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  1. Dropped in my short bench league due to Antonio Brown news owner cutting bait. I still think this is a guy and an offense worth taking a flyer on if you can get him for cheap. But I wouldn’t trust him to start for my fantasy team just yet.
  2. Scott is the best I have at RB2. Might be my RB1 If Mixon is hurt.
  3. As did I. Although I dropped someone I did not want to. Was up in the middle of the night reading and this was the last realty source of info I could find. Just seemed really vague about it and got me worried enough to grab Gio. As a Sanders and Mixon owner, I may be starting Boston and Gio this week. https://twitter.com/Ben_Baby/status/1318269295613325312?s=20 “Bengals coach Zac Taylor said they're waiting for more information on RB Joe Mixon's foot injury. Will find out more today or tomorrow. Said Mixon was available at the end of yesterday but Gio Bernard was best for the two
  4. All quiet on the western front on whether his foot injury was serious. I know he came back in. Are Mixon owners grabbing Gio now just to be safe? I’d be screwed if he sat, as my current 1-2 punch of Sanders and Mixon would be on the bench.
  5. I’m right there with ya. Really best option available with my devastated RB Corps
  6. Tua takes over starting now. In case you missed the news. But that’s the thing and I mentioned it above. I don’t think Gesicki is the type of tight end that would be your typical safety blanket. He runs routes out of the slot and is at times more of a WR than a TE. Just my two pennies. He may not be that comfortable guy going over the middle of the field for a young QB to lock into. Doesn’t mean he still can’t be productive.
  7. With the tight end landscape as treacherous as it is, Cook might be available on some wires coming off the bye. I like him to rebound. Not in a huge way, but be a serviceable TE in the 5-10 range weekly.
  8. Watching Herbert, I like his ability to stand in the pocket and deliver a nice deep ball. That Strong arm gives Williams the edge in my eyes, with the ability for big play potential.
  9. He’s allowed a passer rating of 7.8 all season. The best in the NFL. As a frog fan, I love to see that. But agree, he hasn’t been able to stay healthy.
  10. Justin Jackson could be on some wires. He got picked up Saturday in my league out of free agency. As an Ekeler owner, who needs a start this week in the RB2 slot, trying to work a trade for him rather than hope for Boston Scott or Hasty.
  11. Yeah, I think I agree. Plus a recently traded for Ekeler on Saturday by giving away some running back depth, so I might as well land him if I can.
  12. Short benches and Gesicki on a bye. I was actually thinking about dropping him for a weekly streamer due to his recent results... but the Tua news has me wondering if that’s the right call. I’m not sure Gesicki‘s role in the offense is that of the traditional safety blanket you’d think of when liking a rookie QBs connection with the tight end.
  13. Giants are terrible but I just struggle to trust that Philly defense.
  14. What are people’s thoughts on Jackson this week? Limping along at the running back position and trying to find. A serviceable RB2 on the trade market. 20 touches last week is nothing to write off, and I thought he looked like the better back on the field.
  15. Which again is why I say, if they were going to do this all along, throw him out there against a terrible jets team, and the spend the bye week reflecting on it.
  16. If they really wanted to ease him into the NFL, they should have let him start again the Jets. Probably a step down in competition from his time at Alabama.
  17. If Tampa Bay was dropped out of fear for the Packers game, they may be a great pickup.
  18. From an outsiders perspective, such an odd move by the Dolphins. They are 3-3 and a game back in their division after the Bills lost last night. Finally the patriots are dog #### and Fitz is leading the team to wins. I don’t like that move at all. Let your freshmen QB sit and learn from someone who’s playing well. And get his hip right. Tua is the future, but that doesn’t mean the future has to start now.
  19. He had 96 yards and a TD before that run. I wouldn’t call that mediocre.
  20. His ankle got rolled up on near the endzone while going out of bounds. He sort of limp/jogged it off to the bench and Brown came in. When I saw it I thought it could be bad, but then he came back in on the next series so I just assumed it was minor. Doubt it’s serious but something to watch.
  21. Anyone made a trade or have a thought on Davis’s value in redraft. I’m seeking someone who can carry me for a few weeks while Ekeler and Sanders heal, and I’m wondering if a good stop gap might be Davis. If an owner has some running back depth and knows CMC is coming back he might be able to be had inexpensively.
  22. This looked awful after the first quarter. But I survived. Nobody cares.
  23. They need to apply some of Andy Ried’s patent pending mask defogger on that thing.
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