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  1. Email me at mjhuberman@gmail.com if interested. Once all funds are collected, draft will be done via a random draft order generator site. Payouts 1st - $1,800 2nd - $900 3rd - $400 4th - $200 Most points reg season - $300 Settings 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX (wr/rb/te), def, no kickers, 7 bench, 2 ir Full ppr with fractional scoring. 25 yards = 1 point, 10 yards = 1 point (5 yards = .5 pts). Pass tds are 4 points. 2 point bonus at 100/300 yards. In-season waivers via FAAB $1000 budget
  2. I assume sarcasm because he is not even a 2nd rounder at this point. Has a lot of things to work on.
  3. The Duane Brown injury along with the upcoming 3 game schedule will obviously hurt Foster. His goal line prowless and possibility of catching some passes can still leave him as a low-end rb1 though. After this tough stretch, things get MUCH easier. He should be a top 5 rb over the 2nd half of the season. Buy after the bye.
  4. Bigger question is will Cromartie go into the slot and cover him. A dinged up Amendola + Cromartie spells trouble.
  5. Personally, I'd start Smith because I think his body of work since the beginning of last year speaks for itself..but I can understand at least why the coach and fans would want Kaepernick. He just has a few things Smith doesn't. I find it crazy the kind of quarterbacks people are benching in favor of Kaep tho, but I can also understand it. I myself am considering benching Freeman for him. Besides the Saints defense being terrible, the offense should be able to score a solid amount, even vs the Saints.. obviously as a result Kaepernick should be throwing (and running due to the amount of times the ball will be in his hands) a lot. Playing in New Orleans for his 2nd career start is a fairly tough environment, but I do think the opponent and experience the players around him have will help him out. I do have one interesting thought. All the tea leaves would strongly suggest Kaepernick will be the starting quarterback, the only thing with conflict with that is what Jim Harbaugh recently said about not wanting to reveal his qb. Maybe it is possible he wants the Saints to prepare for Kaepernick, someone they haven't faced and has a different skill-set than Alex, and then in th end start Smith. Food for thought.
  6. That's one of the worst "expert" mocks I've ever seen. Plus, how many "experts" do a 10 teamer? Matt Ryan is a near lock for 4000 yards and 30 tds, and a solid bet to approach 4500 yards and 35 td's. Considering that those types of quarterbaks have been getting drafted in the 40-60 range over the past couple of years, I see no reason why his ADP of 45th overall is THAT bad. Ryan was the QB8 last year, and very close to Romo at QB7. I don't see how a QB6 is outrageous. He does have more flaws that originally thought after his sensational rookie year, but he is still a very solid qb who's fantasy numbers will be elevated by the personnel around him.
  7. Why cherry pick these numbers? What makes his 2nd half numbers more reliable for predicting this up coming season than his first half numbers, or his last 3/4 season numbers, his last 8 home/road games?One point brought up was that the Falcons were 4th in the NFL in passing and can't become more of a passing team..but with 305 pass attempts in his final 8 full regular season games it would seem to be that they have already pre-followed through on their coaches promise to pass more. 600 pass attempts plus a healthier, more experience Julio put him in a good position to push for 4500+ yards.
  8. Ryan had a 7.65 YPA in the 2nd half. Weeks 9-16 last year (rested most of week 17): 2388 yards, 18 td's, 4 int, 305 pass attempts, 7.8 YPA. The 2nd half plus a (hopefully) healthier Julio Jones this year should indicate a jump in YPA is on the way. I don't see him touching 5000, but a 7.75 YPA on 590 attempts seems feasible, which would put him close to 4600. Some people may point to his terrible playoff game, but the Giants held Aaron Rodgers to a 5.74 YPA in the playoffs, and held Brady to 6.73. YPA can be a fluke anyways. Eli Manning's was inflated thanks to Victor Cruz having numerous 10-20 yard passes go 65+ yards. I'd say looking at his surrounding cast and his 2nd half rise, Ryan seems like a good bet for around 4500 yards and 35tds
  9. At first, even though I watched him amaze me every single game, I thought he was just a great college qb that wouldn't transfer to the pro's. It is pretty clear right now that he should have been a 1st round pick. I disregarded anyone questioning his height, because Wisconsin has the biggest offensive linemen you can find, and half of them end up in the pro's. His smarts, the way he can run a team, his accuracy and his strong arm, plus athleticism..it is pretty clear he will be the Seahawks franchise quarterback. I think he will be a solid qb2 the moment he takes the job this year.
  10. In a non-ppr I can easily see him finishing as the #2 wr overall. For PPR purposes, he gets knocked down a peg because with Witten and a healthy Austin, he's probably not going to even get 90 receptions. I think we see a line of around 82/1190/11. I put his upside at around 85/1300/15, and his downside at 70/1000/8.
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