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  1. I know I’m in the minority here, but I’m dropping 59% of my FAAB to snag EM. I see it as an opportunity to possibly land a team-changing player. My league is so deep that the best you can hope out of most waiver adds is a bye week filler. With EM, I think the possibility of landing an every week starter is greater than most of what I see on the waiver in this league and thus, worth the FAAB splooge. That’s how I’m justifying it anyways,
  2. I am too. JAllen’s matchup and weather are making me consider Hurts.
  3. Did he have a lost fumble in the game vs the CLE? I saw the one near the goal line which was recovered for a score by a teammate. However, I’m still being docked -2 for a lost fumble on CBS.
  4. I’m not comparing the 2 players - I’m saying the hype that AB will immediately come back as a productive fantasy asset seems like the type of hype that Gordon generated every time he came back.
  5. This reeks of Josh Gordon-esque comeback hype. I think it’ll be a miracle he reaches WR3 heights by season’s end.
  6. How about McFarland? Seems to passing Snell on the depth chart and Connor isn’t that durable.
  7. I just traded for him before this week’s game. I have no idea what to expect going forward now. Why did McVay try to get cute?
  8. Seeing that just makes me even more pissed. Quit being cute and give it to your horse. #FeedJT
  9. 12 team ppr redraft JAllen Kamara JTaylor Nuk Golladay Waller RAnderson JTucker Packers Def bench - Fitzpatrick, Mattison, Dobbins, Jeudy, McFarland, MoAlie Cox, Pitt Def, Tee Higgins *Traded Watson & OBJ for JAllen & Jeudy last week.
  10. In my 12 team dynasty I got an offer of: 2021 High 1st rounder, 2022 late 1st rounder, and McLaurin for DCook, Mattison, and Mo Alie Cox. I’m thinking of taking it as I got Barkley down for the season.
  11. So are we on this train, or what? So far, it looks like he could end up QB #3-6 this season.
  12. I’m debating on who to start at WR2 & flex between Kenny G, OBJ & Robby Anderson. The o/u on the Det game is kinda what’s keeping me from benching Kenny G.
  13. Murdered me at work with this. Was in the middle of a meeting when I giggled out loud reading that. It was worth the stare I got from the boss.
  14. If Tyrod is out indefinitely, I think this kid makes an interesting ROS add for those who are thin at QB.
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