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  1. I am carrying two currently. Saints and Rams. They matchup pretty well together over the next few weeks and into the playoffs.
  2. We have short 5 man benches so tough to hold two. They got dropped before the Seattle game. And we’re still just sitting there because yahoo projects them to not score much this week. Im basically out of the playoff race if I lose these next 3 weeks so I really need to focus on what matchup gives me the best chance to win this weekend, and the next 2. Cleveland was not it. Holding the Rams for now.
  3. I’m dropping Cleveland and pairing Rams with New Orleans rest of season.
  4. It still worries me. Atlanta has scored 26 points all year in my leagues defensive scoring metrics. Points against goes negative in our league after 24 points scored.
  5. And now Taysom Hill named the starter. Falcons could be about as high risk high reward as it gets this week.
  6. What if Kamara sits? I still think I’m rolling Cleveland. But it would feel a bit juicier if you are hoping for a famous Jameis 4 pick game.
  7. Kirk feels like a guy that should explode with a banged up defense and all effort on Hopkins. But also feels like fools gold for some reason. Maybe just a bad taste in my mouth after starting him last weekend
  8. Dislocated finger. He came back in which bodes well, but who knows how it feels days after game adrenaline wears off. Not sure which hand.
  9. Do we dare start Atlanta defense and hope for one of Famous Jameis 4 interception games of old?
  10. This. They are undefeated with Conner performing exactly as he has. I own Conner and it’s frustrating to watch, but we can’t blame the playcalling too much when the Steelers are winning.
  11. I have two Eagles, and three Falcons... sometimes it’s impossible but hate starting defenses against multiple skill players. But I could see the browns doing well against Wentz. And there aren’t a ton of super low scoring games these days anyways.
  12. I have NO, but also have Ryan and Julio and Ridley in a must win fantasy matchup to keep playoff hopes alive, so not sure I love facing my own defense. Im trying to scoop Chargers but fully agree that matchup is really hard to trust. Looks good on paper but can’t be trusted.
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