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  1. 56 minutes ago, travdogg said:

    Josh Gordon was a talented guy who had 1 big season. Antonio Brown was the best WR of a generation, and had a 6 year run about as good as anyone in history. 



    I’m not comparing the 2 players - I’m saying the hype that AB will immediately come back as a productive fantasy asset seems like the type of hype that Gordon generated every time he came back.  

  2. 13 minutes ago, sandlotshrink said:

    Another HC trying to show he is ahead of the curve in game planning.....Heading into the 4th rush stats are as follows:

    Taylor - 10/40

    Hines - 6/13 (w/ a long of 12)

    Wilkins - 7/10


    Seeing that just makes me even more pissed.  Quit being cute and give it to your horse.  #FeedJT

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  3. 1 hour ago, massraider said:

    ... and any complaints and warnings about Cam right now are about as valid as the one I used to have about my stripper girlfriend leaving body glitter all over the place.  

    Murdered me at work with this.  Was in the middle of a meeting when I giggled out loud reading that.  It was worth the stare I got from the boss.  

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  4. Am I crazy for thinking it’s going to take 35-40% of FAAB to get Henderson this week?  

    I think owners of Saquon, CMC & Mostert will be putting up major FAAB $$ to get a replacement into their lineups.  I can see people loading up on backup bids to snag Henderson if they miss out on Mike Davis & Dion Lewis.  

  5. 44 minutes ago, shadyridr said:

    Anybody starting BOTH perriman and Boone. Crazy

    I’m actually debating putting Boone in over AJBrown at the flex ... in a lineup that features KAllen & Perriman as my WRs.  

    But I don’t know how crazy it actually is given Perriman & Boone’s projected volume share and their team’s run/pass preferences.  

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