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  1. I traded for him before week 3. I didn’t get to watch the first two games where he put up 40 points each. But I’ve watched every one since then. He can’t make the easy throws.
  2. He did last week as well. Don’t get too upset yet,
  3. Hendy with the hot hand in drive one! Now let’s watch McVay bench him.
  4. What if the game is played but AJ brown doesn’t play. Does your rule cover that? Im fine with rule changes, I just think it’s silly so many leagues are making changes mid season on the fly.
  5. I have Akers and Henderson and I HAVE to flex one with Julio out. Rankings say Henderson but I have a gut feeling Akers gets the carries.
  6. I’m starting Henderson without confidence! Own Akers and Henderson. My opponent is starting Brown. I’m sure it will be his day.
  7. The last time Flacco made a team look better he won a Super Bowl.
  8. Not sure. He caught 9 for 157 in week 1. Then presumably got hurt in week 2 in game. Even having a long TD clank off his hands. If he’s healthy I’m not sure he’s done as elite. IF he’s healthy. Both him and Ridley can thrive in this offense.
  9. Perhaps my trade of AJ for Big Ben isn’t so lopsided if this comes true.
  10. Pollard continues to be available in many leagues I see. I really want to squeeze him onto my team. I had been holding D Williams to handcuff CEH, but recently traded away CEH and am thinking of switching him out for Pollard. Both have a pretty solid path to touches if the person in front of them goes down. Both in high scoring offenses. Zeke just seems so durable. Which gives D Williams the edge for me... for now.
  11. To be fair. Everyone was getting in trouble (mahomes) for embracing the other team post game last week. So crybaby Tom was practicing good social distancing.
  12. If it wasn’t for Mack’s personal foul. He almost had a 1st and 40 at one point last night for what would have been 4 holding penalties in a row.
  13. They do have a history of missing important field goals. Maybe he was just trying to get closer.
  14. Might need to rename him Big Duck Nick after that deep ball miss to Mooney.
  15. I traded for him so you can expect mediocrity or injury or both from here on out with the way my season is going.
  16. Just traded Big Ben for him to a team with Cam and Rodgers as starters. Redraft with 6 point passing tds. He can be had for cheap. Buy low.
  17. Picked him up in redraft for free last week. Hoping I can turn him into a solid flex player on a weekly basis. Though you likely have to take a wait and see approach this week.
  18. I grabbed them again. I went to grab cowboys based on the rankings above and they’ve scored 2 points this season under my scoring. 2! Im not sure that’s a risk I’m willing to take.
  19. I was offered Ridley and Drake for him in redraft. I did not take it. I’m 1-3 and already frustrated with this season, and lll tell you what... Clyde is not going to blow up on someone else’s team.
  20. I can’t imagine having the guts to start the Cowboys after what I’ve seen. But at 1-3 I may have to take the risk for high reward in a must win game.
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