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  1. Now I may be an old corn chopper, but to me and my understanding, there are a lot of folks out there that are resistant to justice. They are misinformed and for whatever reason put Country or party or whatever other belief system first. They believe in their heart it is equal to justice.This is just wrongheaded and the truth reveals this. What is justice? Justice is the process of understanding and knowledge of the facts. Process is Justice. Those that wish to short-tail or circumvent process because of beliefs are people that shouldn't be trusted with justice as that subverts the facts. Either you are for the understanding and knowledge of the facts or you are not. Make no mistake, facts are the process. They are not alternative or subjective. When revealed to the light of scrutiny by the many, justice is sustained as the truth. the truth shall set you free!
  2. NSFW was not enough warning for a brother! 4,3,5,2,1 and 6
  3. Empire of the Sun's ending was always one of my favorites endings. Christian Bale and Steven Spielberg putting in some strong work on an often overlooked war movie.
  4. I wanted a stocks guys opinion on Britain crashing out of the EU. I heard today that it could "gridlock their economy and send shockwaves through the global markets." Curious what you guys think the resulting impact could be. I remember Greece throwing water on the market for some time. Could we see a bear market lit off by this thing?
  5. Thank you STLR. This was chicken soup for my soul. Its Gold Jerry!
  6. At work whenever i see someone eating something, i'll casually ask "You going to eat all that?" Good stuff.
  7. There are places in Wisconsin that will start bar fights if you try to use anything other than 6/4
  8. Is Cohen the clear 1.1 pick? I mean sure Manafort is balls to the wall, but personal Mr. Fixits are just too scarce to not take first overall. Amirite?
  9. I for one would like to welcome our new cat overlords!
  10. Doesn't this go in the Shuke rates things thread?
  11. Truthfully, if they are bi then you don't really have to do anything. They will do all the heavy lifting for you. It either will or wont happen and you really don't have to do anything to make it happen.
  12. The Maxim machine gun. It was why trench warfare was a thing. It chewed up whole battalions. Now, that is a heavy machine gun so yeah. Thee ak47 probably puts assault rifles over the top in shear number of kills ever.
  13. you would probably be wrong. The maxim alone probably exceeded those numbers
  14. a revolver isn't a semi automatic weapon because the act of firing it does not cause the firing mechanism to be re-cocked. You must do that yourself with a bolt action or revolver type weapon Clips are typically used in bolt action type weapons. Magazines are what you mean to say
  15. Gold Jerry! Lets discuss this aspect of your relationship more. What else does she need your permission for? Have you ever disciplined her?
  16. Principles of expected value are applied to the price of all sealed product. Thus, market forces efficiently influence the current price of not in print sealed product, be it a pack, box, or case. You could get lucky but really not. You will be stuck with all the chaf and still be -Ev after selling the valuable stuff. If you want to invest, buy Box's of much older stuff. as people decide to crak packs for what ever reason the value of the sealed product will go up as supply goes down.
  17. If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention.
  18. Ha! Oh God You Devil was a funny movie. good call on that one. Here is another one off the beaten path that i liked too. My Bodyguard.
  19. Has the lube arrived? I was going to make an anal joke butt #### it!
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