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  1. Sometimes a bad class is just a bad class. Forcing a bad RB into the top of the 2nd/into the first over Bateman, Marshall, the Moore’s maybe even Waddle or Smith is going to lead to a lot of heartbreak this season. Don’t do it. Nothing against Carter but the risk/reward is dumb. For what? Poor man’s Devonte Freeman? No thanks.
  2. No. Every running back in the NFL better be able to do that including Benny Snell.
  3. https://twitter.com/adamschefter/status/1071007618766909441?s=21 When you find the Najee Harris 22 mph run let me know. I’ll wait.
  4. I’m off it. Gonna ban myself from saying Najee Harris in this thread anymore unless it’s to say: I was wrong… and I sincerely hope I am. As much as I don’t respect wasting draft capital on RB, I always did enjoy the play of Lev Bell.
  5. Uh, ok… cool. It’s who you want him to be but he couldn’t be bothered to run one damn 40 because he’s slow as molasses. He’s the least deserving 1st round RB in the last 20 years with the exception of maybe Sony Michel.
  6. https://relativeathleticscores.com/ras-information/?PlayerID=10698
  7. No they are not. Not when you have had four years of opportunity to do them and can’t break a 20 yard run to save your life. Get out of here. You probably had the same defense of Jarvis Jones. Yet, we fawn and desire the Shaziers, Watts, Bush’s, Claypools and Fitzpatricks on the team. Athleticism matters in athletics and I shouldn’t have to say that. You draft a guy shaped and molded like a fullback or a slow version of TJ Yeldon and that’s exactly what you’re going to get.
  8. Lol… Kerryon is the same age as Najee. Really hope all my hate makes me wrong about him.
  9. Most everything they did was idiotic this year, so, par for the course. Took opt-outs off their board, draft a 23 y/o RB who didn’t athletic test, draft a TE that didn’t athletic test, forget how bad Jarvis Jones lack of athleticism burned you, finally take into account athleticism some when you draft an unnecessary off ball LB in the 4th. Then burn next years 4th for a dude who probably would have went undrafted, has the athleticism of a wooden post and failed to produce in any meaningful way in college. Seriously the Cam Heyward comp is a joke. Heyward had 37.5 tackles for loss in college. T
  10. I wouldn’t put up much of a fight on Amon-Ra. In fact I was arguing against him being a 2nd rounder too until it became apparent that this class was going to be on the short end. Looking at your rankings I start to deviate around tier 4. I have Mac Jones and Friermuth higher (though Friermuth is on the edge since he didn’t test athletically). Toney I have lower too (didn’t have him graded very well predraft).
  11. I got to 20 players valued as first and second rounders not including IDP stuffs. He would be 21st for me after I went back and looked (22nd in PPR behind Amon-Ra). Guess you prove your point on that one.
  12. I felt better about him before the Elijah Mitchell pick. Shanahan doesn’t care and will replace RB’s on a whim. That said, Sermon has a RAS comparable to Miles Sanders just without the extra gear in the 40. He was an outlier statistically but I liked what he brought to the table as an athlete and that seemed to be reflected in what the film grinders thought and draft capital. I’m trying to talk myself into him late 1 in standard leagues. Recency bias of Keshawn Vaughn has me spooked some.
  13. I also want to say that I have tremendous respect for your rankings and process. I know Carter graded out well for you. I’m not saying it’s arbitrary to attach pick 86 value to him I would just argue that the NFL hasn’t changed their opinion on 4th round RB even if it represents larger capital investment in RB at this point. They’re throw aways and treated like throw aways. Even the best of them in Miller and Freeman we would sit on our hands every year expecting them to be replaced. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Is what it is.
  14. List of 4th round backs since 2010: Andre Brown, Joe McKnight, Bilal Powell, Delone Carter, Roy Helu, Lamar Miller, Robert Turbin, Jon Franklin, James White, Ka’Deem Carey, Lorenzo Taliaferro, Devonta Freeman, Andre Williams, Mike Davis, Jeremy Langford, Javorius Allen, Tyler Ervin, Kenneth Dixon, Devontae Booker, Marlon Mack, Wayne Gallman, Samaje Perine, Tarik Cohen, Mark Walton, Chase Edmonds, Kalen Ballage, Ito Smith, Nyheim Hines, Tony Pollard Top 3rd round backs since 2010: Demarco Murray, David Johnson, Kareem Hunt, Alvin Kamara, Tre Mason, Devin Singletary, Antonio Gibson, Da
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