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  1. Damn. I was so fixated on getting Bateman that I didn’t see someone had dropped him to the wire for a bye week TE. Ouch.
  2. I assume with sneaky bellicheck we wouldn’t know anything regarding who’s playing/starting till right up to kickoff. Which makes it tough as my only other RB2 option plays at noon currently slotted in and I have a waiver out for Herbert, dropping Rahmondre. Would love to hang on to Rahmondre. I drafted him and kicked him to the curb after week 1, but he may be headed back the wire the same week he rejoined my squad.
  3. Just saw Darrell Williams go for Saquon Barkley straight up. I’m the commissioner of this league. At first glance it makes me want to say collusion. But the guy giving Saquon is 0-5 and seems to be still trying to field a roster he’s just so snakebit. Lost Russ, Barkley and Galloway last weekend. And our waiver wire is barren of anything with a pulse. His other RBs are Gibson, Javonte Williams, Melvin Gordon and Mike Davis.
  4. No better stashes because all the other stashes are starting on Sunday.
  5. Agreed. I’m currently debating him and Rondale Moore. Diffeeent type of players. One is already proving it but lots of mouths to feed. The other has proven nothing but may have much more opportunity for targets.
  6. Similar boat. I dropped Gainwell for Rahmodnre yesterday as well. And will drop Rhamondre for Hebert if my waiver goes through Sunday. if I don’t get Herbert, I’ll either play Dillon or Rahmondre. But the only way I’d play him is if Harris was completely out and he’s announced the starter.
  7. The crowd giving a standing ovation in the second half when Sanders rushed for a 3 yard first down is all you need to know. Criminally underutilized. I was playing against him, and it was laughable how arrogantly naive this coaching staff is week after week.
  8. Antonio Brown. Mike Williams. Hollywood Brown. Waiting on WR wasn’t so bad this year. Especially with some of the early guys flopping so far (ex Ridley). Antonio looks like a Bonafide stud out there. Honestly he had a chance for so much more as a few of Brady’s targets were off tonight, and had two short routes where defender just made a great play where he looked as if he had another long TD or two in him.
  9. I feel he’s been surprisingly not greedy tonight. Easily could have thrown from the 1-2 yard line several times. Trying to get TDs to get to 600.
  10. Working on Antonio Browns ankle when I signed on, but then had to go out the kids to bed. Thought I saw him in on the next play. Anyone confirm?
  11. I thought he was gone up the sideline just like last week.
  12. Interesting Mike Clay tweet for those desperate for a RB2 this week. https://twitter.com/MikeClayNFL/status/1448648948504088582?s=20 “Damien Harris trending toward missing Week 6“ Not sure how accurate Mike Clay is or how he can base that off one DNP for Harris… but wouldn’t be the first time a rib injury has kept someone out this year.
  13. Just popped up as questionable on my yahoo app. Which is weird because I’ve rarely seen those statuses change late at night.
  14. Feels like one of those choices I’ll continue to waffle over tomorrow. Then no matter what make the wrong choice. But I’m leaning Dillon. I have Antonio going tomorrow so limiting my Thursday night exposure and not ruining my weekend early psychologically due to a down game is also in play.
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