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  1. 9 minutes ago, MAC_32 said:

    He's a strong decision making accurate distributor within the pocket when not under duress on a team with arguably the greatest combination of supporting cast and coaching to ever play.

    An objective evaluation independent of that is pretty much impossible. 

    The one thing I have seen that has me slightly concerned was his distribution chart. He doesn’t seem to target the sidelines often.

    I do think he is battling some unfair narratives. Bama has a history of over performing mediocre QB’s and Tua (who was consensus #1 before his hip injury) has made it seem like, once again, Bama is plug and play for the QB. He was slightly disrespected in the Heisman race too as his top WR won it over him. 

    I just don’t believe it to be the case right now, without some compelling evidence, that his accuracy, decision making, and pocket awareness can’t be repeated in the pros. The great ones make it look easy and that’s what this guy did against every tough opponent he faced. Ohio State and Michigan both got pressure on him at times and he was able to move around with ease, timing was sharp and he has a feel for pressure. Passing from a clean pocket is the best way to look at a QB, admittedly, but he had a 125 QBR (#1) under pressure and I can’t help but be impressed by all of it.

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  2. Did some quick math because I’ve been battling some haters on twitter:

    Over the course of six ranked opponents in 2020 Jones was:

    156/203 76% 2,333 27/3

    This was the hardest SOS of the last five years at least (I’ll go back further at some point) and all regular season opponents were SEC.

    Over both 2019/2020 he had 8 ranked opponents and was:

    198/267 74% 2995 34/5

    I want to see what other “scheme” or “surrounding talent” has done something like this.

  3. 9 hours ago, socrates said:

    I do not believe Eskridge is a first rounder.  Nor do I believe Chatarius Atwell is a first rounder, and I have seen that projected.  I also have my doubts that Kadarius Toney, who also generated a lot of chatter with his Senior Bowl practice performances, is ultimately a first round pick.  Pre-draft hype can no doubt get out of hand, but some of that hype is to generate clicks.  When you follow the hype, you get traffic.  Now, having said all of that, Eskridge did improve his draft stock at Senior Bowl practices.  I was disappointed that he disappeared once he generated some buzz, as I would have loved to have seen him in the game.  Still, one of the knocks against Eskridge was his lack of competition, and showing out in practices against top-level defensive talent answered some of that.  I currently have him as my WR14, but he could realistically move up from there.  Despite the good week, there are yet a couple of things that will likely keep him from being a first-round pick, namely age and size.

    I would probably agree with most of that. I think Atwell is for real and wouldn’t fault a team for grabbing him in the first if he really does run a 4.3 40. I have Atwell at 10, Eskridge at 18 and Toney at 22. We shouldn’t try to be explaining to scouts at this point that a player doing nothing for 3 seasons and barely breaking out as a senior (in Toney’s case) is not impressive and is quite the opposite. If all they gaf about is speed why isn’t Anthony Schwartz a first rounder too? Guy runs a 10.07 100m. There is only one Tyreek Hill and continuously chasing after the next one year after year is getting old. A ton of these guys are prototypical alphas and probably won’t go until the 2nd or 3rd.

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  4. Honestly I don’t know what scouts see sometimes. 

    This kids accuracy is insane. He glides in the pocket, feels pressure and has the innate sixth sense on when to get rid of the ball. Everyone seems to be so quick to credit the weapons around him but I see time and again Jones give a nasty pump fake and draw his WR’s open.

    Guy is a stud. People are drooling (and rightfully so in many ways) over the athleticism of the other top QB’s but this guy does some incredible things and people are dismissing him too easily off the team he was surrounded with, his predecessor and that he only played one full season as a starter. He moves in the pocket and displays similar accuracy to Drew Brees and his arm is plenty lively. 

