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  1. QBs in my redraft league are high scoring. 6 PT tds and yardage bonuses. I traded him last week for Matt Ryan and Sony Michel. I had been starting Tom Brady and my team is 0-2. I immediately regret it after last night. But I do have CEH and Miles Sanders as my starters. Missing Robinson in my flex.
  2. I sold Robinson high. He seems like a tough one to sell because no one still wants to believe, but I got a stringer starting QB and a WR out of him.
  3. I just watched his week 2 highlights and I’m very impressed with his strength and speed and hands. Made some great catches and Fitzmagic obviously trusts him.
  4. Goedert owner. Can flex TE. Welcome to the squad. Might as well continue to chase points.
  5. Was offered Mixon and ODB for CEH in redraft. It’s an interesting offer but not sure I can accept, as I feel CEH has so much potential.
  6. He’s active. Tough to start, but I may consider it.
  7. I don’t know man. I’ve burned a few pop tarts in my life.
  8. Plenty of people picked up Arizona this week to stream. I’d include them in this list as a nice start against Detroit if you are continuing to stream.
  9. Aiyuk? Only because I’m forced to start him and trying to will him to have a good game.
  10. I’m starting him. I watched his Arizona State highlights this AM and liked what I saw. Can get behind the defense and great hands. 120 yards and 2 TDs. You heard it here first, AIYUKAN!!!!!!!
  11. Welcome to the team... Firing up my Aiyuk. Because I have to. No nfl body of work to see, but I’m hopeful the targets are there, because they have no one else to throw to. Who’s coming with me?
  12. I wanted to see them try to tackle him.
  13. @Hot Sauce Guy I tried to DM you and it’s telling me I can’t. Only posting here because it wanted to ask you something without it turning into a WDIS thread. Can you not accept messages?
  14. I traded Engram and Latavius Murray to the Goedert owner. Seems Engram can push the needle for some. He had Mark Andrews and Kamara, so Goedert and Engram are bye week/backups anyways. But I’m excited to have Goedert on my squad and also missed him in the draft.
  15. A mystery I’m likely going to roll out Sunday. Sincerely, Allen Robinson, AJ Brown, Davante Parker owner
  16. I like Reagor a lot. And he was a bad pass away from 100+ and a TD last week. But as my name states, I have Horned Frog colored glasses and watched him all through college. I’d take Reagor over Aiyuk easy at this point in the season. Philly WR corps is in a similar situation as SF and it’s not like he’s fighting for playing time or targets.
  17. This might make my choice between Deebo and Aiyuk easier, especially with AJ Brown not participating in practice.
  18. This one’s gonna hurt in short bench leagues. The soft tissue injuries and dings to players are nailing me this year. Hopefully it’s precautionary and we see him practice tomorrow.
  19. Acquired White as somewhat of a throw in on a redraft trade. Non PPR, and my starting running backs are decent. Didn’t get to watch the Pats game Sunday, but they seemed to be coming at us with the Cam show. I do know their plan of attack/look of the offense could easily change. Curious if any New England fans have any solid opinions on the rushing game up in Foxburough. I’m a little thin at WR and not sure if I want to cut White, or hold and see how the RB game plays out in New England, but he’s the cusp. I figured Cam and White might be good for each other with some quick check downs.
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