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  1. I am too. JAllen’s matchup and weather are making me consider Hurts.
  2. Did he have a lost fumble in the game vs the CLE? I saw the one near the goal line which was recovered for a score by a teammate. However, I’m still being docked -2 for a lost fumble on CBS.
  3. I had him as a flex last week and starting him again this week alongside AJBrown & KAllen. The only situation that might make me pause - is if both Cook & Mattison are ruled out since I’ve got Boone sitting on my bench.
  4. I just traded: Barnidge Aiken 2017 3rd Round pick FOR Decker McDonald 2017 4th Round pick 12 team ppr & I gotta say I rarely feel as confident about a trade I make as I do about this one.
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