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  1. Hulu has live sports! Ten seconds behind regular live sports.
  2. Sort of a vague interview. Hamstrings can be tricky. But I already have plenty of hamstring injuries on my team so why not add another. Got Ekeler for Henderson and Lindsey, trades to a very running back hungry team. Felt cheap. We’ll see.
  3. Maybe he’s fine. Probably not... but maybe.
  4. Anyone in redraft trading for Eke? The CMC owner in my league has him, and needs RB help bad. Wondering if a combo RB2s might be able to get him, and if it’s even worth it. Haven’t seen much regarding his timeline to return.
  5. Illness https://twitter.com/MikeKlis/status/1317153328057516035?s=20
  6. Big Ben to the team with Cam and Aaron Rodgers. 6 PT Passing TDs and yardage bonuses starting at 300. It’s dirt cheap considering Ben was bench fodder at the time. Although my starter is Matt Ryan who scores 9 points a week when opponents QBs are scoring 30-40, so it’s not like I’ve won this trade yet.
  7. I traded for Julio, but have enough WR depth to be able to be patient.
  8. Anyone trade for him in redraft. Trying to figure out his value. I own Gesecki but not sure the TDs are coming there and am strong most other places. Would like to try and upgrade.
  9. I’m holding a couple extra quarterbacks till Sunday morning, but they are who I’m targeting. Looking better. Houston looking a little better offensively as well though. But I’d rather roll them than Washington or NYG. Carolina is an interesting pick as well, but I like TN ability to pound the ball and control clock offense to keep their defense off the field and fresh.
  10. Falcons close facility after multiple positives. Why were the falcons practicing yesterday if they had a positive case Tuesday? Im so confused how this whole thing works.
  11. Blankenship and his Rec Specs are crushing it for me.
  12. Mahomes and Bell started following each other on Twitter.
  13. Claypool B Cooks Gaskin D Harris 4 hot tickets on my wire. All would likely enter my flex this week and possibly beyond. I’m deeper at running back than I am at WR. I think I have these guys ranked appropriately if I’m thinking of rest of the season value.
  14. Don’t carry a backup QB. Problem solved. Especially if benches are thin, their will always be a weekly streamer QB available.
  15. Could pay big dividends for those that held him through his injury and the Melvin Gordon news.
  16. Why’s it called Oprah D? Because YOU GET A TD! AND YOU GET A TD! AND YOU GET A TD! AND YOU GET A TD!!!! ????
  17. I’m in for this take. He was dropped right before kickoff this week in my 12 team redraft. Im not hurting for WR help but I think he’s the top pickup of the week with the changing of the guard in Houston’s coaching staff.
  18. It also means anyone hoping for Meyers points isn’t gonna get them.
  19. @Joe Steeler make that 3 in 1:53. At this rate he’ll kick 25 extra points in the second half!
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