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  1. Went through the QB’s and RB’s today. Way too early ranks: QB: 1) Trey Lance, 2) Trevor Lawrence, 3) Justin Fields, 4) Zach Wilson, 5) Mac Jones, 6) Kyle Trask, 7) Jaime Newman Sleepers: Davis Mills, Sam Ehlinger RB: 1) Travis Etienne, 2) Najee Harris, 3) Chuba Hubbard, 4) Javonte Williams, 5) Jermar Jefferson, 6) Trey Sermon, 7) Ken Gainwell, 8. Kylin Hill, 9) Michael Carter, 10) Jaret Patterson Sleepers: Brenden Knox, Javian Hawkins, Demetric Felton, Torrance Marable
  2. You’re right about Williams and why I shouldn’t post off memory. Gonna be tough without the combine. He would definitely fit in that group after Harris/Etienne.
  3. Agreed and I hate to say it but unless you draft early he’s going to be a big time riser soon. People just haven’t caught on yet.
  4. I love Devonta Smith but I could bring myself to take him over Elijah Moore, Surratt, Bateman or Chase at this point. RB’s are mediocre in a sense just due to age. I think Etienne and Harris can be studs but you’re gonna have a lot of wear on them already. Wouldn't surprise me to see only a two or three year peak early. Sermon is gonna be the guy giving everyone fits. I like Ken Gainwell quite a bit but you gotta hope he’s put on weight and up over 200 lbs. Jermar Jefferson is a great sleeper. Jaret Patterson and Stevie Scott are two guys I’m trying to get a better feel of that are on my
  5. Said he couldn’t win in the SEC. Said he couldn’t fix Ohio State. He can’t put a staff together? He put Ohio State’s staff on par with Nick Saban’s. While there was turmoil there, he fought to bring in Ryan Day who is widely considered the best offensive mind in the country outside of Lincoln Riley. Tom Herman got the Texas job (ended up being a clown but still). Brought in Larry Johnson and Greg Schiano. Retained Luke Fickell and Kerry Coombs. He spent extensive time and effort putting that Ohio State staff in position year in and year out. The one thing I don’t like about him
  6. Your process is awful, full stop. The “I don’t like player X because he played for X school or X coach” has been debunked five million times in my over two decades of doing this hobby. Yet, here we still are. You know how much that has to do with anyone’s success in the NFL: zero. Absolutely zero.
  7. Weird thread, I’m not going to quote everyone. 1) Haskins is not low risk, he’s a no risk signing. It’s a futures contract. I don’t care how horrible you think he is, Rudolph is horrible. Any competition for at least Rudolph is a good thing. 2) If the NFL has Mac Jones as a 2nd round QB, Pitt is in fine shape for a QB at 24. As long as it’s not Trask or if somehow Jaime Newman makes a late play for round 1 territory. Mac Jones is legit. People can scream about his weapons all day I don’t care. He had worse weapons than Tua had and did more. He’s better than Tua to me and I would love
  8. Dude leaks everything to the press. He’s a huge POS. I couldn’t imagine a worse hire in the twilight of Ben’s career.
  9. It SHOULD be Watson but that’s the wrong answer with the current CBA. Eventually GM’s are going to get the memo that they have to make some QB’s dispensable to build a functioning roster. 1) It’s a 53 man roster. You can’t have one position dictating the coaching staff, draft room and play calling. Yes, there will be special exceptions like Mahomes. Watson couldn’t carry the team this year despite his abilities (and I get they took shipped away Hopkins but he didn’t make Arizona a playoff team either). That means his salary may or may not be justified. I don’t think he’s Mahomes, Manning
  10. No. I’m saying your process is dumb. Judging someone because he succeeded with good players around him is bizarre and nonsense. You seriously think you can identify someone as bad because he played with good players when NFL scouts havent done it ever? That was my point. Peyton caused three WR’s to be drafted way, way higher than they should have gone. It’s like telling me you know if the chicken or egg came first.
  11. You got lucky you were right if this is your process. Peyton Manning played with two 2nd round WR’s and one 1st round WR plus Jamal Lewis at RB. QB is a hard evaluation and knocking a guy for succeeding with the talent he has around him is a not a worthwhile knock. I have a feeling if Washington hadn’t drafted him he would have slipped out of the first and expectations would have been more inline with what legitimate front offices felt like.
  12. They weren’t forthcoming to start out. They said it was only a small email leak. Turns out it was several thousand from June on that had full address, emails and phone numbers. The list was distributed free on a hacker site. They weren’t fully truthful about it until it became overt. I’m not saying don’t do this but just know they rehypothecate your Bitcoin to provide their loans. You are taking on counter-party risk. Everything seemed to be fine during the February crash though. Also takes a bit longer to free up and move your Bitcoin.
  13. Ledger had a data hack not long ago. Seems to have been changing the protocol across the space for data deletion/non collection. That being said it was a pretty big F up that’s caused a lot of phishing. Just out of principle I would not recommend Ledger even though it has a simple interface. I’m switching over to a ColdCard and probably a Wasabi wallet.
  14. Ya, you’re right. Let me complain about the first ballet HOF’er and not the guy leading the league in drops and barely having a YPT greater than N’Keal Harry.
  15. This dude sucks. I wish they would target Claypool with this volume. 6.1 yards per target, Larry Fitzgerald 6.0 yards per target. Awful. May as well be high volume targeting Ryan Switzer.
  16. Looks like the slot guy/safety valve for Tua. Still has a chance to become Cobb 2.0.
  17. Then you should be in agreeance that that should not be the protocol. The Titans should never have gotten the free pass they did especially in light that they scoffed at the NFL and went and worked out in a high school facility AFTER their game was moved.
  18. They made the 49ers play basically under these exact same conditions. They whole heartedly blamed the Titans and Raiders for breaking protocol. The NFL either intentionally or unintentionally is putting the Ravens on a pedestal this week in the middle of a heated rivalry in the most competitive division in the sport. They should be made to either come up with a roster or take the L, IMO. I’m on board with this. Fine, one of your staffers screwed up. You get the same protocol as the 9ers and Raiders.
  19. For those that don’t know, since no one seems to want to be up and up about the reporting of it, a Ravens staffer broke protocol and is believed to have caused this super spreader event. Lamar tested positive today and for whatever reason the league doesn’t want to hold the Ravens to the same standard as the 49ers. I’ve made the poll bland and removed my bias (I am a Steelers fan). Feel free to discuss.
  20. They are getting screwed my dude. You’re a Ravens fan so you’re one to talk. You guys should be forced to forfeit for not following NFL rules if you can’t roster a team to play Sunday.
  21. Just now finding out that a Baltimore staffer broke protocol. Where is the punishment for Tennessee and Baltimore?! The only team that’s been punished or impacted by Covid this season is the Steelers and it’s ####### bull####.
  22. Avery Williamson is quite an upgrade for basically very little cost. Colbert continues to do outstanding work. It’s honestly crazy to me he hasn’t gotten more praise. He had to shed, what I believe to be, the largest cap hit ever in AB last season to now being undefeated through 8 weeks in 2020.
  23. I wouldn’t fault a team for taking him over Lawrence... and there are reputable guys on Twitter that think Lance may be better than both. Great year for a QB next year.
  24. Doctor D must hate that the Buckeyes are a total monster this year
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