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  1. Casting Couch is working on it. He has a few interviews to take care of first.
  2. My only positive is that he got the injury in the second quarter. I remember seeing them working on his ankle… then went back and played. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t bad, or he won’t rest it. Just makes me think it’s less serious. We shall see tomorrow if he’s limited. If he’s limited I think he gets tagged as questionable or GTD and plays.
  3. Ahhh yes. I was thinking about last week them playing Sunday or Monday night. I need more coffee.
  4. I’ve owned Folk all year. He gets moved to a questionable tag every week. And then back to healthy on game day. I’m not sure why. But never seems to be an issue.
  5. I had to double check. They played Sunday night. Bills/Titans was Monday.
  6. Did the Seahawks not practice today? I didn’t see any Seahawks player updates… then second guessed myself if they were the Sunday or Monday night game. Figured we’d know a little more about Collins by now.
  7. This feels like the same feeling as the people who chose to start Gainwell to me last week. I’d advise against it, unless you are desperate, which many of us are. We have no clue what the touches will look like and outside of that one Stellar catch and run, Felton hasn’t done much.
  8. I have Bateman penciled in. I think they continue to ramp him up and Baltimore and Cinci always seem to have easy games. It’s an odd week for my opponent as well. He had to drop his defense to pick up a QB and looking at his bench (short bench league) I doubt he drops anyone. So it puts me in the position to start with the mindset of a positional points lead of sorts, and wonder whether I want to make safer floor or higher upside decisions.
  9. AJ Dillon or Herbert at RB2? Bateman or Rashad Penny (if collins looks questionable) at flex? These choices are on the same team… so could go Herbert and Dillon. Welcome to the byepocalypse.
  10. Penny was a free agent this morning so I grabbed him. (Not even sure it’s Penny or Dallas if collins can’t go) Will be interesting to hear how serious collins injury is. He looked real good once he found his groove on that drive. But he also looked real bad the week before. Hopefully he gets to play, but the saints defense plays tough against the run. But, at this point, all of us are just looking for warm bodies.
  11. Was just pointing out Mahomes doesn’t throw to running backs often.
  12. Hey that’s my strategy! Waller owner and I’m hoping I get him for the same reason next week, and not sure I flex him this week, but great to have that option. My long-standing league is sort of casual and competitive at the same time. And I know a lot of guys like to filter by projected points on yahoo for their replacement. He’s still listed as a zero projection due to his Covid tag for this week, so I’m hoping he slips through the cracks tonight.
  13. Mahomes would have to throw it to him for Barkley to be a receiving threat in KC. Signed, Angsty CEH apologists everywhere
  14. I own Kamara so I saw this too and frowned. But hard to argue being able to see the results of some of these guys and move them up. I would NOT have Chubb above him though, with his soft tissue injury, the browns in disarray, and him now missing two games.
  15. I think everyone undervalues Sutton. Follow the targets. Enjoy garbage points in many games. Jeudy opens up his game even more. I’d snuggle him right under Antonio Brown.
  16. Tough call. Both did a lot with very few touches last week. Drake maybe a safer floor… maybe. Ruggs seems to only be valuable with the big play. But that can be VERY valuable. The fear there with what looks like a one dimensional player is you get something like Reagor (who I was high on as a sneaky play) who got open deep twice, but got two huge pass interference calls but nothing to show in the box score. My gut says Drake.
  17. Just looked. He was dropped September 30th for Dawson Knox and hasn’t been touched since. Get ready to be bombarded by the Schultz truthers for dropping him.
  18. I’m intrigued as well. He’s on my wire and would be a great Waller replacement next week. Or possible flex play every week if he starts eating targets and Hurts can throw the ball more betterer.
  19. He has 8, 11 and 14 targets in his last three matchups. He’s an easy start this week for me. Bridgewater is not Kyler or Herbert… but who is right now? He’s not as bad as fantasy boards give him credit for and can get the ball to Sutton.
  20. I’m likely going to have to start him as well. Would be real nice if somehow some way D Williams stayed on that Covid list. At least we’d have volume to rely on. And he looks good. I think he’s earned plenty of touches either way, but a tough week and I need him to own that backfield, even if for this week only.
  21. Steelers defense put up 5 sacks and a turnover on the Seahawks while looking sort of mediocre to my casual eye. Ill take the fresh Saints defense against a banged up Collins and Geno Smith on Monday night prime time as one of the top plays of the week. Likely under New England, but seems like an auto start if you have them or can get them.
  22. Double negative. So he is on a snap count?
  23. I stink at Twitter, so apologies if this caused some indigestion for anyone.
  24. I see what you did there. I’m not a Card fan per se, but I own Kyler this year so I’m watching more Cards and the team is a heck of a lot of fun to watch. They are winning in dominant fashion, and while Kyler is the centerpiece of the offense, it doesn’t seem to be some one trick pony.
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