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  1. 22 hours ago, Stompin' Tom Connors said:

    I'm interested.  Per FBG updates, he had as many catches in Week 9 as he had in the previous five weeks combined, so is this really someone who gets dependable looks/targets or does he look good based on just this past week?

    Needing to replace Rudolph, and looking at options to gauge whether to replace him for just the week or drop outright. Not great options out there given the sacrcity of dependable perfomers this year, and the related fact that my league has turned into a TE hoarding league of sorts.

    So between guys like Heuermann, or other low-en but potentially more consistent in terms of looks (Seals-Jones, Vance McDonald, even Vannett), who do you think is a better option this coming week, and do any of these guys replace Rudolph? My instinct is not to replace Rudolph outright, as despite not getting tons of opportunity, he sees the field a ton, but it's not as if I can depend on him for points.


    Due to injuries, the TE waiver wasteland, and being in a big league (16 teams), had to play him last week.  Lucky to say the least.

    His snap counts and targets have ticked up the last couple of weeks.  I don't expect him to be the team leader in targets every week but given the garbage that is the TE position this year, unless you have one of the top 4-5 guys, he's got as good a potential as anyone else out there. 

  2. He's considered the best blocking TE they have.  Given the fact their line sucks, he's going to be on the field more to help block.  But that also means he's going to have more opportunities to release and catch passes off of play action, schemes, etc.

    Thought Vannett would be the play but this kid has the better opportunity, at least in the Hawks O.  Couple that with what Carroll and Wilson had to say about him over the summer, and he should be on everyone's radar.  

  3. 2 hours ago, bagger said:

    It is truly baffling how Garrett can hold onto that job.


    It's really not.  It's all about Jerry Jones.  The previous three coaches going back to their Super Bowls were all alpha dogs.  Jerry hated that personality type in his coaches, and now he's got a yes man in Garrett.  Though, this season goes like it looks like it's going to go, Jerry's going to have to cut him loose - the natives in DFW are tired of the clapper and the mediocrity. 

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  4. Don't be mad at the media.

    If you want to be upset with someone (besides Odell), be mad at the refs calling the game last week.

    Shoulda pulled him aside and warned him after the first one, and ejected him if he didn't knock it off.

    Best case, he shapes up. Worst case, he gets tossed somewhere in the middle of that game, and is back this week.

    Blame his coach too. Shoulda pulled him out and sat his ### on the bench for a while to cool him down.

  5. Not saying he was great, but anyone choosing to criticize his performance tonight is trying too hard.

    Also - it looks like someone made him doubt leaving the pocket in the second half, he had several opportunities to leak out and passed them up... why would you tell Manziel not to leave the pocket after watching the first half?

    Not much of a mystery. Pettine called him out during the interview at the end of the first half. The guy is stuck on stupid, you aren't going to make Johnny into a pure pocket QB, quit trying.

  6. Thomas criticizing him is rich. After Johnny came in the fourth quarter of that game, Thomas said that if Johnny started it would tell the veterans the season is over (when they were still in the hunt as far as win-loss record).

    Then the week Johnny started Thomas was a turnstyle blocking, mailed it in and acted like the season was over. Before he criticizes Johnny for professionalism, etc., he needs to take a look in the mirror.

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