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  5. Senior Bowl hype has grown out of hand. These are mostly old prospects at that game. I don’t even want to talk smack about Eskridge because I think he’s good and I had him as a Darnell Mooney type sleeper but first round? Whatever team does that is high. He’s a high end punt returner with a ceiling of a WR2. Good on him for boosting his stock but for fantasy purposes I have 18 or 19 WR’s ahead of him with no plans of changing it before draft capital is settled.

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  6. Went through the QB’s and RB’s today. Way too early ranks:

    QB: 1) Trey Lance, 2) Trevor Lawrence, 3) Justin Fields, 4) Zach Wilson, 5) Mac Jones, 6) Kyle Trask, 7) Jaime Newman

    Sleepers: Davis Mills, Sam Ehlinger

    RB: 1) Travis Etienne, 2) Najee Harris, 3) Chuba Hubbard, 4) Javonte Williams, 5) Jermar Jefferson, 6) Trey Sermon, 7) Ken Gainwell, 8. Kylin Hill, 9) Michael Carter, 10) Jaret Patterson

    Sleepers: Brenden Knox, Javian Hawkins, Demetric Felton, Torrance Marable

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  7. 6 hours ago, socrates said:

    I like Jefferson and Gainwell, depending on the schemes they are drafted to.  What about Javonte Williams?

    You’re right about Williams and why I shouldn’t post off memory. Gonna be tough without the combine. He would definitely fit in that group after Harris/Etienne.

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  8. On 1/20/2021 at 6:24 PM, IHEARTFF said:

    I really like Jermar Jefferson and would love to get him early 2nd round and feel very good about that. 

    Agreed and I hate to say it but unless you draft early he’s going to be a big time riser soon. People just haven’t caught on yet.

  9. I love Devonta Smith but I could bring myself to take him over Elijah Moore, Surratt, Bateman or Chase at this point.

    RB’s are mediocre in a sense just due to age. I think Etienne and Harris can be studs but you’re gonna have a lot of wear on them already. Wouldn't surprise me to see only a two or three year peak early. Sermon is gonna be the guy giving everyone fits. I like Ken Gainwell quite a bit but you gotta hope he’s put on weight and up over 200 lbs. Jermar Jefferson is a great sleeper. Jaret Patterson and Stevie Scott are two guys I’m trying to get a better feel of that are on my deep sleeper radar. 

    QB’s are gold this year. Love five of them. I’m on the fence about Trask. I don’t think he’s good despite his padded Senior season. Lawrence, Fields, Lance, Wilson and Mac Jones I would take a chance on in a heartbeat in SF or if I needed a QB. If Jaime Newman balls out at the Senior Bowl he could still be a late riser but not my cup of tea.

    Kyle Pitts and Pat Friermuth look like the real deal. Watch Bowling Green’s Quintin Morris during Senior Bowl week. He was a tweener that put on weight. Offense was crappy but pretty much ran through him. 

    ETA: I didn’t mean to forget Hubbard. I don’t really know what the narrative was on his bad season this year but he seems to be tumbling amongst NFL tape guys and analytics folks both. He should have come out last year but I would still have him ahead of Sermon and Gainwell. Honestly Jefferson is the guy I think I would have battling Hubbard for RB3. Harris, Etienne, Hubbard/Jefferson, Gainwell, Sermon.

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  10. Said he couldn’t win in the SEC.

    Said he couldn’t fix Ohio State.

    He can’t put a staff together? He put Ohio State’s staff on par with Nick Saban’s. While there was turmoil there, he fought to bring in Ryan Day who is widely considered the best offensive mind in the country outside of Lincoln Riley. Tom Herman got the Texas job (ended up being a clown but still). Brought in Larry Johnson and Greg Schiano. Retained Luke Fickell and Kerry Coombs. He spent extensive time and effort putting that Ohio State staff in position year in and year out. 

    The one thing I don’t like about him is his penchant to overly rely on designed QB runs. I think he fell in love with it with Tebow at Florida or Smith at Utah. He didn’t get back to more of a traditional spread offense until Day was hired and JT Barrett was gone. Even then there were reports he wanted to do more QB runs with Haskins.

