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  1. Wow. I know it’s hard when you realize 750k is out of the picture but go out better than that.
  2. This...they need to bench him and put Love in.
  3. That’s not the point, Adam I mean, the room is covered in blow. Moore looks like he went at it with a f’in mountain lion; I mean, the room looks like the Manson family stayed here for a month. This is a major thin ice situation we got here. Cristian Slater
  4. Do tell. I’ve wagered a little on draftkings and would love to watch if someone has a link. Draftkings offered a $3 free bet.See below for my parlay. I may be out first fight but plan to wager here and there on some of the others. Watching would make it better. Ryan Hall, Michael Pereira, Irene Aidana, Stephen Thompson and Poitier.
  5. Tough beat. And at the hands of Ohtani. You’ll bounce back.
  6. 7/28/1236/57 50 cent pick 4 at Monmouth. Races 9 thru 12 i threw the 2 in for the 11th on the recommendation. I think I like a pick 3 better starting in the next race for the same price but decided to go for the favorite in this large field 9th race. Good luck 👍
  7. I won’t tell you if your right or wrong but I would lean right. Nothing you can do though. Across America these families live. Along with families that do a good job of making sure nothing bad can happen. Then you have other parents that do there best and.that leaves us with parents that just aren’t up for the job. Again, nothing you can do but maybe help when it all goes awry. Hope it doesn’t and it probably won’t. Odds are on there side. I know your older like me. We all knew friends and married couples that just didn’t get it. Odds are with them but I don’t like them. Probably 85-15 in the good maybe 75-25 Im a high 90’s for the good when it comes to my son. I would have wanted him or want him now (21) to not put himself in harms way. They don’t want your opinion. Watch out for all neighbors when you can but don’t escalate with anyone with kids. It may not end well.
  8. I don’t think they would get through 1 episode...either way...I respect your opinion.
  9. i think it would bore a 6 year old. They wouldn’t be into it. Certain parts would intrigue them but not for the young. Scary is a bit harsh though. I would hope after COVID parents have toughened there kids up just a bit.
  10. I don’t feel you on the opinion it’s rigged. I still root for you. You’ll bounce back. Take a break and regroup.
  11. Is this the reverse jinks coming into play. You still have a chance with a big 4th and maybe you get overtime. It only doesn’t count for those that didn’t bet it. I’m pulling for you. Hope it’s 221 or more. Good luck.
  12. 4,9 4,5,9,10 3,4,5,6,8,9,10 $15.00 trifecta No good reason just hoping for an upset and a bigger payday. I put $25 in my Twinspires account last race. Alive in the pick 3 to the 4,5,9,10 and the 10 in the last. If I hit I’ll keep it up at Los Alamitos and the Meadowlands later. Good luck to everyone wagering.
  13. I can’t believe they allow the public to bet on NBA skill games. It should be criminal. It’s obvious from the smiles none of them take it seriously. This is a game you would see on Survivor or Big Brother. It’s criminal they allow the public to lose hard earned money on it. Is there anything you can study to come to a logical winner. I call bs.
  14. He controlled the entire game...doesn’t matter...I’m not the biggest Brady fan but i’d Give it to him in spades....if you lost money that sucks....
  15. Got me there. Respect...the refs have nothing to do with this outcome or any other..these are facts and indisputable..
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