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  1. They have no options. Forte is old. If they go with a rookie, they wasted money on Forte. They aren't great but they will stink without Fitz.
  2. Brandon Marshall will kill this guy by week 5 for not throwing him the ball unless he's wide open. Look elsewhere Bob, Marshall is working on his HOF career.
  3. A guy that sees that he has a great chance at playing for the 49ers? Act a little odd, they pass on you and grab Wentz. Then you get to play for the team you really want to play for. The big money is now in the 2nd contract.
  4. Glad to see him out of Denver. They have a great D but they have no O now. Teams would have stacked the box with whoever they dig up at QB.
  5. What???? If there were 242k jobs added, how could the # of part time jobs added be more than the total # of jobs added?
  6. We will all be long dead by the time anything like that happens.
  7. Looks that way. Martz was a total idiot that cashed in big off of 4 HOF level players at the skill positions. He totally blew it when they should have won back to back titles. He let Olsen thru his fingers because he was such an idiot he couldn't figure out how to use a great talent like him.
  8. Could cause the Browns to look harder at Wentz. Bigger than Romo's so he should be fine.
  9. I'll save you from losing your $. The dude's back is destroyed. He's at least 2 years from even playing again as a best case. I'll even bet that his doctors have told him that he needs to give it up permanently or he'll end up in a wheelchair.
  10. Tour wins over the next 20 years: Tiger (0).
  11. In moving onto the SPX chart, as long as we remain below 1975SPX SPX, -1.25% I can substantiate one more lower low. Right now, we have the potential for a textbook wave 4 flat pattern forming, which is the pattern we have been carefully tracking for the last few weeks. Currently, we have likely completed wave iv in the (c) wave of that 4th wave. And as long as Friday's low holds as support, I am looking up toward the 1947SPX level to complete the (c) wave. This can then set us up for a 5th wave to a lower low into the 1700s, as seen on the 60-minute chart.
  12. Not way out. Enid knowing Jesus could explain how Jesus knew where Rick lived. She always was outside the walls. Remember that Rick told the Jesus guy his name. I was wondering why he did that. Now he had a name with a face, Enid telling him Rick is the main guy and a description of Rick's house. The Alexandria woman, unbitten was ridiculous. She either closes the door and dies (thus unable to exit the house) or she puts one in her own head and is not a zombie. No way she isn't torn apart if she leaves the door open. Not leaving with both cars was totally ridiculous. 'Oh, let's leave
  13. Grow a spine. Let's add Jason Dalton to the list that need exterminated.
  14. That one was hilarious. Once I read that, it was easy to discount anything he posts on the subject. Talk about clueless. Once again these bleeding hearts are not getting the fact that the once I want executed are 100% guilty including this latest dude who flat out admitted it. Explain why he should be kept alive. He killed, spent 30 years behind bars, got out, killed again, admitted guilt and you guys want to just put this worthless POS back behind bars until he dies and we all get to pat for it...... and get the hell off your weak ###, 'he could be innocent so we can't execute him' excus
  15. Not if I was running the show. Case in point TJ Lane. It is a 100% certainty that he executed other kids in school. In my world, he costs pennies to execute. He would already be dead if I was running the show. I would whip thru his appeals process within a week. I'll pay for his execution. You guys have NOTHING when it comes to losers like him. All you can do is blabber about 'what if he's really innocent'. That argument is the lamest of the lame. I'll even rephrase my statement of 'I'd execute those that are 100% guilty AND you don't get any sort of 'oh he has mental health proble
  16. You murder someone, you need to die. Period. I just wish they would send the incarceration bills to people like you so I could watch you change your tune.
  17. This is why you execute murderers. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2016/02/19/new-jersey-man-completes-30-year-murder-sentence-only-to-kill-mother-two-days-later/
  18. Oh, there's a ####load of them and they are the ones multiplying the fastest.
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