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  1. Play calling was bazaar. Totally abandoned the run for the second half (one run play before the last drive trying to run out the clock). Got down 9 and freaked out. Even more questionable due to the injury to Ben late in the second. How do you continue to put him at risk by going completely one dimensional? Ficthner panicked.
  2. And once they get behind Nagy going to go full passing game and waste Montgomery's best matchup in a month.
  3. Another six sacks today. Jesus. Not sure if it's Deshaun being stubborn or BOB sucking (why not both), but he isn't going to make it to the halfway mark at this point if he keeps taking this many sacks. Houston's a dumpster fire and someone in the ownership group needs to step in.
  4. Due to injuries, the TE waiver wasteland, and being in a big league (16 teams), had to play him last week. Lucky to say the least. His snap counts and targets have ticked up the last couple of weeks. I don't expect him to be the team leader in targets every week but given the garbage that is the TE position this year, unless you have one of the top 4-5 guys, he's got as good a potential as anyone else out there.
  5. Elliott with 15.3 points. Reason: Vikings give up the most points to kickers, and I have him on three of my fantasy teams.
  6. He's considered the best blocking TE they have. Given the fact their line sucks, he's going to be on the field more to help block. But that also means he's going to have more opportunities to release and catch passes off of play action, schemes, etc. Thought Vannett would be the play but this kid has the better opportunity, at least in the Hawks O. Couple that with what Carroll and Wilson had to say about him over the summer, and he should be on everyone's radar.
  7. It's really not. It's all about Jerry Jones. The previous three coaches going back to their Super Bowls were all alpha dogs. Jerry hated that personality type in his coaches, and now he's got a yes man in Garrett. Though, this season goes like it looks like it's going to go, Jerry's going to have to cut him loose - the natives in DFW are tired of the clapper and the mediocrity.
  8. No QB left for me with the Jameis news, only a matter of time.
  9. I can't fathom how Evans got a game but AJ doesn't. And the league wonders why it's a joke in the eyes of many with respect to discipline. A chokehold take down from behind with multiple punches thrown on the ground and no suspension. Wow.
  10. As a Thomas dynasty owner, based on trade offers over the last month, I'd say there's a lot of interest in him. At the same time, all the offers have sucked.
  11. Part of Seattle's plan is to play on the edge or over the line of the rules, and dare officials to throw the flag with the game on the line. Most of the time, the refs keep the flags in their pockets and let them play.
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