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  1. Hes not going to start anywhere. He is what he is. With the Eagles or anyone else he will be a back up. I doubt it’s even a discussion in any organization that Menshew will be the face and leader of a championship team. It is what it is. Play Hurts and let him succeed or fail. I don’t even want my future QB learning from Menshew. Think about that.
  2. This...let Hurts play it out. Minshew isn’t an answer he’s a Jeopardy question somewhere in the future.
  3. The commercials are ridiculous but I love them. Give me more stone cold
  4. I hear ya...just giving you crap. It’s never over with your team. They usually play hard.
  5. The refs are against the Eagles, they have so many injuries, they are rebuilding. Did I miss anything?
  6. Tread lightly, rumor has it Fury is walking into the ring in a 120 pound Darth Vader suit. 😉
  7. Then just use your fingers and swallow.
  8. Watch something else or go to bed. What game wanted to be seen more today by the football fan...none...NFL played this perfectly.
  9. With me. I’m pumped for this. It’s what it’s all about. These games. May not be a good one but before it starts it is.
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