    I think the Linehan hire suggests more of a traditional NFL offense, which is good. 

    The “NFL coaches hating him” for Hernandez... I’m gonna ask for a link on that one because that’s not what Hernandez’s old NFL coach says: https://www.nbcsports.com/boston/patriots/bill-belichick-lauds-retiring-urban-meyer-great-man-and-good-friend

    Also given that they’re so close it makes sense why he got $12mil/year (not to mention he’s the 3rd highest winning % all time in the NCAA) as BB’s rumored figure is closer to $25 mil as per PFT:


    Nick Saban is making 9.3 mil/year at a public university. $12 mil/year from a $2 billion dollar franchise is quite reasonable with context instead of shouting into the void.

    Seems to me the OP just wanted to add extra gripes about Meyer without being honest and painting the full picture. If it was just about him never coaching in the NFL, the Harvin/Hernandez drama and the Zach Smith fiasco, I’d be inclined to agree and move on. Let’s not paint a false narrative on top of those things. 

  11. On 12/29/2020 at 8:16 PM, Johnny Utah #9 said:

    The only thing dumb here is your insistence on comparing his situation to that of Peyton. Nobody was concerned about potentiality drafting Peyton because Jamal Lewis might have made him look better than he actually was.  There is no chicken or the egg analysis here. The guy was a generational talent and 4 year starter. Haskins started 14 games. If you are going for comparisons here, this is about the worst one you could have chosen to make your argument.

    My argument, which you of course ignored, was I wouldn’t have drafted Haskins because he came out the of Ohio State system. Urban Meyer’s system hasn’t produced a successful NFL QB despite gaudy numbers. This is a product of the system they run, and yes, also the exceptional surrounding talent featured around the QB. Terry Mclaurin, Parris Campbell, and Dobbins were never considered potential products of Haksins’ success. It is one reason why if the Skins didn’t draft him at 15, it was reported that he was expected to tumble down the draft board. The Skins’ own front office had similar concerns about him and didn’t want to draft the guy, but Dan Snyder forced their hand and made the pick.

    Your process is awful, full stop. 

    The “I don’t like player X because he played for X school or X coach” has been debunked five million times in my over two decades of doing this hobby. Yet, here we still are. You know how much that has to do with anyone’s success in the NFL: zero. Absolutely zero. 

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  12. Weird thread, I’m not going to quote everyone.

    1) Haskins is not low risk, he’s a no risk signing. It’s a futures contract. I don’t care how horrible you think he is, Rudolph is horrible. Any competition for at least Rudolph is a good thing.

    2) If the NFL has Mac Jones as a 2nd round QB, Pitt is in fine shape for a QB at 24. As long as it’s not Trask or if somehow Jaime Newman makes a late play for round 1 territory. Mac Jones is legit. People can scream about his weapons all day I don’t care. He had worse weapons than Tua had and did more. He’s better than Tua to me and I would love to have him as the heir to Ben.

    3) No ####### Hue Jackson. 🤮 Just ####### no. Not only will he leak everything to our press Mary Kay Cabot will be puking up her nonsense to the Cleveland press. Just stay away from that cancerous #####. He’s awful, everyone in the entire Cleveland org already knows it. We don’t need Todd Haley 2.0. Go coach high school Hue, you’ve worn out your welcome.

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  13. 14 hours ago, QuizGuy66 said:

    Steelers interview Hue Jackson for OC

    Browns fans already having fun in the replies but Hue would be a solid pick as OC - just keep him away from the fax machine on trade deadline day.

    He's had that power grab instinct in thr pass but Tomlin is a perfect guy for him to serve under as that kind of stuff won't happen there.



    Dude leaks everything to the press. He’s a huge POS. I couldn’t imagine a worse hire in the twilight of Ben’s career.

