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  1. Mac looks the exact same as he did in college to me. Moved the DB off of Harry on the 3rd and 13, proceeded to lead a 90 yard drive. Should have had a 40 yard TD to Harry but the dude slowed down in his route. Still, displayed for the second week in a row the accuracy on deep balls he had in college. Also showed that he can zip a ball when he feels it’s needed on the throw to Olzewski. Called his own plays in the hurry up to start the second half leading a 60 yard drive for a TD. With how many QB’s are at least putting up 200 yards rushing he’ll probably struggle to ever put up QB1 numbers in his career for fantasy but this looks like a high quality NFL QB to me.
  2. I would give Carter the nod but it seems pretty insignificant in the context of this scenario. Round 4 hit rate is 1.37% for top 12 and 4.11% for top 24 finish in their first three seasons. Round 6 is 0.00% for top 12 and 1.64% for top 24 finish in their first three seasons. There are scenarios I don’t think are accounted for which would be a three way split in the backfield or that the Jets starting RB still is not on the team. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Sooooo no one is going to talk about how he looked like basically big Jamaal Williams last night?
  4. The Najee apologists still coyly defending an awful draft pick. “No one wanted that OL in the first”. Well that’s an awful statement because the Steelers should have used whatever early draft capital they had on OL. Now we’re stuck with this: https://twitter.com/clevta/status/1408388169972785152?s=21 I’ll eat crow if I’m wrong but don’t come crying on this board if Najee has a sub 3.5 YPC and Friermuth has a sub 30% snap share come week 5 or 6.
  5. Pretty reputable homer in a group chat said Decastro may be retiring.
  6. Lol… glad we got Najee Harris. It fixes everything. Ever heard of trading down? Or trading up? Or not taking a TE in r2? Come on.
  7. The fact that people even question if this guy has a future in the NFL says a lot about the NFL.
  8. I wouldn’t talk trash about Football Jones. He’s an admin sock account, IMO.
  9. This is a nice end of draft what the hell. If he looks awful in camp it’s an easy cut but you at least know with the draft capital and terrible QB’s around him they’re going to give him a shot. If he’s good he should be able to float this year with Cooks, Cobb, Collins, DJ and Lindsey. Situation is awful but it’s a cheap stab in the dark.
  10. Swift owners are in a horrid denial. 2017 and 2018 Jamaal Williams started 15 games to Aaron Jones 12 games. It took an entirely new coaching staff to release Aaron Jones. Would I bet on Anthony Lynn and Dan Campbell to do stupid things? You’re damn right I would.
  11. Ya, he’s not Portis but he’s gonna get every opportunity to be the lead back workhorse. I would expect a Freeman/Coleman like split for him and Mostert if SF gets what they want out of him.
  12. Barfield’s yards created just came out. Sermon ran 70% zone runs inside/outside… he also studied Shanahan’s offense at OU because their scheme was so similar. He’s gonna eat and you’re gonna be wrong. This is more Steve Slaton, Alfred Morris, Devonta Freeman than it is any of the #### he’s slung at the wall in San Fran so far.
  13. Sometimes a bad class is just a bad class. Forcing a bad RB into the top of the 2nd/into the first over Bateman, Marshall, the Moore’s maybe even Waddle or Smith is going to lead to a lot of heartbreak this season. Don’t do it. Nothing against Carter but the risk/reward is dumb. For what? Poor man’s Devonte Freeman? No thanks.
  14. Trey Sermon is rev’d up to go looks like.
  15. No. Every running back in the NFL better be able to do that including Benny Snell.
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