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  1. Carr taking more shots downfield and other WR options are stepping up. Seems like target hog volume for Waller isn't there anymore.
  2. Hm: "Per Davis, general manager Mike Mayock will retain his title going forward but will now have 51% of the decision-making power on personnel moves, with Bisaccia at 49%. Before, it was Gruden 51%, Mayock 49%." Would have thought it was 80/20 Gruden before. But still, guess it's now in Mayock we trust!
  3. So any word yet on just how bad it is? The ankle was crazy swollen on the sideline.
  4. The two catches Ruggs had early in the game and then the first drive in OT where he turned and dragged his toes on at the sideline showed a completely different level of awareness and skill than I recall in his pro career to date. Hoping he continues to develop like this.
  5. Decent game (huge by YTD standards). Making his way out of the doghouse?
  6. Interesting article on how it's all about the D here. https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2021/9/22/22687006/raiders-defense-gus-bradley
  7. Yeah, I thought it's a pretty fair trade as well. Phandango had the depth to take a shot and upgrade the RB spot. None of these guys are proven, but at you trade the two with a little two season stink but still promising for the Waddle, getting the guy you want.
  8. Team B / Bombjack recap here. All in all this was a tough draft to capture youth at any sort of value - too many sharks! As a result, I started off a lot older than I was expecting heading in, but hopefully that means points this year. As the strategy played out (or I was kind of forced into?) I made several small trade backs for future round draft capital. None huge in and of themselves but was generally happy with them as I began to get content taking end of tier / players with a little more tread. Plus I was able to hang on to my future first which I was tempted to start offering up (still might once we get into season). Trades: My 2.06, 3.07, 5.07 for 2.10, 3.03, 5.03 My 4.06, 7.07, 9.07, 11.07 for 4.08, 7.05, 8.08, 11.05 My 6.06, 17.07 for 6.10, 14.10 My 10.06, 13.07 for 10.08, 13.03 My 12.06 (Chuba), 20.06 for 12.10, 15.03 Round 1 - Kamara. Starting at pick 7 goal was to go RB early then punt for a while. Round 2 - Traded back from 2.06 to 2.10 (with Jabarony who grabbed Chase, above). Had 4 guys in my sights here and just took the bump ups later. Ended up with Waller. Really thought about Diggs here but ultimately wanted a set it and forget it TE. Double bonus as Raiders fan. Round 3 - In the 3.03 spot to due to trade above. All the young WRs with big volume are gone, so took an older one in Hopkins Round 4 - At the 4.06 spot, got an offer to move back 2 spots from Penguin with a move from the 9th to 8th. He took McLaurin, who I was really thinking about. Ended up with Amari. Round 5 - It was at this point I looked at my first 4 picks and said, what the hell, looks like I need to really firm up a roster that will compete in year 1 - so took Lamar. Early for when I'd usually take a QB in these leagues, but I figure decent value vs. where he was post MVP year, plus now strengthened receiving core. Round 6 - Was really searching for value here, and couldn't find much. Took a shot with Juju hoping he can turn it around. Looking back, should have gone with Carson who Jabarony took with the next pick. My biggest weakness on this team is RB2. and that leads into... Round 7 - AJ Dillon. Started getting nervous on the "hybrid" zero RB strategy. A bit of shot in the dark here hoping there's some production that will come out of this after the crazy GB offseason Round 8 - Took Julio and Jalen Reagor. I'm looking for ceilings at this point - different points their career and hoping the talent can make it happen for these guys given health / team QB situations. Round 10 - Jamaal Williams. See Round 7 notes for Dillon above. Round 11 -12 With positions mostly filled out, wanted to start looking for some high return players, no rookies on the squad and some 2nd round rookie draft capital still on the board, started shooting some shots. Took Nico Collins, then Chuba Hubbard (subsequently traded for Javian Hawkins) Round 13-16 Given my team construction, decided to do some positional handcuffing and/or reclamation projects that can easily be dumped to make roster room if need be. Basically the opposite of how I would normally think about things but so much youthful value had been stripped out of this draft already. So took Ertz, Latavius Murray Stafford, and Hayden Hurst. Final roster: QB - Lamar, Stafford RB - Kamara, Dillon, J. Williams, L Murray, J White, Hawkins WR - Hopkins, Cooper, Julio, Juju, N. Collins, Reagor, A .Rogers TE - Waller, Ertz, Hurst
  9. Ha, guess so. It’s my only SF. Was definitely happy to land Lamb. Didn’t decimate the RBs as still have Barkley but definitely took it from a position of strength to one that will have to get a little scrappy with for RB2.
  10. FFPC: Miles Sanders, Myles Gaskin for CeeDee Lamb, Hayden Hurst, Future 3rd Value / long term side on CeeDee, but positional scarcity definitely gives me concern for really trying to win this season
  11. Crazy. Almost like it was a challenge or strategy test to have no single digit round picks except 1sts.
  12. That is pretty impressive. What trades did they make? Possibly paid a lot to move up from 10 to take Lawrence?
  13. FFPC (regular) 1.08 and 2.03 for Aiyuk and 4.11 I gave up the picks. Not a fan of giving up good picks because it takes some fun out of it but had a little room and trading counterpart is absolutely stacked with lots of top 50-60 overall assets. Long time league where I probably have more RB need (who doesn’t) but big fan of Aiyuks talent.
  14. grrr.... big leap from Ruggs coming up, hoepfully?
  15. Wow, highest I have seen Baker go as well.
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