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  14. It SHOULD be Watson but that’s the wrong answer with the current CBA. Eventually GM’s are going to get the memo that they have to make some QB’s dispensable to build a functioning roster.

    1) It’s a 53 man roster. You can’t have one position dictating the coaching staff, draft room and play calling. Yes, there will be special exceptions like Mahomes. Watson couldn’t carry the team this year despite his abilities (and I get they took shipped away Hopkins but he didn’t make Arizona a playoff team either). That means his salary may or may not be justified. I don’t think he’s Mahomes, Manning or Brady level guy. Probably a step below. 

    2) You can’t restrict your ability to build a team around him. I suppose the ideal situation is Jacksonville with the massive amount of cap space and a lot of picks. Watson would look nice there but I think you would still hamstring yourself when you essentially get a consensus Andrew Luck level prospect on a super cheap four year deal. You can pile the talent up around him. 

  15. 16 hours ago, Johnny Utah #9 said:

    You really comparing a guy who was considered a generational talent coming out of college in Manning to Haskins, who started 14 games in his entire college career?

    Maybe I should have specified Ohio State, as that’s the main reason I was wary of drafting him. That is simply a system that does not produce successful pro QBs regardless of the gaudy numbers they put up. Go ahead and name the last one to be successful in the pros. I’ll wait. 


    No. I’m saying your process is dumb. Judging someone because he succeeded with good players around him is bizarre and nonsense. You seriously think you can identify someone as bad because he played with good players when NFL scouts havent done it ever? That was my point. Peyton caused three WR’s to be drafted way, way higher than they should have gone. It’s like telling me you know if the chicken or egg came first. 

  16. 24 minutes ago, Johnny Utah #9 said:

    This is so true. I was down on Haskins even pre-draft for this exact reason. The fact that McLauren was only a secondary receiver at Ohio State says it all. It’s the same reason I want no part of Fields (and this was before he looked lackluster against somewhat competent defenses).

    You got lucky you were right if this is your process. Peyton Manning played with two 2nd round WR’s and one 1st round WR plus Jamal Lewis at RB. QB is a hard evaluation and knocking a guy for succeeding with the talent he has around him is a not a worthwhile knock. I have a feeling if Washington hadn’t drafted him he would have slipped out of the first and expectations would have been more inline with what legitimate front offices felt like. 

  17. 17 hours ago, PinkydaPimp said:

    What exactly happened?  Sometimes a good company who had an incident and responded well can be a good choice over an untested company.

    They weren’t forthcoming to start out. They said it was only a small email leak. Turns out it was several thousand from June on that had full address, emails and phone numbers. The list was distributed free on a hacker site. They weren’t fully truthful about it until it became overt. 

    10 hours ago, urbanhack said:

    Just a reminder that if you use Blockfi to buy and store your Bitcoin, they are paying you 8% interest!!


    I’m not saying don’t do this but just know they rehypothecate your Bitcoin to provide their loans. You are taking on counter-party risk. Everything seemed to be fine during the February crash though. Also takes a bit longer to free up and move your Bitcoin. 

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  18. On 12/18/2020 at 11:58 AM, Rhythmdoctor said:

    Different products have different offerings. I use the Ledger Nano S which allows you to store up to 4 different crypto currencies.  This device is $60.  The Ledger Nano X is $120 and can store many more than 4 different crypto currencies.  There is also the Trezor product which is similar to Ledger in reputation, quality and security.  I think either a Ledger or Trezor is your best bet.  Those two brands have the most reviews, most trust etc... Since I hold just 2 cryptos (BTC & ETH), I use the Ledger Nano S. There is no limit on how much of an individual coin you can store.


    Ledger had a data hack not long ago. Seems to have been changing the protocol across the space for data deletion/non collection. That being said it was a pretty big F up that’s caused a lot of phishing. Just out of principle I would not recommend Ledger even though it has a simple interface. I’m switching over to a ColdCard and probably a Wasabi wallet.

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