prison term and all) is still a better long term prospect than Schaub. Vick did something last year Schaub's yet to do -- go to the playoffs. And Houston ain't exactly lacking weapons...NFL's leeading rusher, arguably top WR.Kolb looked terrible Week 1 vs. GB, Trent Edwards/Matt Leinart-like in relief vs. Washington and terrible vs. the Boys. (Please save the excuses/injured players/circumstances in all the contests -- that IS what happened)---------------Quite humorous Hucksie is bagging on Kolb's athletic ability after getting made to be a fool with a statue like Leinart. Any Card fan here saw Captain Checkdown, WR killer wasn't for the long term.Not to hijack, but the Texans' defense has been their problem. The only reason HOU didn't go to the postseason is because their defense can't get off the field - which has zero to do with Schaub.Kolb - yes, terrible on his nine attempts. Horrible. Just go ahead and cut him. I'll save the "excuses" (logical people call them reasons, but I won't let facts get in the way of your rant) and let you see how he really does as a starter for a full season. I'd be very surprised if he doesn't wind up a Top 15 fantasy QB even in Year 1.
  8. Unpack that.IIRC Kolb isn't Drew Bledsoe or Troy Aikman (QB statues that need a map to exit a pocket) nor is he a Vick-type runner, but he did run quite a bit in college. I didn't see much of him at UH but here's the numbers:Kolb ran over 100 times a season for all four years as a starter in Houston.http://www.totalfootballstats.com/PlayerQB.asp?id=1203361(Granted sacks are sometimes counted as rushes, but still - 100+ is a good number)My spotlight on him in 2010:http://subscribers.footballguys.com/apps/spotlight.php?yr=2010&id=KolbKe00...and yes, LHUCKS' not liking KK means he's going to the Pro Bowl for sure.
  9. I've said it before and I still stand by it - Kevin Kolb could easily be the better long term prospect than Michael Vick. Remember once Matt Schaub was behind Michael Vick. Kolb is a very solid WCO QB and a true FootballGuy - in all senses of that. Loves the game, lives it, strong work ethic, smart QB. The Eagles got what they paid for him (a 2nd) when they picked him plus DRC. The Cards got a more proven QB than what they'd have selected with a 2nd round pick and they felt DRC was more expendable after drafting Patrick Peterson. Win-win deal. Arizona and Fitz will be very happy. Rebuild the O-line, get Ryan Williams in the backfield and use Andre Roberts (and possibly Housler) more and things will work out well - as soon as this year possibly.
  10. Watching the Lakers at Wizards game on local cable (DC) - Jason Werth at the game. Talk about having the air out of your sails.... interview was flatter than the Metrodome.
  11. Congrats to the Blackhawks and their fans. I was pulling for the Flyers, but Chicago played a strong series. Really was hoping for a Game 7. Enjoy your celebration.
  12. Congrats to the Blackhawks and their fans. I was pulling for the Flyers, but Chicago played a strong series. Really was hoping for a Game 7. Enjoy your celebration.
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