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  1. There no way to help this idiot. Best to just stand back and enjoy the train wrecks. Drew thought he could make a buck off this turdlet. He was wrong.
  2. Meh, he was throwing to guys that on their best day will become the water boy for an NFL team. Of course, the Rams WR are just a step above that.
  3. Lynch totally laid an egg vs Auburn. Looked awful. That dropped him like a stone to now a distant #3 although I still think he goes in the top 15 because teams need starting QBs.
  4. I think this is a classic example of draft media getting some chatter from actual scouts, and catching up. There was buzz about him well before the Senior Bowl. Goff vs. Wentz seems like the next big talking point. Definitely.
  5. Say he's there at 21, Skins take him? If he's there at 13, Eagles will take him. If he performs well at the Sr bowl, he doesn't last to the 5th pick. Either Dallas takes him to sit behind ROMO for the 5 games he'll last or someone trades up to get him. Personally, I would love for Houston to somehow give up the world to get him. They will instantly contend with their D and a weapon like Hopkins. Plus he would play in a candyass division full of no D. Skins are sold on Cousins.
  6. He's a king sized Mike Wallace with skill. On the Steelers with Brown on the other side and Big Ben at QB, he is dangerous. The minute he goes FA to another team, his value drops. I like him on my team with a #1 WR lined up along side him.
  7. Because they let their foot off the gas by order of Herminator Caldwell and the other teams come back in the 4th Q to beat them. It's almost like they own the patent on that.
  8. Alot can change year to year but their schedule is not harder next year. Afc south n nfc east. Instead of nfc west and afc west That's right. I was looking at 2017. So they get an easy schedule, win more games against other losers, think they've turned the corner again. Keep Caldwell, Wash, rinse repeat.
  9. Any reason why the Panthers owner is involved ? He and Martha have a thing going. Pretty sure it's a 3-way involving Caldwell. This is the main reason he is back this year. It certainly isn't because they are trying to build a winning organization. Their schedule is harder than 2016 was and when you have a HC that is afraid to take chances and put up points on the board, it's a recipe for losing. http://espn.go.com/blog/nfcnorth/post/_/id/72122/understanding-why-the-detroit-lions-are-not-throwing-to-calvin-johnson-deep
  10. Then it's off to drinking and being a bum. What a total loser. He probably doesn't even realize that he is ugly as hell and only has hot women around him because he has (soon to be had) money.
  11. All fine until you read Bobby Layne post of who they beat. They beat other losers. They can't beat contenders. Caldwell has zero balls. That's why they lose to good teams. He won't be aggressive like he needs to be in order to beat the best.
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