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  1. 2 hours ago, Johnny Utah #9 said:

    Well if you get by with the Rams this week, they have a good matchup with a bombed out Nick Mullens led Niners team next week. Week 13 vs the Cards is an issue, but I also thought that would be the case last week vs Seattle and they fared pretty well. It all depends what’s on your wire of course, but if forced to only carry one D, I’d be hard pressed to give up the Rams for what’s out there this week.

    I am carrying two currently. Saints and Rams. They matchup pretty well together over the next few weeks and into the playoffs.

  2. 27 minutes ago, Johnny Utah #9 said:

    So you going with the Rams this week then? I’m surprised they were on your wire. I’ve been playing and holding them for a while just due their playoff schedule alone. NE week 14, but primarily Jets week 15. That’s a nice edge to help you through the semis into the finals.

    We have short 5 man benches so tough to hold two. They got dropped before the Seattle game. And we’re still just sitting there because yahoo projects them to not score much this week.

    Im basically out of the playoff race if I lose these next 3 weeks so I really need to focus on what matchup gives me the best chance to win this weekend, and the next 2.

    Cleveland was not it. Holding the Rams for now. 

  3. 50 minutes ago, Johnny Utah #9 said:

    Yeah, I have the Rams as well and was going to dump Philly for the Browns this week, but the Garrett news is pushing me off of them completely. I’m debating just going with the Rams myself and freeing up a roster spot for another waiver flier. Playing Philly D in a supposed better matchup (vs Gmen) over the Rams (vs. Seattle) cost me a win last week. 
    Brady put up a ton of points vs a garbage Panthers D, but I think this Rams pass rush will be able to get to him. And we all know he’s a statue out there. Think this game will be lower scoring than people think. Two great defenses going at it on Monday night. With the streaming options available this week, they all seem pretty shaky to begin with. 
    And as a Skins fan, I would share your concern vs. Cincy. They’ll get a nice baseline of sacks vs Burrow, but he’ll carve up their secondary.

    I’m dropping Cleveland and pairing Rams with New Orleans rest of season.

  4. 1 hour ago, Johnny Utah #9 said:

    Yeah, if Kamara sits it gets a bit more interesting, although Latavius has shown he’s no slouch when he’s had his number called in the past. 

    I still think I’d roll with the Browns though. Wentz has looked a little like Jameis himself lately as he’s been playing terrible. Philly gives up a ton of sacks.

    And now Taysom Hill named the starter. Falcons could be about as high risk high reward as it gets this week.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Stompin' Tom Connors said:

    Was just tuning into the broadcast via Amazon Prime Video -- just caught the tail end of the intro, seeing -- Bill Nye the science guy? -- with a real cardinal. I assume they showed a similar real bird for the Seahawks.

    I'm no orinthologist, but dying to know what kind of bird they used. Because, well, AFAIK there is no bird called a "seahawk."

    I think most often that term refers to skuasa or Ospreys -- and believe the Hawks actual mascot, Taima, is neither (it's an augur buzzard, IIRC).

    Any amateur birdwatchers catch the segment and see what bird they might have used?

    Nerdy, I know. On to football....

    Not sure, but I do know both Kyler and Wilson are having a BIG YEAR.

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  6. 2 minutes ago, The Finist said:

    The offense has moved away from him a little bit.   The WRs are really a great trio.   Tomlin coaching to strengths.   When teams start trying to take that away more you will see Conner get more oppurtunities.  

    This. They are undefeated with Conner performing exactly as he has. I own Conner and it’s frustrating to watch, but we can’t blame the playcalling too much when the Steelers are winning.

  7. 50 minutes ago, themeistersinger said:

    I also have NO, but besides Atlanta having a strong offense, Jameis is capable of giving them short fields or even a pick 6.  I'm actually leaning Browns first, then Chargers, then maybe Rams.

    I have two Eagles, and three Falcons... sometimes it’s impossible but hate starting defenses against multiple skill players. But I could see the browns doing well against Wentz. And there aren’t a ton of super low scoring games these days anyways.

  8. 12 minutes ago, kyoun1e said:

    A lot of options on the wire this week I don't really trust:

    * CLE vs PHI -- Good defensive front, but holes in the secondary. At home though. Weather could be a factor. Philly O line is leaky. Decent matchup.

    * LAC vs NYJ -- LAC D just isn't good, but the matchup with the Jets is. However, Flacco breathed some life into them last week. Looked highly competent with Crowder, Mims, Perriman out there.

    * WASH vs Cinci -- Thought Wash was good then DET ran all over them and did what they wanted. Don't get this D. Good on paper. Cinci/Burrow sackable, but could also see Burrow getting 30 points on the board.

    * MN vs DAL -- MN D looked good last night, but CHI offense horrible. Dallas has had the bye week to get some things together and Dalton should be back under center.

    Considering one of the above or just sticking with my NO D (which I don't love with Winston giving the ball to ATL O all day).

    I have NO, but also have Ryan and Julio and Ridley in a must win fantasy matchup to keep playoff hopes alive, so not sure I love facing my own defense.

    Im trying to scoop Chargers but fully agree that matchup is really hard to trust. Looks good on paper but can’t be trusted.

  9. 2 hours ago, Yenrub said:

    Sooooo is Mike Davis' injury serious?

    I posted about him in the Mike Davis thread, but there doesn’t seem to be too many updates yet. I guess we’ll see how the week plays out. He did come back in after getting X Rays so I assume he’s okay, but who knows how it reacts after the game and adrenaline wear off.

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  10. 45 minutes ago, Ministry of Pain said:

    I caution folks who rationalize how they themselves would fare in these conditions. These are men who have been playing in wind their entire careers, the numbers are not going to drop thru the floor IMHO, where it becomes a bigger factor IMO is the Kickers. 

    Most teams don't throw it long down the field much any more, everything is short slants and stick routes, wind won't change those passes too much at 25 mph, just my opinion. 

    But aren’t the kickers also men who have been playing in wind their entire careers?

    The answer is no.... they are not men, they are kickers.

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