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  1. Whether the market a short covering rally or a breakout to new highs, it is an impressive run.
  2. MGT was a pretty solid Pump N Dump but it can't hold a candle to VLTC's run from sub 1 to over 16 when Carl Icahn's stake was announced. Then, even bigger was Martin Shkreli's P&D on KBIO from sub 1 to over 40 in 4 days or so before it collapsed into a heap and went to KBIOQ. I got in at 18 and ran screaming at 26 in under 5 minutes. There will probably be more pumps for MGT down the road but each one will be smaller, less spectacular and harder to time than the 1st one. VLTC had 3 P&Ds inside a year.
  3. Bern needs to keep winning states to cause chaos in this craptastic party.
  4. Mark Cuban: “I can say with 100% certainty that there is a really good chance we could see a huge, huge correction,” Way to go out on a limb.
  5. Exactly. Classic pump n dump on his being named CEO.
  6. I love the fact that they beat the #### out of a guy who was wanted for battery. He had that coming. That being said, the cops swinging their fist all need fired.
  7. Trump wiped these R insiders out. It's entertaining watching them try everything they can think of to try and stop him. Condi is a total loser.
  8. 2 of the best WR classes in the last decade pass by and the Browns ignore all the receivers except for Vince Mayle who was a bum. Then they throw a ton of #### against the wall hoping it wills tick in the worst WR class in the past decade.
  9. Good chance Matt Jones fumbles his way to the bench and this guy gets a chance to become the RB.
  10. Who's in front of him? McFadden? Time to put him out to pasture. Morris is a bum. This guy is better than both of them. They will both be gone by this time next year.
  11. I'll agree with that. Moved into a commodities fund I've been watching plummet for the last 4 years. BRCYX. Got in later than I should have but I am riding this. I noticed that their % cash holdings went from 98% to 73% last quarter so I was guessing that they were sitting back in cash for the most part until things turned. My only concern is that Cramer is touting XLB - Materials Select Sector SPDR ETF which is part of what BRCYX invests in.
  12. Exactly. Also, there will never be a time when the gov't hands the general public an SS lump sum and allows them to manage it. The fact that 50% of humanoids have no retirement tells what would happen in that scenario.
  13. This makes my point when people come out saying SS won't be there for them when they retire. Oh and one last thing: Puleeeze, don’t talk to us about cutting Social Security. For millions of Americans, Social Security is The Retirement Plan: 65 percent of beneficiaries depend on it for half or more of their monthly income. Without it, nearly half of women 65 and older would live in poverty or extreme poverty. Let’s not gloss over what extreme poverty means. It means living on less than $5,885 per year or $490 a month. So when you threaten to cut entitlement programs like Social Security, what you’re really talking about is dooming millions and millions of boomer-age women to misery and destitution. Boomer-age women who vote.
  14. Meh. Lots better places to put your $. You can come back to this later on and it will still be spinning it's wheels.
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