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  1. CEH and Matt Ryan to outscore Aaron Jones by 28. 6 point passing TDs and bonuses for over 300 yards passing and 100 yards rushing/receiving. I’m not holding my breath.
  2. I’m unsure what I thought I was getting when I drafted him, but it wasn’t this.
  3. I have CEH in at flex, with Russel Gage waiting to fill in. So at least I can wait until tomorrow night to make a decision.
  4. I commission my league, and brought options to the table knowing this could happen. My league mates said “let’s just embrace the chaos” and voted to just keep our short 5 person bench and not add IR spots. So, here we are. No special rules are going to be created mid season. People knew this could happen. And it can happen again. Let chaos reign. Prepare for the worst.
  5. That’s because our defenders never got within 6 feet of their wide receivers the whole game.
  6. I’m in the same boat. Although they come off waivers tomorrow, I’m thinking of using a waiver. Which I rarely do on a defense as I usually stream. I have Arizona right now versus jets for next week, but Steelers versus Wentz and Philly feels awful nice. Arizona’s defensive schedule gets tough quick so they don’t have much long term value. Plus, you are bypassing the bye week for your defense Early and not having to worry about it anymore. Weeks 7/8/9 versus Tennessee, @ BAL, @ DAL seems like the toughest part of their schedule, but TN may not be too scary and a streamer could be found for the Bal and dallas game. I think you’ve convinced me, and I’ve convinced myself to claim them.
  7. Well I stuck with Denver and that didn’t work out well. A few sacks but zero turnovers. I will say they were a punter tackle away from a punt return, and Darnold tried to gift them a pick six in the 4th on a sideline route that went off the DBs hands who jumped the route. So it could have gone the other way pretty quickly. Also two garbage sacks taking it from 4 to 6 points in my league makes me feel fractionally better. Nothing worse to me than starting off Thursday with a clunker. I should have gone with my gut and pulled them.
  8. Is he a hot pick with Lazard likely out this week? Likely available on many wires.
  9. Last year he was 100%, then 1000%, then 1,000,000%, so he’s got a long way to go to get on the field.
  10. Indy was assisted by two TD’s just last week! Against me. Lol.
  11. I attempt to add value to my posts on this site. You open up your first sentence with the fact that you are too lazy “don’t have time” to look it up. There’s a thread 3 posts down about this very subject where many managers and commissioners are discussing it and bouncing ideas off each other on how they may handle it. Go look in that thread. If you need me to add value I will post the link for you here.
  12. I have both of those as well. And I never carry two defenses. I just saw the opportunity to play the jets twice in a row. I’m in last place at 1-2 with the least points scored so I need a win now. I think I’m rolling Denver this week and Arizona next week otherwise I need to drop Denver now and move on to another waiver flyer.
  13. As I said above. This Covid cancellation couldn’t have come at a better time for us AJ Brown owners. Now we have to hope they treat this as a bye and don’t punt the game to some post season week where we can’t play him.
  14. Game cancelled. This is a shining moment for our AJ Brown feast equity. We get a virtual free bye week for him to heal and an extra week of play if he can get back on the field and produce.
  15. Denver ranked pretty high against the stinky jets, but for whatever reason It feels like a trap game to me.
  16. I was hoping Tennessee took their bye this week so he got an extra week of rest and bypassed a later bye. Therefore possibly earning back a little fantasy equity.
  17. I picked him up over a few handcuffs I have on my bench. Specifically D Williams of KC. I think he’s definitely worth checking out and holding this week if he plays.
  18. I’m currently holding Edmonds and Mattison because I think they can be great if the guy in front of them goes down. I don’t own either. I’ve tried to push Mattison to the cool owner with no luck. He’s riding Cook as the hot hand. On the same team, I own CEH and have D Williams on my bench. I think he’s cuttable when I need something else, but am holding for now, as I think the starting running back on that offense will produce... although I haven’t seen much out of him.
  19. That’s why I might carry the Broncos and Cardinals for two weeks to get a double dose of jets.
  20. Damn. The colts played against me last week and did me dirty. I can still feel the sting. Good luck grabbing them.
  21. Own Arizona who’s been meh, but has Jets next week. I rarely carry two defenses, but have the change to drop Gage who was a one week flyer and pickup Denver for this week in a must win situation. That Thursday night game almost feels like a trap to me with Denver starting their QB3 who could put the jets in some decent field position. But Denver is favored away and a low 40 point spread.
  22. That’s a nice pickup for you with Goedert going down. I made that trade. McKinnon doesn’t make my lineup this week in the flex. So his value to me may be even less. And as poor as my WR2 situation is right now with AJ brown down, Green plugs right in. I also hadn’t heard much about mckinnons rib injury and figured I’d do a deal before it’s bad news.
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