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  1. I’m currently holding Edmonds and Mattison because I think they can be great if the guy in front of them goes down. I don’t own either. I’ve tried to push Mattison to the cool owner with no luck. He’s riding Cook as the hot hand. On the same team, I own CEH and have D Williams on my bench. I think he’s cuttable when I need something else, but am holding for now, as I think the starting running back on that offense will produce... although I haven’t seen much out of him.
  2. That’s why I might carry the Broncos and Cardinals for two weeks to get a double dose of jets.
  3. Damn. The colts played against me last week and did me dirty. I can still feel the sting. Good luck grabbing them.
  4. Own Arizona who’s been meh, but has Jets next week. I rarely carry two defenses, but have the change to drop Gage who was a one week flyer and pickup Denver for this week in a must win situation. That Thursday night game almost feels like a trap to me with Denver starting their QB3 who could put the jets in some decent field position. But Denver is favored away and a low 40 point spread.
  5. That’s a nice pickup for you with Goedert going down. I made that trade. McKinnon doesn’t make my lineup this week in the flex. So his value to me may be even less. And as poor as my WR2 situation is right now with AJ brown down, Green plugs right in. I also hadn’t heard much about mckinnons rib injury and figured I’d do a deal before it’s bad news.
  6. I agree. After 3 games. Punching one in from within the 5 doesn’t seem like it’s gonna happen often. I will never say never. He did get a look in the passing game there on the first drive inside the five which is nice. Most of his rushing tds will seemingly come from 10+ yards out, but watching him I believe he’s going to start breaking more of those. I understand your point about leverage and getting swarm tackled. But I think that leverage is gonna help him break some big ones where a defender things they have him down and he hits the next level. The first play here from last night is exactly what I was thinking of in my head when I say he looks hard to take down. https://youtu.be/UjCmVaRzqxk Hell, that whistle was necessary because his progress was stopped, but he was still ready to slip a tackle and go. I think we are both in agreement.
  7. Yeah. Granted. About 5-7 of those carries were just running into the line to ice the clock on the last 2-3 series. But, he didn’t get many chunk runs. He does stay in his feet and is hard to bring down. His time for some big gains is coming and the running lanes will be there if mahomes keeps dealing.
  8. I agree with your analysis. Figured someone might want to know his value (all leagues and players are different) after reading that article Faust posted which basically says SELL SELL SELL!!! Which I did. For what it’s worth. The guy I was was offering has those 3 WR on his bench. And was starting Kerryon at RB2 due to injury last week. I offered for CeeDee and and settled for AJ. I’m happy with it. He also started burrow over Watson last week so he may not want so much Bengals. This is a non PPR league and running backs are decimated on some teams and McKinnon has outscored green 37.8 to 11.6 so far this season. Mckinnon slots into his RB2 slot this week, and AJ Green slides into my WR2 spot this week.
  9. I have an offer in the table of McKinnon for AJ and I’m thinking of taking it. I’m stronger at running back and absolutely decimated at WR. I don’t even have a WR2 to start this week with AJ Brown our. Ive always trusted your opinion here MOP (miss your colors coded analyses) I may have to pull the trigger.
  10. Anyone get a trade out of him? Im trying to get a WR2 for him, but trying to find a RB needy team heavy at WR. Ceedee Lamb, Boyd, AJ Green, all guys I’d take for him, but doubtful I could get that to work on the other side.
  11. Good read. A good take. Especially for a guy who in some leagues could be grabbed off the wire last week or the week before. And especially for teams like me who traded away Robinson who also was had for free off the wire thinking I was selling high. :face palm:
  12. No way that works. Do they make it a bye week for everyone again the next time it happens?
  13. I’ve been a member of this board for nearly a decade and I still don’t know what this means when people post it.
  14. Plenty of involvement and they obviously want to get creative with him. Lines up at WR a plenty. Over 100 yards from scrimmage and fought hard for some tough yards running the ball. Mahomes missed him on a td early which would have made for a great night. I just get the feeling he’s in for a monster game sooner than later.
  15. I like Chubb too much to do that. He just gets fed. And no telling how McCaffrey who uses his lateral agility a lot will look when he returns.
  16. I didn’t get to watch the game, but he had 8 passes thrown to him for 4 catches for 7 yards. Something doesn’t seem to be working there.
  17. What the heck happened on that play. Tracker said A Rob td then Reversed to Pick.
  18. Those guys have 3 opportunities to Sanders 12. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.
  19. I think Henderson looks better, but McKinnon has the TD in the first half, so I got what I was looking for already out of my flex start. Heres hoping for much more from both through half two. Rams down a lot in the first would have me worried about Henderson but he look pretty good catching the ball as well these last two games.
  20. Vegas is usually pretty good about setting lines. They are expecting a higher scoring game. More points equals more opportunity for Golladay to score a touchdown.
  21. https://twitter.com/adamschefter/status/1310211426435428356?s=21 Schefter reporting his bone bruise not responding well.
  22. I am currently planning to start him over Henderson, but I think it’s close and a coin flip. Which I tend to flip poorly.
  23. Predictions for tomorrow? Most rankings have him pretty high. I added him off waivers because my flex is always in limbo especially as I nurse some injuries so he’s a spot start for me tomorrow, which never seem to pan out for me.... making my guy tell me it will be the Jeff Wilson show.
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