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  1. Let’s not be too hasty. Still I think he’s rather tasty. Is this guy a prince or a street rat? Running back needy teams yet again looking at some waiver wire action this week with yet another set of terrible RB injuries.
  2. Is he the hot waiver add this week. Or am I a bit hasty in my thought process to anoint him next week’s starter?
  3. I somehow traded my way into owning Julio, Ridley and Ryan on one team and I couldn’t be happier when things click like they did today.
  4. It’s a long game and longer season. Still plenty of time for this to shake out.
  5. Week 1 with Boston Scott was not fun. This team is dysfunctional. Really Sanders last 2 weeks have been saved by two really nice runs. I’m not the type of guy to take those away when talking about people, just not sure Scott can fill that void.
  6. I didn’t start him, but own him and was excited to watch. When does Akers make an appearance?
  7. I’d accept in a heartbeat depending on your running back stable.
  8. TD saved his day, but this offense is coming back down to earth where we all sort of figured they’d be at the beginning of the season.
  9. Didn’t get to watch the game. But seemed he could have nearly had a 3 TD game. That first one went to Bernard had me worried.
  10. I love when a coaching staff puts the game in the hands of their best player. Owned him last year. So much fun to watch.
  11. How do we get the jets to score so fitz can keep playing?
  12. Fitz dealing. Making me feel better about sitting Ryan. But at some point the pedal comes off against these lowly Jets.
  13. Can’t make omelets if you don’t crack a few eggs. Or sumtin like dat.
  14. Firing up Julio over DJ Moore. Own Ridley and Ryan as well. Let’s go.
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