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  1. Starting him next week anyway. Next best WR option for me is Jarvis Landry and I'll take Gordon's upside over the safer floor. Also wouldn't be surprised if they moved to Manziel next week. I don't think anyone would. Part of this is on Gordon though.
  2. Without paying much mind to the situations outside Gordon's control that have nonetheless held him in the two games before this one? On a forum that's centered on FF discussion and analysis? Yes.
  3. Dropped him in the week leading up to this game because of his inconsistency. I honestly knew this would happen.
  4. Yeah, I'm beginning to move over to the camp that thinks the unknown in Manziel is better than Hoyer in current form. I thought the QB debate this week would shock Hoyer back to reality and he'd step it up against a very beatable defense, but it's obvious that's not happening. Damn....not good.
  5. Yeah, from the looks of it we can't count on garbage time production.
  6. If he comes back and has a decent game against Detroit then I'm flexing his ### against Miami who just let the Jets run all of them. If he doesn't, he rides the bench the rest of the season cause he sure is hell isn't getting a chance on my opponent's lineup. Smart move if you ask me, and we'll know his fate in a few days. I dropped Crabtree who wasn't going to see my lineup.
  7. My understanding is their financial situation would likely not allow them to resign both Dez and Murray, and they would likely prefer Dez since RBs today are more fungible. Am I missing something?
  8. Let's be real, unless you're just absurdly stacked at the RB position and have another top 5-10 option, no one is going to bench Foster in the championship. How would you feel if you lost the championship, knowing that had you started Arian ####### Foster, you would have won? I'm either riding Foster to the promised land or off the cliff, and I'm wearing a blindfold. Trust in Arian.
  9. All fair points and as I mentioned, everything should be considered, including his performance last year against CIN, PIT, and Talib. As for the bolded, I would imagine that's skewed by the fact that IND is frequently ahead and forcing teams to catch up through the air. Either way, the passing numbers certaintly aren't coming against Davis, and that is us Gordon owner's only concern. I just think there's a good chance many Gordon owners may be otherwise stacked at the WR position since he was a late-round add or WW pickup for a number of teams. In one of my leagues, the Gordon owner has Megatron, Cobb, and T.Y. Hilton. In that situation or a comparable one, I think these type of concerns hold more weight and could be the determining factor in deciding to start or bench Gordon. At this point in the year a single down game can break a team's championship hopes and therefore volatility/risk is a bigger concern than in the regular season. With Hoyer's recent struggles and Vonta in play, I wouldn't blame an owner for starting a Cobb/Hilton type over him.
  10. Starting over Dwayne Allen even if he's back this week and for the rest of the season if he can keep up any semblance of the production from last week.
  11. Results of opposing team's "top" WR against Vontae Davis this season: v. BAL: a.) Torrey Smith - 3/38/0 b.) Steve Smith Jr. - 5/34/0 v. HOU a.) DeAndre Hopkins - 1/12/0 b) Andre Johnson - 7/99/1 v. CIN a.) Mohamed Sanu - 3/54/0 v. PIT a.) Antonio Brown - 10/133/2 v. NYG a.) Rueben Randle - 4/49/0 v. NE a.) Brandon LaFell - 3/62/0 v. JAC a.) Cecil Shorts - 1/6/0 v. WAS a.) DeSean Jackson - 5/84/1 Two of the good games against the Colts, by Jackson and Antonio Brown, came on days where Vontae Davis left the game with an injury and did not return. He left the Steelers game in the first quarter after conceding one 9 yard catch, and left the Redskins game in the third. Desean Jackson's 42-yard touchdown came against CB Josh Gordy while Davis was sitting out. Davis was returning from a knee injury in the game against the NYG, and was matched up with Rueben Randle, not OBJ. So, the only good statistical day a WR had against Vontae was Andre Johnson, who had 4 receptions for 74 yards when Davis was on him. His other yards and the TD came when they were not lined up against one another. Davis has not surrended a TD to this point in the season and is having an incredible year. Going into week 10 opposing QBs had a 41.1 QBR when passing into his coverage. If "whether [Davis] is in or out is not very high on [your] priority list for Gordon," then you're not going about this hobby the right way. If Hoyer were playing well it would be far less of a concern of mine, as I don't doubt Gordon could give Davis a hell of a fight on an individual level. But if Davis plays, there will be fewer opportunities, less seperation, smaller windows of time and space for Hoyer, a higher chance of a deflection or interception, and generally less room for error. He would be the best CB Gordon has lined up against this year, compared the ATL secondary that is poor and the Bill's that is good, but does not have anyone to offer on Davis' level. I personally believe Hoyer is the better option for Gordon, but that aside, unless you're confident that Hoyer is going to significantly improve his game, whether Davis is in or out of this game should he high atop your priority list. I made a case for why Gordon could easily have a down game against BUF and you were the one that was eating crow on account of your overconfidence and failure to actually analyse the situation. It might be time to think about extrinsic factors outside Gordon himself that have already shown capable of holding back his potential. All of the above in mind, I'm still not saying he's not an individual stud or should be on your bench. I know I'm starting him, as after thinking about the situation he is still the best option at WR2 on my team. That may not be the case for others. Just think before proceeding blindly.
  12. I'd personally rather Hoyer start this week. Manziel almost assuredly hasn't adequately developed the mental aspect of his game at this point and will probably rely far too much on his legs. While he could suprise me, I just don't see him finding the same level of success he had in college scrambling to buy time to then chunk it deep. Guy is also short, which I think has something to do with this tendency as well. In many respects he is similar to Russel Wilson, who in his first start went 18/34 for 153 yds, 1 touchdown and 1 interception. My hope is that the Browns realize they should dance with the one that brought them, Hoyer, and give him a second shot that he responds to positively much like Tannehill after nearly losing his starting position earlier this year. At least we as Gordon owners know he has success with him in the past and he zeroes in on Gordon like no other. If he shakes the funk he's in it could spell great things for Gordon. Also, like someone mentioned above, I fear that Manziel will make his one read and immediately tuck it, and if Manziel's start is anything like Wilson's I think a lot of Gordon owners will be sorely dissapointed with his day. All of that aside, if Vontae Davis out out it could change everything. He is the defense's most important player and if Gordon doesn't have to match up across from him I start him even if Matt Schaub was at QB (okay, maybe that's a stretch). To say the least, I would have a lot more confidence in Manziel giving Gordon owners a good day if that were to happen.
  13. His schedule is cake. Top 3 for the rest of the season if he maintains health.
  14. I realize it, it's just a bit much at times. Schtick gets old when overrused, and I personally come here for the great forum for discussion this place can provide. "ZOMG 20/225/3, Gordon TIME!" doesn't really contribute much in that regard.
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