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  1. Will he be in on the extra points after those Tds? Then we'll know he's really 100%.
  2. I'm wondering the same thingsPunts, no. KO, possibly but I'm not sure how much.Wait a week and you will see. Patterson will be in contention for ROY this year. JMO of course. Patterson was my favorite WR going into the draft, but I wasnt expecting much from him as a rookie. Put him on MIN and Im expecting even less. At best, he's behind Jennings and Rudolph for targets. I dont think he'll have an awful year, but for FF to me he is one of the most overdrafted WRs going. I got him with the last pick in both of my drafts. Went second to past round in the one I didn't get him in. Where are you
  3. Where is he being drafted right now? Current ADP I looked up has him as WR#56 I'd like to get him as a Vikings fan, but wondering how long I can wait. I guess his preseason will have a large affect.
  4. Had the kicker to beat and couldn't do it. Bust Alert!
  5. I can see the route running critique, but when I watch highlights from last year at Tennessee I don't ever get the body catching that people reference. Maybe that's because they are highlights, but I'm wondering where people get this opinion from. Nope. While I love him as an athlete I think he is VERY raw. He is sloppy in his route running, is a body catcher, and isn't the brightest of guys. Combine that with Ponder and thats a recipe for disaster. There is a reason a guy like Harvin wanted out of Minnasota.
  6. http://www.startribune.com/sports/vikings/217327491.html Article on Patterson's abilities. Looks like they are willing to expedite his development. I'm expecting big things from him long term, but we may see what he can do early and often.
  7. Do the Vikes have enough firepower to move up in the second to grab Patterson?
  8. http://www.rotoinfo.com/comments-latestfromTwitter-159852.htmlAny locals in the know have any idea how credible this Rick Tofur guy is?Vic Tafur.He's just a beat writer. Someone asked his opinion and he gave it. Nothing coming from the coaching staff, but 20+ touches wouldn't surprise me.Name memory fail on my part.
  9. http://www.rotoinfo.com/comments-latestfromTwitter-159852.htmlAny locals in the know have any idea how credible this Rick Tofur guy is?
  10. Real nice that its an early game. If he starts he's in my lineup with that pourous Tampa Bay defense.
  11. For what it's worth Schefter just said on NFL Countdown that Julio is a game time decision but he used the phrase "he wants to play". Not much new info but good news to hear from Julio, if true.
  12. Good call. I'm 4-6 in my league and desperately in need of a win. I drafted Julio with the last pick in the second followed by Cam at the same turn. Julio has been boom or bust, but with Percy and Arian anchoring my team, I can handle the volatility. As for a kicker, I have Tynes on a bye, so not only am I potentially looking for a sub for Jones, but I had to hit the WW for a kicker. There are a few potential sleepers on the WW at both positions, so hopefully I pick the right ones. I just realized none of this relates to Julio's injury, but I'm sure it will help your teams nonetheless.
  13. Matt Bryant. I figure he deserves a bump if Julio is out tomorrow.
  14. I'm in the exact same situation (Harvin on bye and choices of Douglas and Broyles). I went with Douglas. I think Broyles has a shot this week because the matchup is great but he's a hit-or-miss guy. Douglas should be locked into a solid role if he starts and he was pretty active last week when Jones was out. I think Douglas is safer and everyone in the Atlanta passing game always has plenty of upside as well as they're playing.My only option due to byes is the turd that is Rashad Jennings. Hoping to hear some good news out of Falcons camp tomorrow, but not holding my breath and currently have
  15. When will we know if he practiced today?
  16. Anyone got any idea why yahoo is still reporting just 2.5 points for Bryant. Punishment for dropped 2 point conversion?
  17. And Payton might be right. But I would love to ask him why they traded up and drafted a RB in the first round. They already had multiple proven RBs on the roster. If you are going to draft one that early then make him the feature back. Hell, they could have waited until the third round and gotten demarco murray, who to this point looks like a much better player than ingram. Just seems like a waste to me.Anyone think Ingram might become a better back BECAUSE he was not given the lions shares of the carries?
  18. Any news on whether Ingram is practicing?
  19. Ingram doesn't play and saints lose to the rams. It's obvious he's the heart and soul of this team!
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