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  1. Good stuff. Thanks. I'll be watching the next few weeks with interest. Short WRs have more of a chance these days with contact rules for defenses and they way offenses are run. I pay attention to small guys more than I did in the past.
  2. For those that didn't see the game: Taylor Gabriel Highlights I read somewhere that the Falcons made a decision to use him more as a regular WR this week instead of just a deep threat. This kid is explosive. I don't see how they won't use him as much or more every week. I show him 5th on the depth chart in Atlanta. Is that right? After this week he's gotta be considered the 3 after Julio and Sanu, no matter the chart. For Dynasty guys, could he eventually take the 2 spot in the future? I haven't watched too much of this guy. What are his flaws? How's his route running? Hand
  3. http://www.jsonline.com/story/sports/nfl/packers/2016/10/16/ty-montgomery-has-breakout-game/92228400/
  4. Yeah, he deserves a thread. I watched the game today, and the kid was non stop when on the field. Never stopped pursuing.
  5. Wasn't really a comment on The Commish's power, per se - more on the way ATB typed the name. Although, in the not too distant past, Goodell was swinging a much larger hammer, and if I'm not mistaken, he still is in the position of handing down punishment, and then being the same person handling the appeals of the same punishments, in many cases. (Or did they just fix that? I don't remember). Either way, was just commenting on the Slip, Greg.
  6. I don't know if that was a Freudian Slip or not, but it rings true in the NFL.
  7. This is correct. I recently had a warrant issued for my arrest. I was traveling and forgot to show up to court for a minor traffic violation. I found out about it, went in, spoke to the DA and paid the fine with court costs and walked out. Tons of others were in line for bench warrants as well - most of them for failure to appear or provide some sort of information the court needed. Everyone I saw just walked out after meeting with the DA. If Gordon takes care of this, I think he'll be fine.
  8. He's out today and not wearing a sling or anything. That's good news, I guess.
  9. Reks - The Greatest X. If you have a streaming service, give it a look (I know it's on Spotify). Strong lyrics, lots of nice producers and guest artists (Nottz, Large Professor, Apollo Brown, R.A. The Rugged Man, Akrobatik, etc...). Here's a link to a playlist on YouTube of the album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYhWZcKo8Yw&list=PL9PphsKbpuIUkOo-7CQ9CNPJOH6JQRWsV
  10. My most important question about this issue is: Did you just go third person?
  11. Come on, man, that's what he's saying. A FB in the backfield is a substantial change to a running game, whether you want to dance around that point or not. And it's not just the running game that that FB affects, it's blocking schemes and the way the passing game is run. Hence, the "Kubiak" offense. Seems you're arguing just to argue.
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