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  1. Who do we like for week 11? I just made a trade that opens up a spot for me to preemptively pick up a second defense. And I’m in must win mode. Chargers scream start. But I literally lost my matchup two weeks ago to them folding to Broncos in the second half. Jets usually scream start against, but I literally lost last week’s matchup starting NE against them. My team is snake bit and could use some shark pool help finding a prodigy defense for next week.
  2. He’s back! Had to get him to 200 yards rushing it seems.
  3. Flipped the game on The Ticket only to see Engram bounce a football off his face.
  4. I managed to get NE off waivers. This Flacco news has me salivating at the bit, BUT... the last time I was in this scenario playing against Flacco he didn’t turn the ball over or take too many sacks. He was almost TOO safe to promote fantasy defensive points.
  5. He also had Jamies heaving him the ball 800 times a game with no regard and a Swiss cheese pass defense requiring the Bucs to pass pass pass every game all game.
  6. I’ll take two incredibly mediocre TDs on my fantasy start any day.
  7. I think Gio’s success while Mixon was out will hurt Mixon’s value when he returns. Mixon was a volume play in most games and Gio definitely earned some more drives and touches with his results the last two weeks.
  8. I lost because I started Goedert last week and dropped Jared Cook. My opponent now has Jared Cook. So I may be in the same boat as you.
  9. I was confused why Gordon was the guy in the 2:00 drill. They won, so what do I know?
  10. The Chargers defense broke against a very mediocre Denver offense. I would trust them with a six foot social distancing pole.
  11. I pick up a TE off the trash heap and hope for a TD every week and always fail. This week I pick Engram. So, I would not start him this week if I were you.
  12. Who do you like better this week only? I stream week to week and am in must win mode.
  13. That puts him at MAYBE week 10, and week 11 if 4 weeks. You probably don’t want to start him that first week back unless desperate. So could be week 12. I traded for him a a few weeks ago and have been losing ever since. So it may be too late. But he could give some strong teams a nice playoff run. I don’t think Jackson or Kelley have shown enough to be worried. The biggest worry is how effective Ekeler can actually be. If 100% he runs away with the job again.
  14. Miles Sanders “should be back” week 10. With short bench and byes this week at the tight end spot and running back, I’m likely having to drop Boston Scott. There’s likely no way we hear anything before tomorrow regarding Sanders due to the bye week.
  15. New England was dropped for whatever reason in my league. I’m throwing the kitchen sink at them as I’m in a must win situation this week even though their schedule past this week is meh. The Chargers folded late last week for me.
  16. I would agree. Just came up in the game last night.
  17. The announcers and a sideline reporter were speaking last night about how the league could still come down with more punishment if facts from the case point to a reason to do so. While he looks ready to play, it doesn’t seem he’s completely out of the woods on being allowed, or possibly ending his season early.
  18. He tried his damdest, one FG short, and that last call to force overtime really grinding my gears after the Eagles defensive td yesterday. The refs are out to get me.
  19. How about we compromise... 16 touchdowns for Brady with no missed extra points.
  20. I’m gonna use the old adage of “the ball don’t lie” and see if Succop can blast 5 field goals and an extra point through the uprights tonight. Even my opponent agreed it was not a touchdown. Which also turned into a safety as well.
  21. 16 points from Succop. Mainly due to that Damn phantom Philly defensive TD. Would have needed about 5.
  22. I’m still steaming over it for fantasy purposes. Lost me my season. :points to shirt:
  23. It ended my season. Needed a win and I was on my way. That was a 10 point swing including the safety.
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