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  1. Someone explained that to me recently. And I guess I get that. But how does it let you know later that you are interested in the thread? Once you place the dot, how do you later use it to your advantage?
  2. :yells into the kitchen from the couch without turning eyes from Saved by the Bell reruns: “Hey Adams!!! How’d that work out for you?!?”
  3. Coach was just commenting on how they used him too much in a few games and his legs aren’t fresh. I don’t think he’s built to be a workhorse back.
  4. https://twitter.com/mattschneidman/status/1319714903586951169?s=10 More questionable than doubtful, according to LaFleur.
  5. Who wants a mustache ride? Man, Gio’s stache is great. How can you not start that thing?
  6. I did it. Not enough room to roster both, so just picked Fant for this weekend and long term. All I hear is he’s athletic, but I’ve not gotten to watch him play. Targets are nice though. My TEs have been missing those all year. Lol.
  7. He’s available as a free agent in my 12 team league. But I’m thinking of rolling Cook over him this week due to weather and Michael thomas possibly sitting. I may be making the wrong choice. I haven’t watched much Fant.
  8. https://twitter.com/mikeclaynfl/status/1319490765941297152?s=10 Same, my wife asked what I was laughing at so much from the other room. The above link gave me a chuckle this morning.
  9. If it’s minor and better to heal, I’d rather see him sit. But I own Gio. My RB1 and RB2 of Boston Scott and Gio might pay dividend this weekend, and is why I usually line the handcuff mentality. I did see this tweet yesterday. If it’s a grade 1 foot sprain, 3 days is the suggested healing time. So he’d be on track to play, and the non practice makes sense in that regard. But I haven’t even see if that’s exactly what the injury is, as it seems mostly to be speculation. https://twitter.com/fbinjurydoc/status/1319106437683974144?s=10
  10. Driven through the crust of the earth on a HOLDING PENALTY. FIFY
  11. I’ve started Ryan every week since week 3. Lol. I’ve literally missed all his good weeks. But I own Julio and Ridley on the same team, so it all worked out. Starting him this week so I’m ready for a letdown. I know, know... this post has nothing to do with Wentz but I like beer.
  12. GREAT SCOTT!!! Pretty mediocre all game. 49 yards in the first half, and we were feeling okay, and then was just uninvolved in the second half and when he was, he was getting stuffed. Not even in the game in the Eagles second to last TD drive in the red zone. Panic!!! Back in the game for the 2:00 drill. Had a nice 12 yard run down in the red zone to get the eagles close. Then boom... big TD! Wentz likes to keep it at the goal line, which made you feel bad all night. But, can’t expect much more from a waiver add or handcuff start for the week. Anyone who started him, myself
  13. I would have made the same decision this week on those 3. May not pan out but in a vacuum you made the right choice. Having said that... I didn’t start Matt Ryan last week so sometimes vacuums suck.
  14. When you got over 50 yards from Boston Scott and it’s more than you expected... LIME TIME!!!!
  15. Starting and looking forward to a Boston Tea-D Party tonight.
  16. To be fair to you. I’ve found the search feature lately not working very well. Searching Justin Jackson in titles only gives me about 10-20 threads before I find the Justin Jackson thread. I don’t think the search likes two words... or I’m doing it wrong.
  17. Yeah. As an Ekeler owner, I’m trying to trade for him after my Jackson trade fell through. Hard to give up much value to get him. But I’m hopeful someone like Mattison perks an owners ear. Both coming off blah games where they were thrown into the starting limelight. Not sure which is worth more moving forward, but owning Ekeler pushed my needle toward Kelley.
  18. They are the top rated defense all over the board. It’s definitely not a wrong choice. Just one of those things where my gut says “this is too obvious”. I tried to get Tampa who was dropped For that scary packers game, because they have just been playing up to good and bad competition since week 1. Ended up with Chargers who have a nice game against Jax and a decent schedule moving forward.
  19. I don’t really. I traded it away to get Ekeler. Tried my hardest to get Justin Jackson via trade yesterday but couldn’t get a bite. I’ve got 2 injured RBs and their handcuffs so at least one set for this week, as I’m stronger at WR.
  20. Antonio Brown. Just league mates going goo goo Gaga and dropping pieces I see that are valuable as an over reaction to the news.
  21. Or Jackson. Big oof for me here. I traded for Ekeler on Saturday due to solid running back depth and then watched as my two starters went down to injury. And I’m suddenly lacking any depth. Was really hopeful that Ekeler was on the shorter side of coming back, but had nothing to go on to say why it would. Really just crossing my fingers and gambling.
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